Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 31, 2012

A presto Ponte a Serraglio

It is time to go back to Australia for a couple of months. This is what I will miss when I leave Ponte a Serraglio.





















It has turned cold and wet in the last few days, but I love this too……until next time.


  1. Every photo is like a postcard. Gorgeous. I would miss it also Lyn

    • At least I know I will be back soon.

  2. Did you leave contact details at “my” new house in Via San Francisco ?

    • I think we need to find an agent to do some sniffing around for us.

  3. Hi Deb, I know exactly the feeling of being away from Ponte a Serraglio! Hope we meet soon!

    • I will be back early next year.

  4. Have a good trip back home, Debra. We shall see you for coffee when we get back in April.

    • I look forward to coffee next year….a presto.

  5. Have a safe trip back!!!!

    • See you next year.

  6. I love this beautiful town, and with the season changes too… Thank you dear Debra, and the last one should be soooooo delicioussssss! Have a nice day, love, nia

    • I think I miss the sfoglie the most when I am gone.

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  8. Hi Debra. Love the photos. Enjoyed very much meeting you and hope that we can share a wine again sometime. Have a safe trip back to Oz.

    • Next time you come to Lucca we will share that glass of wine.

  9. Safe trip home Debra,
    Thanks for all your wonderful pictures.
    Pam Proctor

    • Thank you for following the blog.

  10. I don’t know how you can bear to leave!! As a Brit and as much as I love Australia, there is really no comparison……….. apart from the family ties obviously! I look forward to your return to BDL and more wonderful photographs.

    • I have lots of posts stored for the time I will be back in Australia.

  11. Safe travels and thanks for the sharing the beauty that you see every day.

    • There is a never ending supply of beautiful things to share here in Italy. I am in Florence right now and outside my window the dome of the cathedral is shining in the rain.

      • Rub it in. 😉

  12. Safe travels back home!

    • Thank you. I hope to catch up again one day soon..

  13. Alla prossima volta Deb! You’ll be back before you know it. And in the meantime you’ve got Italy in your heart. Have a safe trip!

    • The time goes so quickly, too quickly. I am looking forward to some beach time back in Australia.

  14. Sorry to hear that I will miss you Debra. I’m returning to BdL on Friday and was looking forward to seeing you. So, ci vediamo al aprille.
    Have a good trip back and thanks for keeping us in touch with BdL on your blog.

    • I will be there in April….see you then.

  15. I don’t know how you tear yourself away…

    • It isn’t easy, but I love Australia too.

  16. Safe travels, Debra. Bagni di Lucca will await your return.

    • And I have so many more places to photograph.

  17. aggggh! you ended with the apple sfoglia! aggggghh!

    • I will miss my daily sfoglia.

      • and now you had to say “daily”!!! oh yum!

        I know you’ll be finding good things once you get to your other home, too!

  18. vicarious – “felt by sympathetic participation in another’s experience; as ‘vicarious’ pleasure” is a part of the entry for this word in my 1970’s onward ‘The Winston Canadian Dictionary for Schools’…and so, strangely it seems, I feel the ‘pang’ of YOUR departure like it were my own. You have a lovely life and your recent photos describe (and reiterate) the most delicious place/s where we travel with you. THANK YOU for this gift Debra, it endures and enriches the lives of those who join you on your adventures. Battling the ‘nostalgia’ will be a challenge for a while; the rain will stop, the sun will shine and, like you, we’ll all have many a distraction to comfort us. Buon viaggio e state bene!!

    • I love sharing Bagni di Lucca with the world. I wish you would all come to visit.

  19. So much to miss and look forward to for next time. Happy travels!

    • I hate to leave, but at least I know I will be back soon.

  20. Safe travels Debra. Thank you for keeping Italy alive for me.

    • I’ll see you in Lucca in May.

  21. Safe travels, and like the previous post, thanks for keeping Italy alive for us.
    I just cant get over how lucky Italians are, and I wonder….. do they know it?
    What landscapes, and beaches, music, food and wine, not to mention the beautiful buildings. The ‘nostalgia’ is a problem for most of us I think!

    • Sometimes I think you need to look at a place with a stranger’s eyes to really appreciate it.

  22. Thanks for the wonderful photos they actually bring tears to my eyes. Hope to visit with you next time your in bagni. Ciao

    • I will be there for a few months from January next year. I went to Riolo to take some photos. There will be a post on Bella Bagni di Lucca in a little while. See you soon.

  23. That’s a awful lot to miss – travel safely.

    • Thank you, it is a long way home.

  24. I ‘travel’ vicariously too, but haven’t quite got a vicarious sfoglia licked! However, we do have good Baclava in West End – I used the Rugby Union instruction for my lads when addressing the Baclava……”touch, pause….engage”! Happy Landings.

    • We can share a baklava soon…..400 calories a slice I believe.

  25. That’s me.

  26. Oh Deb they are glorious photos of one of the most beautiful places anywhere . Love it -reminds me of my many trips with you to Italy. I will look forward to our coffee catch up on your return.

    • The Sourced Grocer next Wednesday?????

  27. Beautiful photos, Debra. Have fun in Australia. 🙂

    • I love Australia too. I am looking forward to spending some time at the gorgeous beach

  28. I absolutely understand why you will miss this! I love the geraniums everywhere just beautiful bursts of colour from balconies, doorsteps! In your heart and dreams until you return Carla x

    • My geraniums are almost finished and the cold and wet will be the end if them, but I will be back next year to replant.

  29. The last two days of photos have been especially beautiful, Debra, perhaps your heartfelt temporary farewell to Italy :-). I remember how the clouds and mist would gather in the hills around Barga, enchanting. Thanks for sharing Italy through your eyes with those of us who “wish we were there.”

    • I love the autumn mists in the mountains…..a beautiful time of the year.

  30. Gosh that time went quickly…it’s such a beautiful place that it must be hard to leave but you certainly do have the best of both worlds. Buon viaggio

    • It is all happening too quickly….we have to make the most of everything…always.

  31. I would miss this, too, Deb! Safe travels, my friend.

    • I have some great stops on the way home, and meeting some friends in Hong Kong will be a highlight.

  32. Have a safe journey back to Australia. Lovely parting photos.

    • Thank you. You can see why it is difficult to leave.

      • Absolutely!

  33. Ciao Debra!!!!

    • A presto, Roberto.

  34. Beautiful. That’s a lot to miss!
    Safe travelling Debra.

    • Home is good too, I am very lucky to live in 2 wonderful places.

  35. I miss it too Deb.  Get in touch when you get back. Cheers  Hazel


    • I’ll be home Melbourne Cup day. I will be in contact soon after that.

  36. I’m missing it and I’ve never even been there – it looks fabulous! Safe trip home.

    • Thank you, Brisbane, here I come.

  37. Just fabulous!

    • It will be real winter when I return in January. I love that too.

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