Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 20, 2021

A piazza in Bologna

I recently visited Bologna for a few days. It is one of my favourite cities in Italy and I love wandering in the historical centre to discover new things and revisit familiar places.

There is a wonderful piazza in front of Santo Stefano church. The porticoes along the street in front are filled with cafes and bars. They are great during the day but really come alive in the early evening for aperitivo.

I like to arrive just before sunset and watch the light change as people come and go on their way home from work or before heading out for dinner.




There are more cafes in the streets surrounding the piazza.


This cafe caught my eye because of the stunning flower pot in front.

I went to Piazza Santo Stefano every night that I was in Bologna and on the last night I had dinner at Pappagallo at the beginning of the street leading into Piazza Santo Stefano. I went there many years ago and while I liked it, I found it a bit formal. (Here is a post from my first visit… Pappagallo)

They now have outdoor dining so I chose a table and sat to watch the passing parade.


There is lots to love in Bologna. It was a bit overcast and drizzly for some of my visit, but it didn’t stop me from walking around the city. There is always time to say hello to Neptune and friends…The Maserati Trident

I have written about the food market in Via Drapperie and Via Pescheria  a couple of times. There are not quite as many stalls as there once were but it is still excellent…The food market in Bologna revisited

Two lovely flower shops are there too.

This is one of two of the remaining towers in Bologna.

Several years ago I climbed to the top…498 steps to the top

Bologna is a vibrant city with much to offer. I will return…Back to Bologna



  1. An excellent return trip to Bologna. Love those late photos in the evening light. Yes the city looks bustling and lively. I’ve been a few times ( once with you I remember ) and found it to be a beautiful city with grand covered walkways Yes and of course Neptune and his trident which is the badge of Maserati 🔱

    • That piazza has become my favourite place in Bologna. Now that the weather is cooling I am out and about.

  2. Enjoyed seeing your photos of beautiful Bologna. The architecture is wonderful and also admired seeing so many people out enjoying life again.
    The flower shops are a real delight.

    • Bologna is a vibrant city. It is a University city with lots of young people…a lot of fun.

  3. I loved your photos of Bologna.They revived so many memories. it looks quite busy……are the universities back or is it just locals and visitors? xx

    • The schools are back so probably the universities are too. Aperitivo time is very popular, as it should be. Lots of people are out and about at this time and it is still warm enough to sit outside,

  4. It looks like Italy has pretty-much opened up again, Debra? I’d be staying there. Australia is going deeper and deeper into the darkness.

    • Italy is open. We wear masks inside, on public transport and outside if there is a crowd. I watch with disbelief at what is happening in Australia. At least the vaccinations seem to be moving along.

  5. Hope we can travel again soon back to Bella Italia. Love that fountain in the piazza. Happy memories.

  6. Beautiful photos Debra of a magical place…. So looking forward to returning to Italy….. it continues to look stunning ❤️

    • I love that fountain too. The Bologna Neptune and the one in Florence are my favourites.

  7. Bologna is a wonderful city. Beautiful architecture, glorious food. What else could you ask?

    • Bologna has everything and lots of portici to keep the rain off.

  8. Beautiful evening photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Ooh, that looks so enticing.

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