Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 27, 2012

Build your own village, Rafael Neville did.


Rafael Neville, Count of Berlanga del Duero, artist, part time architect and very clever man, began building his beautiful mini village at the top end of Sardinia in 1958. He is no longer around to enjoy this gorgeous place, with its tiny beach and square bordered by a white portico, but luckily, we can.





Take a closer look at the decoration at the top of the Cafe Rafael.


The little square is apparently full of people partying in the season, but it was waiting quietly for its guests the day we were there.





There is another square at the entrance to the town, with a couple of shops, Harry’s Bar and a tiny church.






The little church is gorgeous.


Here is Jim standing in the doorway. ( I didn’t have a matchbox to compare the size)




The church seats 6 people at a time.



There are several houses on the hill behind the tiny village. They blend beautifully into the rocky hills. This one was my favourite.


When I go back to Sardinia I am staying in Porto Rafael.


  1. How stunning is the architecture. Designed with the landscape in mind, the buildings blend in beautifully. I think we could all learn a bit here as they often say …less is definately more in this gorgeous location.Rafael was a clever man as you expressed so well!

    • Porto Rafael is lovely. I would really like to spend some time there.

  2. So beautiful… Thank you dear Debra, have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

    • It is a beautiful little village.

  3. I love the handmade feel of the buildings Debra. And the whitewash. The little church is a gem. That floor…! I hope its clever creator had plenty of time to enjoy it! 🙂

    • I think Signore Neville had a very nice life.

  4. I’d love to build a village that looked like that! 😮

    • Wouldn’t it be fun?

  5. Goodness, Deb. That beach is so, so lovely–and the sweet little church–how cute. Hope you have a great weekend, my friend!

    • It is the cutest little village. I want to go back already.

  6. It looks like a perfect place for a holiday Debra…….with its own little Harry’s Bar! Fantastico.

    • Apparently there are parties there all summer…what fun!

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  8. Looks like a really charming place, of course love the ‘cat’.

    • It would be a great place for a summer holiday.

  9. This place looks like a simple paradise. Of course your photography ability helps. 🙂 … The second pic sold me.

    • It is a very photogenic place.

  10. What an exquisite place Porto Rafael is; you couldn’t possibly preach fire and brimstone in the little church, it would only be possible to preach ‘love thy neighbour’. Even the cat looks happy to be ‘hanging’ about. I do love your sense of humour, Deb!

    • The little church was very cute. We were lucky to find it open.

  11. how completely perfect, how amazing to have a dream and BUILD it! I would love to stay there too! c

    • He had some experience in Spain before he went to Sardinia. I think he built a perfect little place.

  12. Your pictures through the archways offer a glimpse of beauty that lures one through. Lovely place.

    • Porto Rafael is a gorgeous little place. I will be back!

  13. I thought I wanted to go to Sardinia before… turns out I NEED to go there. Beautiful Debra, just beautiful.

    • I think a visit is necessary.The monkeys would love it. Wait until you see the ancient sites!

  14. The photos do it justice – a gorgeous stylish place. Loved being there with you and Jim

  15. Very beautiful pictures!

  16. Beautiful pictures!!!!

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