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Meet Jennifer from Sardinia


One of the fun things about blogging is meeting other bloggers. It is great to meet via WordPress but even better in the flesh.

On our recent trip to Sardegna we met the very lovely Jennifer who writes about her life in the tiny village of Trinta d’Agultu on the west coast of this gorgeous island.

She lives in a wonderful house with a spectacular view over the village and beyond.

Take a look at the view.




She cooked a delicious lunch, using her own recipe ( which is on her blog) and took us for a walk around her village.








Jennifer lives in Trinita d’Agultu with her charming and handsome Sardinian husband, Marcello. She writes about her life, so different from everything she knew in her  native Canada. You should take a look. Her blog is called La Mia Vita Sarda…My Sardinian Life. As well as great travel tips she has an excellent insight into life in a small village.
Click here to see Jennifer’s blog.

I think Trinita d’Agultu is lucky to have Jennifer, and some of the residents agree with me.


Jennifer is about to start work at the tourist office in the village, where I’m sure she will be a great asset. Drop in to say hello if you are nearby.


  1. Hopefully we too will meet one day!

    • That would be great, you could come to Bagni di Lucca or I could visit France.

      • It’s a side trip to Spain for us this year… maybe Italy next year???

      • We went to Spain last year at about this time. There are several posts about the places we visited, Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Cadiz, Granada and a few others. If you wish you can look in the Spain category for some tips. You should come to Italy next year. Perhaps we could do a house swap.

      • That would be fabulous! (and I’ll check out your Spain posts)

  2. I really love your birds eye view of Trinita! The rounded fountain is great! It was fantastic meeting you and yours! I look forward to the adventures in Bagni!

    • It was fun to see your village through your eyes. We had a great day and thank you for a delicious lunch.

  3. Just as you said, the views are spectacular. Thanks, Debra

  4. Yes Jennifer was such an interesting mix Canadian/Italian ( by marriage) and a jolly good cook. Loved the lunch which she just whipped up while we chatted – in minutes there was bread, cheese, sausage, pasta with a rich tomato sauce and a bottle of local Sardinian wine.

    • We will have to try her tomato sauce recipe.

  5. Debra, Is this Jennifer through whom we met the lovely Rossella who came to Curly Flat? Nifta

    • No, it was Rosella’ sister who introduced me to her. I heard recently from Rosella. She is coming back to Brisbane.

  6. So beautiful dear Debra, you captured amazing photographs… Fascinated me again. Thank you, with my love, nia

  7. And I am so glad to see and to meet once again dear Jennifer, her blog is amazing as yours dear Debra… Thank you for this too. With my love, nia

    • We had a great day together.

  8. How great that you got to meet Jennifer! I’ve been subscribed to her blog for a while. Meeting other bloggers is so, so fun! Glad to hear you enjoyed the visit!

    • It is fun. I would love to meet you one day. You must come to Italy.

  9. Wonderful post!!!! So cool that you two got to meet! Thanks so much for sharing Deb!

    • We all need to get together and have a big party.

      • I need to get over to Italy! My parents are there now near Lake Garda and said it has been cold and rainy. Not much fun for a golf trip however they are excited to pig out every night on the amazing Italian food and wine. I need to come over too! 🙂

  10. What a sweet place Debra. Lucky girls, both of you! Life in a tiny village like that sounds ideal. Italy is so small but so huge, isn’t it?

    • Life in a small village can be a challenge, sometimes it is great, but waiting 2 hours at a post office for a simple transaction can drive you nuts!

  11. Hi Debra….Love reading your blog…have not posted in awhile….we have been wanting to visit Sardinia while we are staying in out summer place in Lammari…after seeing your pictures, I am ready to make that happen! Also, wanted to let you know, I was in touch with Amala few days ago…going to try and make it horse back riding with her this fall…all these connections because of you!!!

    • Sardinia is a great place to visit. You should go back through Jennifer’s blog for some tips. Blog connections are great fun.

  12. It must be so inspirational for her to blog about Sardinia, particularly with the view she has! Thank you for telling us about her…

    • She lives in a beautiful place and she loves her village. It is easy to write about something you love.

  13. I’ve been following Jennifer’s blog for a while and always enjoy her posts. I often wandered if you two knew each other. What is the distance between Sardinia and Bagni di Lucca? The photos are gorgeous!

    • We flew to Sardinia from Pisa. The flight was only 50 minutes and we are about an hour from Pisa. You can also take a ferry from Livorno or Piombino, which are fairly close to us.

      • Thanks, Debra. It seems easy enough to travel within; I’ll just have to keep adding to my bucket list. Both cities look gorgeous.

  14. Great post with wonderful images … and another reason how blogs have made the world smaller … and I visited Jennifer. Thanks.

    • I have met a few bloggers I follow. I think it is great.

  15. How fun was that? I, too, think it is way cool to meet such a great community of “new friends” and if ever inperson, that’s just the gravy on top!!

    • Blogging is a great way to meet new people….something I didn’t expect.

  16. Sardinia looks so beautiful… I don’t know how it has managed to stay under the radar for so long!

    That’s one of my favourite things about blogging – the chance to meet people you would never have known otherwise! I took a fellow travel blogger around Hong Kong when he visited back in January; it was a brief encounter but we instantly hit it off. In ten days we will be meeting up in Malaysia for a trip to Laos!

    Let me know the next time you come by Hong Kong… I don’t know how the work situation will be but I would love to give you a little tour!

  17. Glad that I came across your blog! Such wonderful pictures! I have been following Jennifer’s blog for quite some time now and I must say that I have fallen in love with Sardinia, just by reading her posts and pictures. I am now going to follow yours as it seems very interesting! And How nice you had the chance to meet up with Jennifer!

    • It was great to meet Jennifer and see her gorgeous village.

  18. I’m a big follower and have been following Jennifer’s blog for a while now. Very enjoyable to read.

    • Jennifer is doing a great job promoting Sardinia. It was fun to meet her.

  19. I start my job in the tourist office this Monday! Finally after an uphill battle I’ve found my job!

    • Congratulations! They are lucky to have you.

  20. […] We also met delightful Jennifer from “My Sardinian life” […]

  21. Just got back from three weeks traveling Sardinia. I had an extraordinary encounter in Nuoro I”d like to ask you about … a very small, extraordinarily thin set of blond twins who purported to be janas. Have you heard of anything like this?

    • You should ask Jennifer about this as I don’t really know much about Sardinia.

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