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The end of summer

Summer is at an end and I am delighted. I dislike hot weather at home in Brisbane and here in Italy. I like the long days and the lovely evening temperature, but the stifling heat of the afternoons wears me out. It is OK as long as I am happy to stay at home since my apartment is quite cool, but staying home is not really what I like to do everyday.

It seems such a waste to be in Italy and not be travelling about to new and favourite places, but for me it is just too hot, and in normal years it would be crowded as well. I am very happy the days are beginning to be cooler.

I decided to fit in a swim at the seaside before autumn arrived. Last year I went to Lerici and stayed beside a gorgeous cove in Fiascherino,between Lerici and Tellaro. I returned for my first and probably only swim of the summer. The hotel I stayed at was solidly booked and I had to wait for a week night to be free.

Finally I arrived to find the weather cloudy and cool, but by the time I checked into the hotel and walked down the many steps to the beach the sun began to come out from behind the clouds out and it was a perfect afternoon for swimming.

I stayed in the water for more than an hour until my fingers looked like prunes, the sign of a good salt water soaking. I really miss glorious Australian beaches with white sand and surf, but this lovely cove has its own charm.

Here is the view of the cove from the steps to the top.

I stayed at Rosa dei Venti, as I did last year. It is well positioned near the steps to the beach and has a car park. The road along the coast is narrow and car parks are as scarce as hen’s teeth. It also has a good restaurant where I enjoyed a seafood feast, anchovies followed by a perfectly grilled branzino.


The next day on the way home I called into Forte dei Marmi for a walk on the pier. Clouds were the star of the day.

The main reason for my stop in Forte dei Marmi was to visit Peck, a recently opened outpost for the famous food emporium in Milan, a three level food treasure trove established in 1883. Its little brother is much smaller but stacked floor to ceiling with delights.


I took home a very expensive selection beautifully wrapped and tied with ribbon. I will return, if only for the amazing cheese that is in that package.

There is more on Lerici in the post I wrote last year…A swim in Lerici

Rosa dei Venti…



  1. How lovely! I love the towns along the Gulf of Poets, though I stayed there in mid winter, which was idyllic. Great walks along that fabulous lungomare. A beautiful part of Italy.

    • I love these towns too, Portovenere, Portofino, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and more. I am happy that they are quite close and I can visit regularly.

  2. Beautiful post Deb. Your words and pictures transported me there but can only imagine the tastes of your lunch at Rosa dei Venti, and that shopping at Peck. Thanks for this post. You took me to Forte dei Marmi years ago on one of my trips to visit you – so I just dragged out the photos to look at. ❤️

    • The new Peck shop is amazing. I have not been to the one in Milan, but I will sort that out soon. I might have to squeeze in another swim before it cools down too much.

  3. Your lunch had my mouth watering – 2 of my favourites – I just love grilled branzino and of course anchovies – it all looked lovely

    • It was delicious, branzino is a favourite of mine too.

  4. Glad to see you finally got in a swim this season – and in such a lovely location. Forte dei Marmi always looks stunning from the pier. Looking forward to seeing your adventures now that it is starting to cool down a bit.

    • I might have to sneak back for another swim before it gets too cold.

  5. Aaah. I can ‘feel’ it all Deb. Great post. Thank you

    • It was a lovely place to be.

  6. Lovely, my thoughts too, “It seems such a waste to be in Italy and not be travelling about to new and favourite places”. Such a wealth of options.
    Sigh! Maybe next year, fingers crossed. Some years ago, stayed in Portovenere, which was just perfect for visiting all the cinque Terre villages by boat. Keep posting, it helps transport me back to beautiful Italy.

    • I love Portovenere. I have taken the boat to Cinque Terre from there a couple of times, but I love to wander there as well.

  7. Loved your Post & news of your maybe last summer swim for this year.
    It was interesting to see of your visit to Forte dei Marmi as I had just bought Hello magazine & it featured the seaside home & yacht there of Andrea Bocelli.What a beautiful location.

    • The coast near us has lots of wonderful places to visit. Fortunately they are an easy drive away.

  8. Those towns are lovely and I guess that less people will make them more pleasant to visit.

    • I don’t go in summer because of the heat and crowds, and never on a weekend. I prefer not to share it with too many people,

  9. I’m excited that it’s warming up and you’re excited because it’s getting cooler haha! What a pretty town and a delicious souvenier!

    • I loathe the heat of summer. It is my least favourite season. We are all different!

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