Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 25, 2012

1,000 followers and can the rain please stop now?

Overnight Bagni di Lucca collected its 1,000th follower…..amazing! I write the blog because I love to talk about Bagni di Lucca and the other wonderful places I travel to, but if nobody bothered to read the blog there would be little incentive to continue, so having lovely followers makes blogging fun and interesting.

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to subscribe and read the blog. A special thank you goes to those who comment. Without comments blogging would be very dull indeed. I feel that I have become friends with my regular commenters, and as I reported in the last post, we even get to meet sometimes.

Now, to the rain. This is what my view looks like this morning.


While I think the misty view is gorgeous, I am sick of the rain. We needed it, the river was as low as I have ever seen it, but we have had rain for the last 3 weeks and it is enough now. We should be having lovely warm, sunny days now, but it is cold and miserable.

My pansies are drooping under their wet load.



My poor soggy peony has only a few tiny buds.


The only one who seems happy is our duck.


Thank you again to Bagni di Lucca and Beyond’s followers. I would love to hear from all of you.


This afternoon after a shaky start we have some sun!




The water is pouring over the wall in the river.



Let’s hope the sun stays out for a while.


  1. Very exciting, so proud of you. x

    • Thank you. As a technoidiot, I think it is amazing that I can do it at all!!! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Congrats ! You deserve lots of followers.

    • Thank you, I think it is great that so many people follow my little blog.

  3. Congratulations Debra! You deserve so many followers because your blog is lovely to read and your pictures are amazing! You are now a reference point to those wishing information about our lovely Bagni di Lucca. Keep up the excellent work! A tight hug! Rose

    • Thank you Rosaly, you are a lovely loyal follower.

  4. Will be there in September . Can’t wait to see your Bangi Di Lucca.
    2 weeks in Lucca how lucky am I.

    • My suggestion, change it and stay longer in bagni di Lucca, it is far more pleasen than staying all this time in Lucca

      • I agree Ilario, staying in Bagni di Lucca would be better and she should have dinner at Del Sonno every night.

  5. Wonderful news! Congrats Deb! For what it’s worth, it’s raining here too, so you might have been stuck with rain regardless of where you were.. 🙂

    • I think it is raining in Brisbane too. There is not much you can do about the weather.

  6. well done Debra!! Complimenti!! 🙂 from a local I just want to thank you because you are doing a great thing for Bagni di Lucca and it is a real pleasure to read you and to see you amazing pictures…

    • Let me know as soon as you are an official tour guide in the area and I will do a story about you. It was a pleasure to meet you.

  7. Congratulations! A brilliant achievement, and the well deserved result of so much hard work and commitment. I think even the weather gods are obeying you today in response, the sky is already looking much bluer, so maybe the sun is heading our way again!

    • I don’t think the sun knows what it is doing today….crazy stuff!

  8. Thank you Debra, you keep my travel juices flowing even when I am at home. I love the way you see all the little details and photograph them for us to see. Don’t ever stop please………

    • It seems that I never run out of things to talk about. I must be a bit of a gasbag.

  9. Well done Debra, you must be so pleased. You do an amazing job and your photographs are wonderful. You always make my morning, when I look at your photographs and comments! Keep up the good work…..

    • Thank you. We live in a great part of the world.

  10. Rain. We had enough rain and flooding in Brisbane last year to last us a lifetime, didn’t we. But I can’t complain. The weather here in Lucca has been mostly magnificent over the last twelve months. Even the severe cold and unexpected snow in January was quite exciting for us as we saw Lucca transformed into a winter wonderland. But for all those here on a short holiday, I do hope the rain stops soon so you can get out and about and love it as much as we do.

    Congratulations Debra. I look forward to reading your updates. At least the rain will give you plenty of time to write them. Drop into Lucca for a coffee if you are out and about.

    • You are correct, the weather was pretty good until a few weeks ago, but the rain can be tiresome.

  11. Well done Deb congratulations – I am so proud of you & I love your photos – Wendy loved your Naples post –

    • I loved my time in Naples….one of the most amazing places I have been to.

  12. We’re having the same weather here and I’m also sick of it, even though it’s only been like this for two days. I’ve been spoiled by all the sunshine here in Jozi. Anyway, great photos and congrats on your 1000th follower. My blog is also approaching that number! Amazing.

    • It is fun, isn’t it when people actually read our blogs??

  13. Dear Debra, as you know I love Italy but with you, with your blog my love is more than ever… even I lived in there too… You are so nice and you share so beautiful things with us and also your photographs are amazing… and Italy is great… so, when all these beautiful points come together makes us to be your follower…. Be sure I can never get bored with you… Thank you so much for sharing with us. And congratulations, but this is not a surprise for me, this will be more too…

    Bagi di Lucca is amazing town and your view fascinating always… But this river makes me worry, I hope rain stops soon… Your flowers and their colours with raindrops so beautiful…

    Thank you dear Debra, have a nice and great day, with my love, nia

    • no worry about the river, come and see it yourself…all the best

  14. Congratulations Debra! I have no doubts as to why you have 1000 followers. The photos & the commentary are both absolutely marvellous. I am totally addicted and certainly would not be coming to BdL in June if not for your blog, so thank you in anticipation. I can’t wait.

    • I’m sure you will love our little village.

  15. Fantastic – 1000 followers… congratulations. Enjoy Di’s visit.x

    • Thank you! Di has left for Paris, where I believe it is raining.

  16. Wow…fantastic Debra. I’m up to 31…so a bit to go yet! We’ll be arriving in Lucca on Saturday…hope we can catch up.

    • I will come to Lucca next week to see you.

  17. You deserve every one of us Debra!! Congratulations! Try and enjoy the rain. The sun will come again soon I hope! Jxx

    • Soon it will be wonderful again, I know!

  18. Thank you Debra….by the way you could bring some of the Australian sun

    • Australia is not having much sun at the moment either.

  19. Thank you for the blog Debra and sorry for the weather, I didn’t pay enough attention for a minute and it started raining…

    • The sun will be out soon and we will have our usual gorgeous weather.

  20. If it’s any comfort, Switzerland has been having cold wet weather for the past month, too! And that’s why the sunny pictures you’ve sent from Sardinia and elsewhere have warmed my heart, if not my feet. I love reading and gazing at your blog, Debra. Thank you, Sondra in Switzerland

    • We were lucky with the sun in Sardinia, even though it was cold and windy.

  21. A great milestone Debra, and well deserved! No rain here, but it’s still pretty cold. I hope summer kicks in soon!

    • It is still cold here too. Not to worry it will change soon enough.

  22. Warm congratuations, Debra! – You deserve your avid following because of your interesting stories and stunning pictures. I can’t wait to see the next one! La doce vita!

    • Thank you Sandra for all you wonderful comments.

  23. Many congratulations that’s a great achievement. It’s raining here as well and the wind is howling so roll on some nice weather in both Italy and Ireland.

    • It seems the weather is crazy everywhere just now.

  24. That’s fabulous Debra, we will get there soon!

    • I hope so. I’m sure you would love it here.

  25. Congratulations Debra, what a milestone! I remember the time you celebrated 100,000 views… it won’t be long now till you get Freshly Pressed!

    Hong Kong has seen its fair share of rain in the past couple weeks as well… I had two friends stopping by on a round-the-world trip and for the entire time they were here, it was either drizzly or raining cats and dogs! They still loved it though, thanks to the food.

    • Hi James, I have been Freshly Pressed twice and once on the new blog Bella Bagni di Lucca. It is great fun.

  26. Still looks beautiful!!! Well done deb!!! Xx

    • is me…daryl x

      • Thanks Daryl. I hope all is well in Brisbane.

  27. Wow. the river is certainly flowing now ! – compared to your photos earlier in the year. Congrats on your 1000 I certainly look forward to your updates here in Brisbane – Jill

    • The river is a raging torrent just now. We do need the rain, but it could just rain at night, that would be OK.

  28. Congratulations from number 1003. Love the first photo!

    • Thanks for signing up!

  29. Congratulations Seeester, you have always been amazingly artistic in many fields and articulate, Nifta

    • The blog had been a lot of fun, totally unexpected.

  30. Congratulations Debra! I still remember the first time I stumbled upon your blog. It was your post about Bologna that drew my attention and I lovedevery single picture of that post. I subscribed to this blog since that moment. 🙂

    • Thank you for subscribing and for your lovely comments.

  31. Congrats Debra – you have done a fabulous job. Your pictures and descriptions are so wonderful. Hope the rain stops real soon.
    Pam Proctor

    • Hi Pam, it can’t go on forever, although sometimes it seems as though it will.

  32. These flowers are beautiful..

    • Pansies are really tough and seem to bounce back after begin flattened by the rain.

  33. Well done, Deb. I even dream your photos! But I’m so glad it’s raining in BDL – the river was so low. This morning here in Brisbane, there was a definite shift in the weather and Autumn was in the air – at our local ANZAC ceremony in the little park in Manly, when the Last Post was playing, I looked at the little stone soldier on his column against the back drop of blue sky and a beautiful gum tree and thought what a beautiful place this is too.

    • Manly is where I was born. I know that soldier. I think Brisbane is a great place to live.

  34. Congrats, Deb. Here I thought it was a big deal to pass 300 and now begin approaching 400. I have a way to go, but, darn, I’m happy for you! It’s no wonder. Your blog is wonderful, my friend.

    • Thabk you Kathryn, I think your blog is great too… admiration.

  35. Congrats on 1000 followers. I just nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

  36. Congratulations Debra. I’m not surprised you have so many readers- Bagni di Lucca is a great blog with beautiful photos and words. Keep up the hard work!!

  37. Congratulations! I love following your blog. I can’t believe it is still raining. I was in Lucca for a month; it was beautiful the first 2 weeks, then rain. I left a week ago. I know Tuscany needs rain but its people need some sun!

  38. Congratulations! I am so glad that I have found your blog. I always love reading it!!!

  39. Congratulations Debra, and you are hardly a gasbag (still laughing on that one!). Love your blog, so happy to have found you, and your view is stunning in every type of weather. Keep on keepin’ on, girl!

  40. Congratulations Debra – what a great milestone.

    So happy to have sun today for the first time. There were celebrations going on in San Gimignano and lots of people. In Viareggio, the beachfront is lined with old cars and the promenade is very crowded.

  41. Very exciting to reach such a milestone! Congrats to you for sharing so much of your love of the area with each of us.

  42. I’ll add my congratulations and best wishes too! And rain or no rain, your pictures are lovely…

    • Thank you. The river certainly looks better with more water in it and it is lovely to hear the sound of it rushing by.

  43. I can’t believe how different the river looks in just a few weeks! Hope all is well and we’ll have to catch up when you get back to Brisbane.

    • Doesn’t is look different??? I am staying a few weeks longer to work on Vergemoli. See you in June.

  44. Brava Debra-I look forward to it each and every day.

  45. Congratulations on your 1000 followers!!! That is wonderful news. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos. And I’m with you – enough already with the rain! I am ready for warm, Spring weather to hit. The weather has been crazy here, as well, in California – one moment it is like summer, the next moment it is back to winter cold! Congrats again!

  46. Congratulations! That’s quite a milestone. As for the rain, I hope it stops too – I’ll be arriving in Varese in a few days so we’ll be sharing weather.

    • Today was gorgeous, quite hot and delightfully sunny.

  47. Well done! And I hope one day my blog will be as well-followed.
    ps I took similar shots of the river Creuse here today gushing like we’ve never seen before!

    • It has taken a while to get to this, but it has been fun along the way.

  48. Wonderful Deb! I am 100% with you. I don’t know if I would be writing so long if I had no support. I LOVE to write yet the likes and comments especially are what make it so incredibly satisfying. I love reading your posts and am happy I found you!!!!

    • Getting a response to a post makes it all worthwhile.

  49. its been a while since i read ur posts, ive been busy and tired alittle. i love when there’s rain. Bagni di Lucca looks lovely and cosy in the rain. but of course you’re right, we need sun after all.
    you’re also right about comments, its what makes a blog alive…

    • The rain has gone for the moment. We had a beautiful sunny day today.

  50. Debra, congratulations and a special thanks to you for such a wonderful blog. I have felt more connected to my lovely memories of Italy than ever before because of my visits here, and you can’t imagine what that means to me. So thank you – mille grazie!

    • Thank for your kind comments. I enjoy writing the blog and never seem to run put of things to talk about.

  51. You have a wonderful view from the window in spite of rain. You should see mine – ha-ha-ha – to estimate Yours 🙂

  52. Complimenti, Debra – you do a great job and deserve 1,000 X 1,000 followers!

    • I will make them from scratch one day…I promise.

    • Thank you. It is lovely to get so many kind comments.

  53. We are coming to Bagni di Lucca on may 9th to check out a place that we hope to rent for next year. Can’t wait to see it in person. Hope the rain stops.

    • Let me know by email or through the blog and we can meet for a coffee. The rain is still around, but it MUST clear soon.

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