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Our beautiful stone house in Vergemoli is set in 10,000 square metres of land in a national park in the Garfagnana, the magnificent mountains near Lucca and Bagni di Lucca in northern Tuscany. We think Casa Debbio is the perfect place to relax in the gorgeous Tuscan mountains.

The house sits alone on a terraced hillside overlooking Vergemoli. You will hear nothing but the sounds of birds. Lie in the sun on the terrace, cook a barbecue, walk along the woodcutters track or down to the village to chat to the locals.

Casa Debbio offers the chance to have an authentic Italian experience. Vergemoli is an ancient village. The road to Vergemoli was only completed in the 1960s. Prior to that it I was reachable via a track up the mountain from Gallicano in the valley below.

Casa Debbio is almost fully booked for summer 2023. There are only 10 days available at the end August and some time in September. If you would like to spend an idyllic holiday in the Tuscan mountains email me… 

Afternoon tea at Casa Debbio…this could be you.

The views from the house are wonderful in any season.


Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

We bought a ruin which was too far gone to repair, so the original house was demolished and the new one was begun in March 2011. We are delighted with the results.


The large pines that were in front of the house are now gone and we have added a pergola at the front of the house. We are hoping wisteria will cover it in a year or 2.

Casa Debbio

On the ground floor is the large kitchen and living room.






On the first floor is a study, toilet and the main bedroom and ensuite.







On the top floor are 2 more bedrooms, each with an ensuite.











Work on the garden is an on going project. The property was originally a working farm and the terraced land has fig, walnut, chestnut, olive and fruit trees and we have planted lots more. There are more than 300 lavender plants, 60 peonies, roses, hydrangeas, wisteria and much more.

We have a great barbecue and a vegetable garden with tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries and herbs beside the house. The photo below was taken a few years ago when the first grass began to grow.



Casa Debbio


Casa Debbio


Casa Debbio

We have a mountain spring which supplies water to the house, and feeds our frog fountain.

The village of Vergemoli is a 2 minute drive, or ten minute walk from the house. It is a beautifully kept village. A bar is open in the morning and afternoon and there is an excellent shop open 6 days a week for 4 hours a day, in the morning or afternoon.  The nearest supermarket is 8 kilometres away in Gallicano.

Vergemoli is about a 40 minute drive from Lucca and is perfectly situated in the quiet mountains of the Garfagnana. We think the house would be a perfect place for a group of friends to gather for a peaceful break from the world.

There are hundreds of beautiful villages in the area to explore, many with excellent restaurants where you can enjoy fresh, local food, and discover some wonderful local festivals.

The house is available for rent now. Please email me at for more information. Please email rather than leave a comment below. I sometimes miss those and I would hate you to think I wasn’t interested.

If you click here you can see the house in its original state and the building progress. Look in the New House in Vergemoli category on the blog to see all the posts about the house.

Here are some more views from the house. The view changes constantly and is spectacular in any season.

Casa Debbio



  1. What a work of love and art you have created. Auguri!

    • It has a little way to go. The light fittings need to be installed and the gardens is a work in progress, but we are very happy with the house.

  2. Best wishes on getting your beautiful home rented soon!

    • If you know anyone who would like to rent it let me know!

  3. Looks gorgeous!

    • The house is coming along very well. I would love Bardi to help us with the garden.

  4. Just beautiful! I don’t know this area of Italy but it looks stunning!

    • We are in northern Tuscany…not typical Tuscany with the well known rolling hills, but beautiful just the same.

  5. Beautiful! How far is this from your other house? Looks amazing!

    • It is about 30 minutes away. You will have to come to visit us there when you are in Bagni di Lucca.

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  7. Hi, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I am looking at apartments or a small house to buy in the area, quite an adventure and more than a little scary for this single girl who should work on learning Italian soon! I am so encouraged by your passion about the area and your followers’s comments.Thanks so very much!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. There are some great properties to be had in the area…I hope you find what you are looking for.

  8. Absolutely stunning!

    • Thank you! If you know anyone who wants to rent a house in the mountains in Tuscany, let me know.

  9. Quite fabulous!

  10. Looks lovely but in the opposite direction for this years trip! Next time.
    We have a lovely villa in Bali in case you might consider a swop in the future.

    • A swap with Bali could certainly be on the cards.

  11. I am looking for something in the mountains for long term renting from the end of August 2013. If anyone knows of something – for four people – please let me know!

    • Rhian, depending on your needs, I might have something for you. Debra, the house is magnificent. I will spread the word but I am sure it will be much in demand.

  12. Debra, just wondering are you still in Bagni di Lucca? If so do you have a personal e mail address?

  13. Stunning views & pictures! We are big fans of Italy and your house is a dream but I imagine the drive to be right up the mountains & far from the airports. Is it situated in the region of Toscana or the Liguria?

    • Vergemoli is about 1hour 15 minutes from Pisa airport. The village is 8 kilometres from Gallicano at the base of the mountain. The road is narrow and winding, but well surfaced and Vergemoli is an absolutely gorgeous village with a bar, shop, pharmacy and doctor. The people are some of the most delightful people I have met in Italy. It is in northern Tuscany, about 40 minutes from Lucca.

      • Thanks, I appreciate 🙂 It gives me a clearer picture, that would mean that a car is needed to get there. Do you mind telling me how many people it can host and how much would it cost for two weeks in high season? e.g August.

  14. Love to know how much it is to rent.. at various times of the year. We just loved Lucca when we visited last year.. Cheers, Les.

  15. Congratulations on building this beautiful house in so picturesque area.
    You indeed have beautiful views onto the mountains.
    Are you also renting just rooms in this house,or one has to rent the whole house?

    • Casa Debbio is only rented as a house, not just rooms.

  16. Hi there, your house looks just like what we are looking for! Please can you give me availability and prices for April/May/June 2014?
    Thanks so much

  17. HI Debra, How do I connect with you to book? Can you email me at . I am a friend of Marijane Relth 🙂

  18. How much is it to rent please?

  19. Your home is beautiful! Love your blog! We once stayed at the sweetest agriturismo in Barga! Not so far from Bagni…..that whole area is so charming.

    • You can see the village of Vergemoli, where Casa Debbio is, from Barga on a clear day. You are right, the whole area is gorgeous.

  20. Lovely house, is it possible to rent it for 6 weeks in June ? quite flexible…. Im looking to buy a property in Lucca/Florence to live in and run as a small B&B, I’m also a professional phootographer in London. I’m finding very difficult to find property/ understand the process, costs etc… so i’m hoping being there for a while will put me on a better position to achieve the task.. Anyway I’ll wait for your response thank you

    • Hi, I read your comments here. We are also interested to purchase property in this area Lucca and or BDLucca. Can you please share the processes and tips you have encountered during your purchase? Things to look for and avoid, cost, craftsman resources etc. It will be very useful to start with before hitting the real estate agents point of view. We share same views. We will be traveling to Lucca in August- Sept 2016. We appreciate your time.
      Thank you very much

      • I don’t know if you want me to reply, or the person above who left the comment. Since that was left in 2014 I doubt they will see your comment. I suggest you look for a book called Buying and restoring in Tuscany by David Collins. There is a post on the blog about the book. Put Buying and restoring in Tuscany in the search box and it should come up.

  21. Hi, nice place
    I see NUMEROUS replies with asking the price, why not show it in your story?

    • The price varies according to the season. If you are interested in price/availability I can email you with the details.

  22. The house looks great Debra. Much success!

    • Thank you. We are very happy with the results.

  23. I love this house! congratulations for your project!

  24. The house looks glorious Debra! Don’t know if you remember my sister (Frances) and I (Jessica) we stayed in Bagni in Liz’s unit and you graciously showed us the sites 🙂 Such fond memories! I now have a 2.5 yr old (Millicent) and a 7 week old (Murphy) so whilst I dream of a visit I think it is a few years off… the garden I’m sure will be finished by then!

    • I remember your visit. It would appear that you are a bit busy now with babies. I hope to see you again in Italy one day.

  25. Lovely place to be…. 🙂

    • Casa Debbio is wonderful. I will be back there soon to continue with the garden.

  26. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I’ve just found it. It’s GLORIOUS!


    • I can’t wait to get back to continue with the garden.

  27. Hi Deb….I really like your ‘mountain escape’ and hope to stay in it some time soon.

    Your details are exquisite….like the grosgrain ribbons attached to the curtain rings, vase of peonies, hem stitched/embroidered curtains, framed tomato images/prints on the wall, lush red geraniums in their terracotta urns etc etc etc..all truly beautiful….so I can see the love there!

    Your hubster looks right at home at the pizza oven too!!!

    Well done to you….definitely a Bit of Paradise (BOP)!

    Maybe I should do a BOP post on it for my blog?? What do you say?



    • I am pleased with the way Casa Debbio has turned out. I made the curtains and painted the decorations on the walls. The photography is mine, but I can’t claim the husband at the barbecue, he was a visiting friend. Please feel free to use the photo for your BOP, we think it is a bit of paradise.

  28. I have somehow missed this. What a beautiful home! And the views are stunning!!!

  29. hi im thinking of buying a house near here can you email me on thanks sy

  30. what a beautiful home you have there – it must be hard to leave.

    • I hate to leave my garden most of all. I will be back at Casa Debbio in just over a week. I will be there for about 6 weeks, a lot of which will be spent preparing the garden for winter.

      • 6 weeks in Italy – well how wonderful!!

  31. Your home is beautiful Debra. Very nicely done and the views! WOW 🙂

  32. It looks wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!

  33. Your house is gorgeous. What town are you located in BDL. Can you share your experiences from the beginning difficulties, tips etc for us interested in plunging into this task of buying and building since you has first hand experience would be much appreciated please.
    Thanks so much

    • I will send an email with some of our experiences, but I really suggest you look at David’s book. He has 20 years experience in these matters.

  34. Ok I will google him

  35. Pls send your prices and availability for 2107. My email is The house looks amazing. Well done: Fiona

  36. It looks gorgeous Debra! My husband Mark and I plan to go to Italy more often in the future so we will be in contact to see if we can add a stay at your beautiful house some time. Maria

    PS Debra – I remember you when you had your shop in the Brisbane Arcade -at the time I was working as a PR consultant and did a promotional campaign for the Abused Child Trust, as it was known then, for a fundraising ball – The Moulin Rouge Ball. We did a fashion shoot with some of the wonderful fashions from the designers in the arcade. Liz may also remember my husband and I from Park at Waterfront in Brisbane

    • Hello Maria, how nice to hear from you! I have been gone from my shop for almost 15 years. Once we bought our apartment in Bagni di Lucca I wanted to be there for several months each year.
      Casa Debbio has been finished for 5 years and we are happy to be building a garden.
      We would love to have you stay at Casa Debbio one day.
      I am leaving for Italy tomorrow.

  37. Love the frog fountain!

    • I love frogs. There are lots around the garden.

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