Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 9, 2021

Lovely Lucca

I probably should write more often about Lucca.  It is one of my favourite towns in Italy and I live just 30 minutes away.

Its most famous and most loved feature is the 4.2 kilometre wall that surrounds it. No trip to Lucca is complete without a walk along the wide, tree lined street along the top.

Soon the leaves will change colour and it will be spectacular. Here is the wall in autumn last year.  Autumn in Lucca

Lucca is an ancient town, but is it also a lovely modern place to be. Covid has made a big difference to activities, but things are beginning to return to normal.

Last week Murabilia, the garden show took place on the wall.

As well as an excellent selection of plants and garden supplies there were food and craft stalls. I happily spent an afternoon wandering there. I left with a few things for the garden at Casa Debbio.

Right now the town is dotted with stunning paper sculptures, part of the Lucca Biennial, formerly known as Cartasia. It is currently in its tenth edition. It began on 1st August and continues until 26th September.

Here are a few installations I found in various places around town.

Yes, they are all made of paper. I still have time to find the others.

I spotted this cute post vehicle, perfect for navigating the narrow streets.

I could not finish without a food photo. This was my first course for lunch at San Colombano, a great restaurant on the wall. It almost looked to pretty to eat, but I did.

Now that the weather is cooling and the days are more pleasant there will be more Lucca visits.

Lucca wall walking

Melting snow in Lucca

Sunset on Lucca’s wall


  1. A favorite of ours, too. Although we have chosen also to live in a smaller town, Lucca always calls to us, and we respond at least once a year.

    • We have an apartment in Bagni di Lucca, only 30 minutes away. I visit Lucca often and I love it.

  2. I think Lucca is the most beautifully preserved walled town in Italy. Have enjoyed walking the walls and even once we cycled around the walls. Your pictures are the best. Would love you to later show the opposite season where the trees are bare and that too is fabulous. Keep on posting please.

    • I have taken photos of the trees in all seasons, including some with snow. I wonder if we will see snow this winter . Lucca’s wall always looks wonderful and no trip is complete without at least a short walk on the wall. I have added a couple of links to previous posts about the seasons on the wall.

  3. Wonderful photos as usual. Made me feel quite sad at the thought of what I was missing. Hope you are well and safe.

    • All is good here. The weather is cooling and the days are lovely. I am planning a few trips, which will be great.

  4. It really is lovely to visit Luca; and there is always something happening either in the town or on the wall.

    • I’ve been to Lucca quite a bit lately. I will enjoy watching the season change over the next few weeks. My guest leaves Casa Debbio tomorrow so I will go up to make plans on what to do with the garden in autumn.

  5. Really enticing Debra … the ephemeral sculptures add such charm to the lovely historic fabric of the town and the market makes me long for more hand made essentials like those baskets and brooms. Hope you purchased some.

    • I do a hand made broom and baskets, I love them. I bought lots of bulbs for the garden to be planted next month and a couple of plants I had been looking for. Lucca is a beautiful town and I am delighted to be so close.

  6. A wonderful city and a real pleasure to visit!

    • I love my visits to Lucca. There is always something interesting to see.

  7. More visits and more stories please!

  8. Great photos and sculptures.Thanks Debra

  9. What a wonderful afternoon in beautiful Lucca you had enjoying the fabulous plants & crafts on show. We loved all the sculptures & hard to believe they are paper. Must say the display of grapes was amazing and also your lunch selection was superb.

  10. Lucca is on our list to visit one day in Italy…love the market photos!

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