Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 30, 2020

Autumn in Lucca

The leaves are changing colour on the walls of lovely Lucca. Walking along the top of the wall is always a joy, but especially right now.



You can see the difference just a week later.

Not all trees are changing.

There are lovely places all around the walls.

Restaurants and bars in Italy must now close at 6.00pm, a bit later for takeaway. I was happy to find my favourite restaurant open for lunch. My lovely friends Luis and Davide from Paris Boheme are trying their best to stay open in this difficult time.

Their erotic salad is delicious.

Pumpkin lasagne is an interesting take on a traditional dish.

This might be my last lunch out for a while so I had dessert, and I’m glad I did.

Who knows what will happen over the next weeks and months here in Italy. For the moment I can still move about, although we are asked not to leave home unless we need to. I am now at Casa Debbio waiting to see if restrictions become tighter as I suspect they might.



  1. Beautiful color and yum 😋

  2. Lucca; forever beautiful. Autumn photos are gorgeous. Lucky you eating at Paris Boheme. Best wishes to Luis and Davide in these difficult times. We think of Italy often. Take care Deb.

    • I feel lucky to be close to Lucca…I love this town.

  3. It is so lovely to see the changing colours. Such a beautiful season.

    • I love autumn here in Italy!

  4. I walked the wall at Lucca in April 2019. Would love to do it in Autumn. Maybe 2022 xx

    • Lucca is gorgeous at this time of the year. It was more quiet than I have ever seen it on my recent visit. I hope businesses can survive this.

  5. Lovely Lucca , in all seasons. Yes, it will be getting more difficult to go out now, and a long winter will be hard. i hope all goes well for you there, and all of you in Italy and elsewhere.

    • At the moment we can still go out, but I fear that won’t last.

  6. Since July we have been in the strictest lockdown but las week, Covid count new cases down to 0 two days in a row, and now all shops, restaurants open at last, restaurants with limited numbers allowed and outdoor dining up to 20. Can visit one other household once daily. Christmas is looking like nearly normal. Stay safe, Debra.

    • It must feel great to be getting back to normal! That happened here in June, but now things are going backwards and I fear we might have another lockdown. I hope not for many reasons.

  7. Ah, lovely Lucca. Thank you for the photos. Stay safe and well.

    • Lucca is always gorgeous. I am fine, but I do worry what will happen over the next few months.

      • We can only do our part, and hope that things improve.

  8. How beautiful are those trees! I have fond memories of cycling with Colin around the walls of Lucca. Hope things improve For you in Italy.Sydneysiders still not allowed into Qld! Enjoy Cassa Debbio in winter. J

    • These are strange and frightening times. I will be OK here at Casa Debbio, but things will be tough for many people.

  9. My favorite season for Lucca and the colors are incredible. Hope things will improve, but we are on the same boat throughout Europe!

    • It is my favourite season too. It is much too short and soon the trees will be bare. I hope things don’t become too difficult over the next few months.

  10. I think Autumn is the loveliest season. All those leaves falling & the weather usually just perfect. In Brisbane today it is a hot/steamy afternoon with a storm rumbling. Paris Boheme looks very inviting & pleased you were able to enjoy. Really feel for everyone in Italia in lockdown again. Take care & enjoy Casa Debbio.

    • It was great to see my friends at Paris Boheme. It is always good to see a friendly face and eat something delicious. I hope they will be OK in this difficult time.

  11. Is there really an erotic salad? I must get the recipe.

    • It changes with the seasons, but always includes fruit and it is delicious.

  12. The difference in a week is amazing. The colours are just so beautiful, autumn is definitely a lovely time of year.
    So sad to see the virus coming back with a vengeance in Europe. In Melbourne we are just slowly coming out of a long lockdown. Fingers crossed people do the right thing this time. Stay safe and well till this passes again.

    • The colours change quickly. I love autumn. I am at Casa Debbio waiting to see what happens next. These are difficult times.

  13. So great to see these beautiful photos of my beloved Lucca ! Was scheduled to be there now . But alas….. Thanks for the post

    • I hope you can get to Lucca soon. Things are very quiet right now. I wonder how businesses can survive.

  14. Thank you for transporting me back to Lucca. I should have been there late September-holding out hope for the spring. Take care and hopefully things will improve before too long.

    • Right now it is getting worse by the minute. I live in hope that next year will be better.

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