Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 18, 2017

Lucca wall walking

Lovely Lucca is surrounded by a magnificent wall. The current wall is the 4th configuration of the defensive wall built around the town. It was begun in 1545 and completed in 1650. Happily for us, in the 19th century Duchess Maria Luisa of Bourbon commissioned architect Lorenzo Nottolini to turn the top of the wall into a public walkway.

Walking on top of the wall is wonderful in any season, but autumn is special…come for a walk.

There are different types of trees on the wall. The holmoaks are ever green, so they will keep their leaves for the winter.

Lucca autumn

Lucca autumn

Horse chestnut trees keep their colour a little longer than some of the other trees on the wall.

Lucca autumn

I don’t know what these are.

Lucca autumn

The views from the wall are gorgeous.

Lucca autumn

Lucca autumn

Lucca autumn

The tiglio trees put on the most spectacular show of all.

Lucca autumn

Lucca autumn

Lucca autumn

When I return in February Lucca will be wearing its winter coat. I like that too.


  1. Bella, bella……love the snow capped peaks

    • There was snow on our mountians just before I left.

  2. It’s a very special place, we owe a lot to the Duchess!

    • Yes, thank you Duchess!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I was there for a month last spring. Thank you.

    • Spring is a gorgeous time to be there.

  4. A wonderful promenade, possibly the best in Luca. We should really be grateful to Maria Luisa, Duchess of Luca and Queen of Etruria, a Spanish princess who had a difficult and intense life, but did a lot for the Duchy. An exceptional woman,_Duchess_of_Lucca
    Beautiful photos, Debra!

  5. Sorry, that was me again… Debra.

    • There is a monument to Maria Luisa in the Piazza Napoleon, in front of her palace.

  6. Magnifique! Lovely leaves in full fall bloom.

    • Autumn is beautiful in Lucca.

  7. A beautiful walk at any time of the year. The trees are so lovely.

    • I love walking on the walls in any season.

  8. Looking forward to being back in May. Thinking a bike ride along the walls might be in order.

    • May is a great time to be there.

  9. This brings back memories…one of the days I set out at dawn, wonderful!

    • Lucca is a great town and the walls are a highlight.

      • Abmsolutely

  10. We always do the bike ride around the walls when we go to Italy, it’s one of the things I look forward to. Unfortunately we can’t be there in the autumn.
    Thanks for the lovely photo’s Debra.

    • Autumn is a lovely time to be there, but any season will do.

  11. Such beautiful colours – but i too like the bare bones of the trees against a winter sky.

    • It will be bare and cold in February when I return and then I will watch the trees turn green in spring.

  12. That’s a walk for all seasons!

    • It certainly is.

  13. I loved Lucca so much Debra. Nice to see it with Autumn colour x

    • I love Lucca too.

  14. The Autumn colours are simply magical! 😀

    • I can’t decide if I like spring or autumn the best.

  15. One of my favorite places ever. Can’t wait until April when I am walking the wall again. On my very first trip to Italy we got off the autostrada and had lunch in Lucca and walked on the wall. Little did I know then that it would be a town that I would return to again and again.

    • I go to Lucca a couple of times a week while I am in Bagni di Lucca. I discover something new and wonderful each time.

  16. Beautiful photos Deb, one day i will get to Lucca AND climb the wall. Louise

    • You must, Lucca is wonderful.

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