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I know it is a cheap trick, but it had to be done. I have photographed faces, hands, feet and bottoms, so this was the obvious next thing. Willies are on show everywhere in Italy, with some very interesting shapes and sizes (mostly tiny).

If you are likely to be offended by the sight of marble or bronze willies, step away now.





This belongs to David…..see what I mean about tiny… the hand.












The next one is in the Boboli Gardens in Florence. I wonder who was the model.



Poor tortoise!


Click here and here for faces, here for feet, here for hands and here for bottoms.


  1. At least the water spout in that last photograph is from the mouth of the tortoise and not somewhere else!
    Can’t believe I managed to construct a sentence – I’m laughing so much 🙂

    • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this for the first time.

      • I have even seen it in real life too – with the waters flowing, if you know what I mean. My photo is a bit grainy though – so nice to get a clear shot (of the overall picture, not necessarily the willie…)

  2. Impressive survey! Such…variety.

    • It was easy to find a good variety.

  3. Wow! Do you suppose this is where the saying “gives me the willies” comes from? (Strong feeling of apprehension or discomfort.) Ahahaha! Loved your post!

    • I hadn’t thought of it that way…you never know.

  4. Only you could get away with this Debora! And good for you. I honestly don’t know where to look – first! Thank goodness Marabella is tucked up in bed at this hour!

    • They are everywhere in Italy, how could I leave them out?

      • Everywhere but in the Vatican! But then I guess officially that isn’t Italy…

      • It is quite understandable that there would be no naked chaps in the Vatican.

  5. You have me laughing with this post!

    • There are a couple of odd ones.

  6. Naughty Debra!

  7. Sculpt it normal or too big: send the wrong message AND run the risk of breaking it off
    Don’t sculpt it at all: send the wrong message of the worst sort
    Solution: “discretely indicate willy’s availability”

    What left me wondering is why instead of “classic” people say “small’?

    • Very well explained, thank you.

  8. Maybe they weren’t ALWAYS small….we’ve all heard of the effects of acid rain!! Worn ‘out’, worn ‘down’….tee hee, great fun and entertaining. Sorry boys!

    • I hadn’t thought of that explanation.

  9. This is hilarious – did you use a zoom lens or did you get right up close for these shots??? That first one is downright scary.

    • My G12 has a good zoom. I didn’t creep around and get too close.

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  11. OK, the 7th from the end has a star-shaped portal! huh?! hahahahaha!

    • A couple of these are quite strange indeed.

  12. You are too funny! I love your sense of humor Debra!

    • I just photograph what I see on my travels.

  13. Ok I can’t help myself but I am really seriously giggling right now! This is AWESOME! 🙂

    • I’m not sure the sculptors had laughter in mind when they created these, but it never hurts to have a good giggle.

      • Yes! I agree! The sculpture is spectacular! 🙂

      • Some of this is by the best sculptors.

  14. Oh my … hilarious! You’ve the courage to do it … and hey it’s all for art! Great shots … what’s next? More surfers?

    • I have no more surfers, but I do have a collection of fishy photos.

      • I find myself getting rather excited about your posts, yes I need a job! 😉

  15. One looked like a pigs snout!

  16. Most interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    • I thought it was a change from faces.

  17. Deb, At least they are all flacid. You wouldn’t want to cause any controversy now would you.

    • I would have to go to Pompei for the other variety…another story.

  18. I have a photo of David’s Willie on my mouse pad but no matter how much I rub it it just dosnt get any bigger. My Boss was horrified but got used to it.
    I just love all the photos they are great

    • That is certainly an interesting mouse pad.

  19. Can’t stop laughing! Love your humor, Debra, and can’t wait to finally meet you some day.

    • Perhaps we will meet one day in San Diego…or Italy.

  20. Hilarious ! Can’t wait for the next body part installment. PS my husband said there were definitely no South African willys featued in this blog LOL!!

    • I have done lots of faces, feet and a few bottoms in past posts. I will hand over to you for the South African collection.

  21. How HILARIOUS! This was just begging to be done. Great post, Deb!

  22. I was a bit worried that people might be offended, but I’m pleased to see you all have a sense of humour.

  23. Not having a serious lust – obviously growers not showers

    • I would call them discreet.

  24. I see you missed old Priapus in Pompeii! LOL. Great fun these photos.

    • I have seen that one, but it was some years ago, long before the blog…and I wouldn’t want to alarm anyone.

      • LOL yes quite alarming! Ciao for now!

  25. LOL Ozzies!!! Well large ones were known to be ugly way back then, hence the button mushrooms…. fancy that!

    • That is an interesting theory.

  26. LOL I laughed all the way through this post 😀

    • They are funny little things.

  27. Ha ha some of those are veritable nubbins! I must ask though – what on earth is happening with that first one????

  28. I have no idea about the first one, but that was the one that inspired the quest, it is truly bizarre.

  29. 😆 I’m dying of laughter, just imagining you going around photographing all those willies. You’re so funny, Debra.

    • It did feel a little strange at first, but nobody knew what my camera was pointing at, so I just continued.

      • 😀

  30. Ha! And you wonder why your blog gets so many hits, Deb. 😀

    • I wasn’t sure about this one, you never really know what people will like.

  31. Speechless..

  32. Original view in this one. Enjoyed very much, not the least the last! 🙂

    • I really would like to know who modelled for this…and why.

  33. You just knock me out! LOL! Such a scientific survey for all of (wo)mankind. Did you get any odd stares when you were that close to take the photos?!? LOL!

    • With my zoom nobody knew where I was directing the camera. I could have been aiming at feet for all they knew.

  34. thanks for the chuckle Debra 🙂
    The last picture (I’m presuming Bacchus?) is a fellow that has always intrigued me. So many different portrayals of His Plumpness.

    • He was a chubby fellow, but perfectly as ease with his nakedness.

  35. Oh nothing to be offended by, I know I have seen it all over Italy. This is the most fun post I have ever seen. What a great “documentary” LOL, this is part of Italian sculpture art, no doubt. Thank you for sharing, some of these sculptures were always intriging to me , especially handsome David!!!

    • In Florence and Rome, where most of these photos were taken it is easy to be overwhelmed by gorgeous scuplture.

  36. Good gracious Debra!!! Have you no decency!? 😀 This just shows how much of a “perfectionist” you are minding every “inch” 😀 of detail. Breasts are next, eh?

    • I haven’t decided which body part to do next. I will have to wait to be inspired.

  37. Well that raised a smile! Thank you…. 🙂

    • The diversity is surprising.

  38. Shortly after reading this post I saw someone else is riding on this topic! Economist article re. a whole book on the subject:

    • Perhaps I need to do a Willie book.

  39. Hilarious Debra. You are a brave lady.

    • You should see some of the ones I photographed at the New Guinea section of the Asian Triennial at the Art Gallery the other day! I can’t post them…they would alarm small children.

  40. This is incidentally the first post I’ve read on your blog… this is absolutely brilliant!

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