Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 30, 2011

Lucca loses its leaves

It is a bit warmer in Lucca than Bagni di Lucca so autumn leaves are still clinging to the trees, but not for much longer.











I particularly love the yellow tree in the photos below. I have no idea what it is.







Walking along the wall in Lucca is one of my favourite things to do. It is getting dark early now that winter is nearly here.


Soon there will be no leaves on most of the trees, but this is beautiful too. When I come back early next year winter will be in full swing.



  1. Lucca is simply breathtaking. it is darn right magnificent. when i see this you dont know how much i miss it there. learning all the geneology of my granparents from Bagni di Lucca has really inspired me to feel closer to the areas that surround it like Lucca.
    it is a truly italian city.

    • Lucca is one of my favourite Italian towns.

  2. You take wonderful photo’s Debra. My husband and I plan on moving to Bagni di Lucca area by the autumn of 2012……your pic’s just confirm our decision. Thanks.

    • This autumn has been the best one I have ever spent here.

  3. Love, love, love these…

    • Lucca is gorgeous just now. The evening shot was taken a few hours ago.

  4. Great shots on the wall!

    • Could you get a bad one?

  5. Spectacular colors! Could the yellow be mimosa? (i’m ignorant, don’t know my plants i’m ashamed to say…)

    • I don’t think it is mimosa, that flowers in early spring and this is about to lose those yelow leaves.

  6. I agree with you Debra – Walking along the wall in Luca is really wonderful.

    Pam Proctor

    • We did a short walk late this afternoon. It may be my last on this trip.

  7. God, what a beautiful place. Suddenly I have the desire to move.

    • You would love Lucca.

  8. Such amazing autumn images. The yellow tree near the middle of this post is particularly stunning.

    • I have been walking past that tree for weeks and this is the first time I have noticed it. I must have been dreaming.

  9. Is the reflection Via del Fosso? If so, how amazing to get that reflection there! Stunning colours, it has indeed been an exceptional Autumn. That mystery yellow tree is going to bug me! Were they leaves?

    • The yellow tree still has its leaves. It is beside the entrance to Porta Elise. The reflection is in Via del Fosso. I love that entrance to Lucca.

  10. Lucca is wonderful in autumn. The colour of the leaves and the light suit the city to perfection. The whole area, including Bagni di Lucca, the Serchio Valley and the Garfagnana, look superb at this time of the year. But just as you say, the days are getting shorter….

    • I will be going home to a very hot Brisbane soon. I am making the most of these gorgeous autumn days.

  11. Lovely photos Deb!

    • Thank you. We were in lovely Lucca today.

  12. Lucca looks lovely in all its autumnal glory. Very nice images.

    • Lucca looks divine just now. Mind you, it looks good in any season.

  13. I’ve never seen trees grown on top of a wall until I saw them in Lucca. Whoever decided to plant those trees long ago has left a lovely legacy for all who live and visit Lucca. I wonder if there is a history behind those trees? – that’ll be interesting to find out.
    Autumn is also my favourite season, so, seeing those leaves on their last legs is still aesthetically pleasing. I love the colour variations of the last photo of the leaf pile on the pavement … or are the grey markings part of a tree trunk? The eye does tricks sometimes.

    • The leaves were on some ruins beside the road on the wall.

  14. I’m sure I can smell the crispness of the air through those photos. Enjoy the cooler weather Debra.

    • I have only a few days left to enjoy this before I get back to steamy Brisbane.

      • Hi Debra, we are having a small reprieve from the heat today. It’s overcast and only 25 deg!

  15. What lovely colors!! Already – I’ve forgotten how beautiful the tree’s leaves were. They’re now leaf-less and bare.

    • Some of the trees in Lucca still have leaves, but Bagni di Lucca’s trees are bare.

  16. Fantastic pictures!!!

  17. These photos are wonderful. I adore Italy and it looks incredible in Fall.

    • This autumn has been especially lovely.

  18. Beautiful !!

    • Lucca is beautiful at any time of year

  19. Your Passion and joy are so visible in your photos Debra we really appreciate you sharing these scenes with us.

    • I am very lucky to be able to spend so much time in Italy.

  20. The yellow tree is amazing! Very cool indeed! I absolutely love seeing your pics, but my heart is just aching to go back, especially to Lucca. If we found a super deal on flights, we would be gone today! You are so blessed to live in Italy….sigh…

    • I spend about 6 months of the year here. Yes I am lucky.

  21. Those yellow leaves are just amazing-so bright and vivid on the tree!

    • That yellow tree is incredible. I would love to know more about it.

  22. What lovely pictures Debra – I especially love the one with the trees on the wall! Any stopovers in Hong Kong this time round?

    • I have a very brief stop in Hong Kong on the way home, just a few hours.

  23. Stunning photos. The colours are beautiful- I love the photo of the reflection. It must be hard to leave this!

    • If I wasn’t sure I would be coming back soon it would be impossible to leave.

  24. Love the photoos Debra. Just NEED to know the name of that yellow tree. I wamt to plant some of those when I live there. Anyone know the name PLEASEEEEEE???

    • Perhaps a clever reader will know more about this tree.

  25. Lucca is a very beautiful place, and the wall amazing……. I can’t believe how beautiful the colors are…. Wish I could go there in the Autumn.

    • Autumn is a beautiful time to be here, but each season has its charms.

  26. Beautiful, one day I wish to visit there dear Debra. I loved your photographs. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • I hope you do come one day when I am here.

  27. Stunning fall colours in Lucca. I miss the changing of the seasons back in Canada. In Sardinia we go from bright green to light green, that’s it!

    • In Brisbane we have hot and not so hot.

  28. Beautiful photos! Gorgeous colours with lovely blue-sky backgrounds 🙂
    I have no idea what the yellow tree is, other than just plain cool!

    • Nobody has come up with a suggestion yet.

      • I think your yellow tree could be a Ginkgo Biloba!!
        As coincidence would have it, I was returning a visit to a blogger – and there on the first page was a Ginkgo tree – which led to a Google image search for confirmation purposes…

      • Thank you for the information. I just love this tree.

  29. Really like all the autumn colors. Great shots

    • I can’t stop taking photos of theses gorgeous trees!

  30. Making me a little sad I wasn’t able to stay in January as I’d hoped.
    Beautiful photos Deb

    • Italy will still be here when you are ready to come.

  31. Breathtaking photos!!!!! Thank you. You never fail to see beauty in the simplest forms.

    • Lucca is looking so beautiful just now.

  32. Thank you for sharing Lucca in autumn-I’ve never been there at this time of year and I love seeing the wall with those beautiful trees changing color.

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  34. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos with us all (and for the snowflakes)… Enjoy “Down Under” and your SUMMER. Ahh, lucky you!!!

    • It will be hot and steamy in Brisbane. I will be back in Bagni soon for some winter

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  36. I had heard Lucca was a must-see whilst we were in Tuscany but sadly we ran out of time to visit. It’ll definitely be on the itinerary next time…

    • Lucca is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Italy. I hope you visit next time you are in Italy

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