Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 4, 2021

Mangia, mangia…at Maggese

Mangia, mangia means Eat, eat! That is what I did recently at Maggese, a wonderful restaurant in San Miniato, about 90 minutes from Bagni di Lucca.

I visited the delightful historic centre of San Miniato in summer. A visit to San Miniato . 
Maggese was only open for lunch on weekends at that time. Now, because restaurants must close at 6.00pm with the covid restrictions, they are open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday…time to revisit.

The restaurant is on the site of an old Drogheria. The lovely old facade belies the elegant and stylish interior.

The staff are delightfully friendly and welcoming. The young man who served me was from Peru. His name is Arnold. He explained the menu for me. I usually ask for the Italian menu because the translations can sometimes be very odd indeed, but the English translations here are excellent.

You can choose as many dishes as you like, but for a fixed price you can order 5 or 6 courses. I chose 5. Every single morsel I put in my mouth was sensational!

First came a tiny taste. (not part of the 5) It was fermented vegetables on radicchio, with truffle butter for the wonderful bread selection.


Burrata cheese with roasted broccoli in a sauce of celery, apple and beetroot. There was a little crunchy layer in there too.


Avocado, chickpea tart, felafel, artichoke and a smoked spinach tea. (which was delicious and came with chop sticks so you could fish out the spinach)


Black rice with mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke and San Miniato truffles. The area is famous for truffles.


Artichokes scented with thyme and butter, Garfagnana corn tart and pecorino fondue.


Caramelised apple, hazelnut biscuit, grape sauce (which was poured on at the table) chocolate mousse and chantilly ice cream.

I thought that was the end, but a selection of splendid petit fours arrived.

I can truly say it was the best meal I have eaten at a restaurant in a long time. Did I mention that it is a vegetarian restaurant? I am not vegetarian but I love well thought out and prepared food and Maggese offers this in spades.

Maggese describes itself as…”different, fun, experimental, vegetarian with a gastronomic heart that combines distant traditions with the modernity of its dynamic service and its dishes as simple as they are surprising.

Fabrizio Marino, chef of the restaurant, offers a fun, rhythmic and playful table.” I could not have said it better.

I intend to return often!


  1. It looks beautiful and the dishes must taste superb!

    • Maggese is a wonderful experience.

  2. What a feast !!! Looks wonderful. I am not vegetarian either but always enjoy a feast such as you had. Hope you are keeping safe.

    • It was excellent. I am going again next week with friends.

  3. Wow Debra that is an amazing meal – just reading about it so much fun 🤗

    • It was great! Everything was beautifully presented and delicious.

  4. I am a vegetarian and this looks like my idea of a dream meal. It is now on my list of “must do”. Hope we can make it this year.

  5. All I can say is Wow, Bella!! thanks for sharing. MUST visit when traveling opens up.

    • Maggese is a wonderful experience. I hope you can get there soon.

  6. All i can say is wow!!! Did u stay overnight? Keep on exploring…

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    • No, I just went for the day. It is only 90 minutes away.

  7. My goodness! How fabulous!!

  8. We don’t eat meat 3 meals a day anyway do we? The food looks amazing!!

    • Lunch was certainly enough for me that day!

  9. WOW DEBRA what a delicious selection & in such a beautiful setting.
    Why did I look at your Post before preparing our dinner, which will NOT be in Chef Fabrizio Marino’s “Fun, Rhythmic & Playful.” Am sure you will enjoy your return visit!

    • The description of the restaurant was perfect. I am looking forward to me return visit.

  10. What a treat … Love all these treasures you find for us.
    Thank you 🙏🏽

    • Maggese is excellent. I am pleased I finally got to try it.

  11. Looks sensational. I bet your two ‘foodie’ friends who are going with you this time will appreciate this delicious menu.

    • I’m sure Luis and David will love it.

  12. That’s so nice that you can travel in a limited way. My mouth started watering at all of those dishes. I can’t imagine life without burrata…

    • I’m with you on the burrata.

  13. Wow! That looks amazing and delicious, Debra! Hope all is continuing to be ok for you in Italy

    • I am missing Australia, but being stuck in Italy is not so bad.

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