Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 20, 2012

Sunset on Lucca’s wall

Late afternoon on the wall around Lucca is absolutely gorgeous at this time of year….well any time really, but the colour now is amazing.


The bare trees take on a rust colour.




The trees won’t be bare much longer.
















It is a beautiful time of the year.

There are some posts on Bella Bagni di Lucca about some of the villages that make up Bagni di Lucca. I went on Saturday night to a dinner put on by the hunters of Casabasciana. I love being here!!!!! Click here to go to Bella Bagni di Lucca or go to the link under My Other Blogs on the right of the page.


  1. Lucca is such a wonderful city and, as you rightly say, beautiful at any time of the year. We are very lucky that it only takes a very short and pleasant drive from Bagni (25 minutes from our place). Great photos, Debra!

    • I was in Lucca this morning and the magnolias are out in Corso Garibaldi, it is a gorgeous street just now.

  2. The are spectacular Debra. How different they will look in June when we arrive.

    • The leaves are beginning to appear right now. Those trees will form beautiful green tunnels and protect you from the summer sun.

  3. Beautiful images Debra….I know I’m going to love Lucca. (P.S. I think I’ve gotten rid of the word verification code!!)

    • You are going to love Lucca. That’s great that you have got rid of that pesky captcha code, I hate those things. It puts me off leaving a comment.

  4. Deb, you really do take the most beautiful photos!

    • Thank you! I have beautiful subjects.

  5. I love the trees in silhouette with the striped sky…. Unbelievably beautiful. So restful too.

    • My friend and I stood on the wall for about an hour watching this unfold.

      • I would love to live in Lucca just for that wall!

      • I try to do a bit of wall walking every time I go to Lucca.

  6. lovely sunset!

    • I was particularly lovely that day.

  7. Absolutely stunning photos.

    • Thank you. I love my G12.

  8. Gorgeous pics Debra. Visiting your blog is my way of leaving my world behind for a wee moment. Thanks for sharing.

    • Italy is waiting for you.

  9. This would make a lovely collage frame!

    • I hadn’t thought of that.

  10. Deb – so gorgeous at any time of the year & day

    • Lucca is very special.

  11. I love the images especially those of the sun going down.

    • The sun drops quite quickly at the end.

  12. Beautiful photos, Debra. I always think of Tuscany as a gold and green place – now you’ve confirmed it!

    • It is about to turn very green in the next few weeks.

  13. Just as beautiful as I remember!

    • I’m sure your photos are all the same as mine.

  14. I fall in love with these tree photographs… You did a poem for them with your camera… They are so beautiful dear Debra, have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • It was a beautiful time of day.

  15. Debra, you are getting better and better each time both as a blogger and as photographer! How cool is that? 🙂

  16. Gosh, Deb, these images are simply stunning!

  17. Lucca is a stunning town.

  18. I can not wait for May to get here, so that I’ll be in Lucca!!! Thanks for the temptations by way of pics from the wall. Sometimes, that darn sunset there can be so elusive!


    • May is not far away. It is a lovely time to be in Lucca.

  19. Fantastic sequence of the sun going down, just beautiful and you are right soon the green will start in those trees. such a lovely place to live for you. a glorious second/first home.. c

    • I have been here each year for the past 9 to enjoy the spring here. I am very lucky.

  20. I agree with Nia about the ‘poetic’ pictures with your camera, Debra. Along with your artistic eye and the handling of an excellent camera, you’ve captured those stunning sunset images very well. I feel as if I’m there with you enjoying the changing colours of the trees and the sky. Lovely!

    • Those trees will all be green in a week or so. The buds are appearing now.

  21. There’s nothing better than a beautiful sunset and you have captured this stunning one superbly. Lucky you being back in Lucca!

    • The colour that day was spectacular. The next day it was rather plain.

  22. Those colours and the silhouettes are absolutely stunning Debra!

    • It was a stunning afternoon on the wall.

  23. So gorgeous Deb! Our leaves are already looming a month earlier than ever before. It is crazy!

    • Spring is just around the corner here. Some of the trees have new leaves appearing and soon will be a gorgeous shade of green.

  24. Your photographs are fabulous. Beautiful trees and sunset. Well done… I really must get to your slice of Italy next trip!

    • I think our area is lovely and Lucca is one of my favourite towns in Italy.

  25. How can anyone not enjoy a walk along that wall … let alone with a sunset!

    • The wall is 4.2 kilometres around. It is the most delightful walk at any time of the year.

  26. Lovely, lovely, lovely, especially with the changing sky and setting sun. It would be interesting to return weekly and update the leafing of the trees until they’re filled out, lush and green.
    A poster of one of these photos belongs in my home office . . .

    • I go to Lucca a couple of times a week. I love it!

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