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We are now back in Bagni di Lucca after our trip to Sicily. We drove down, stopping in a few places along the way. We covered most of the things we wanted to see in Sicily. We didn’t spend a lot of time in each place, but the idea was to find the places we liked best and we will return to spend more time in our favourite spots.

I wanted to post more while we were travelling, but we were on the go most of the time and the Internet wasn’t always reliable.

I didn’t know what to expect of Sicily and for the most part was delighted by what we saw. Taormina and Ortigia were fabulous. Of the baroque towns we visited, Scicli was my favourite. We love the Greek temples at Agrigento and Segesta. Corleone did not impress at all. The Norman church in Monreale was incredible. Cefalu was a charming place to visit and a great jumping off destination for the nearby islands of Stromboli and Lipari…we are definitely going back there. There will be posts on these places and more in the coming weeks.

The thing that we really didn’t expect was the stunning beauty of the countryside. Our lady of the GPS took us across the country, even when we didn’t want to. We were amazed by the green fields, the rugged mountains and the car high wild flowers we encountered.

Some of these photos were taken from a moving car…with very dirty windows. (Thanks to the Sirocco and the accompanying dust)




















All over Sicily were hot houses…that’s where all those delicious tomatoes, strawberries and other good things come from.


A big surprise was the number of eucalyptus trees we saw. After a bit of research I discovered they were planted at the time of Mussolini to help drain wet areas to control malaria. We also saw Moreton Bay figs and Norfolk pines…a little bit of home in Sicily.



We were very lucky to be there in spring. I doubt the flowers will last into the hot summer. I was most impressed with the wild fennel, some more than a metre high, with bright yellow heads.



The often appalling roads, that had huge pot holes, were made enchanting with their edges of purple, yellow and red flowers.


There were purple thistles and amazing yellow ones.



We will definitely return to Sicily to see some of the things we missed and to return to the places we loved…the wild flowers alone would take me back.


  1. Gorgeous views!

    • The country side in Sicily is stunning.

      • I should probably visit 🙂

  2. Beautiful countryside. Love the pics.

    • Next time we will try to clean the windows.

  3. We were there two years ago, the first two weeks in May, and loved all the same places as you, including Scicli….just lovely.

    • I have lots of photos from everywhere we went and will post on Scicli soon.

  4. Awesome post Debra. I’m so happy you enjoyed Sicily. Your photos in the countryside are amazing. Spring must be the best time to be there for sure. I’ll look forward to more in the weeks to come.

    • We found the countryside incredibly beautiful. I wish I could have captured more of what we saw, but the roads were narrow with few places to stop.

  5. I was in Sicily almost thirty years ago visiting my husband’s family there and your beautiful photos makes we want to go back and explore more. I had terrible morning at the time so I had some limitations! Really would like to go back.

    • You must return, it is a fascinating place.

  6. Oh and the Lady of the GPS sounds like a saint taking you astray! LOL

    • Even though we were puzzled by some of the choices we were pleased to see lots of country side.

  7. I agree the Sicilian countryside is fab…before it gets dried out by the torrid summer. I noted segesta temple behind one of your great pics.

    • Well spotted. There will be more on the temple soon.

  8. Your post has certainly wet my appetite. And Deb your photos are stunning. Beautiful. Looks like spring is THe time to be there.

    • I think spring is definitely the best time to see Sicily.

  9. I totally agree, Sicily is stunning

    • The green, fertile fields were a surprise for us.

  10. Wow what a stunning place Debra! I have always wa Ted to go to Sicily. The flowers are amazing!

    • I expected Sicily to be rocky and arid. I don’t know why.

  11. Did you have a 4wd or were you driving the little fiat over & around those potholes?

    • Our little Fiat lives in Australia. In Italy we have our trusty Toyota Corolla.

  12. Hi Debra
    I can’t tell you how much I love your informative blog! I live in Brisbane, with son and family in London. I am hoping to book and explore the beautiful area you describe at Bagna Di Lucca. Sicily has been on our list of ‘must do’ places for 15 years!! Your blog and images have inspired me to book a holiday there! I guess not in summer!! Was the weather ok??

    • Thank you for your kind words. The weather in Sicily was excellent for most of our trip. The days were warm and the mornings and evenings quite cool. The Sirocco blew in for the last couple of days making things unpleasant. It wasn’t cold, but the wind was fierce.

  13. Never realized Sicily was so green. I guess spring is the time to go.

    • We wanted to go before it got too hot and crowded. I think spring is the perfect time to go.

  14. Your photos are gorgeous and now more than ever I want to go!

    • Sicily is very beautiful.

  15. Would look really great , from the seat of an historical Ducati motorcycle …..
    Now there’s a thought .
    I’m off to Spain this year Debra — will be an interesting comparison indeed .

    • We have been to Spain a few times. I hope you are going to Barcelona.

  16. Beautiful! I really understand the issues with blog posting from here, my poor phone would get hot then crash trying to load a couple of photos. I was here in October so had a different experience of the scenery, no flowers!

    • I just gave up after a while. We were very busy most days anyway.

  17. Definitely more beautiful than I imaged. Thanks for sharing!

    • There were some seriously unattractive towns as well, but you get that everywhere.

  18. I think your GPS lady taking you through the very beautiful countryside was a bonus. Spring is obviously a great time to visit.

    • Despite some terrible roads we were happy we went though the interior.

  19. Thank you Debra for sharing your beautiful images, I didn’t know that Sicily is that pretty. What kind of flowers are the pink ones in the first few images? Just being curious

    • I don’t know. They were tiny and the plant looked a bit like a pea of some kind.

  20. Amazing pictures!

    • Thank you. The scenery was stunning.

  21. Gorgeous flowers and such beautiful pictures despite the dirty windows!

    • We must remember to put some cleaning items in the boot of the car for times such as these.

  22. Beautiful photo, Debra.

    • Spring is clearly the best time to be in Sicily.

  23. I went to Sicily last March – too early for many of the wild flowers – so early May, do you think?

    • We were there in late April. I don’t know how long the flowers will last. Early May would be the latest I would go.

      • Yes, late April sounds about right, I was thinking! 😀

  24. Love the flowers!

    • The flowers were gorgeous.

  25. We also like to do an exploratory trip and then return to see the places we really like more in depth. It always works.
    See you next week in Bagni!

    • I look forward to seeing you soon and to show you our garden at Casa Debbio.

  26. Given that many of the photos were taken from a moving car and through dirty windows – the landscape must, in reality, be the most astonishing colours. Some look almost as if they are painted – no wonder so many artists went to Italy to paint.

    • The bright blue skies helped a lot.

  27. I would love to go to Sicily! We were just talking about it with some people that just visited. It’s amazing the photos you can get from a moving car!

    • Sicily is great. Go in spring.

  28. It looks stunning there, those photos and this blog together make me want to go so much. it totally looks like my kind of place i love all things green and the country side is my little paradise i just love it. great post!

    • Thank you. Visit Sicily in spring.

  29. So many beautiful flowers! It would be worth a visit just to see them.

  30. Ahhhh, the Sicilian countryside, how I love it. Great shots bringing back good memories.

  31. Such lovely wildflowers and I do love your photos, Debra. The dirt on the car windows doesn’t show at all. 🙂

  32. Wonderful photos and obviously in the springtime by the flowers and those fields of stunning colour. Yes those famous ‘winds’ can sure stir up the dust and the pollen. Deb that is a gorgeous post.

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