Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 10, 2023

Giacosa caffe has reopened in Florence

Giacosa was always my first stop in Florence. It was a gorgeous cafe, the birthplace of the Negroni. It was part of Roberto Cavalli’s shop in Via della Spada. It had been a famous cafe in Florence for a couple of centuries before Armani took over the space and it was closed.

I loved my visits for people watching and great food and coffee. I met 2 lovely sisters there who told me they had been going there to meet friends all their lives. I missed them when the cafe closed.  Three beautiful girls at Giacosa in Florence

There was also  Beautiful boy sighting at Giacosa

Three months ago Giacosa reopened and yesterday I went to see the new cafe. It is in Via della Spada, almost opposite its previous location.


I love the new Giacosa! The setting is fabulous and the coffee and food excellent. I will definitely be there for aperitivo on my next overnight stay in Florence and sample a Negroni.

Now I am torn. I moved to Caffe Gilli in Piazza Republica when Giacosa closed and it has become my first port of call. Maybe I will have to stop at both to begin my day in Florence.

I had a quick look around Florence.

Perhaps you need a yellow giraffe to go with your orange boots.

Antonio Marras is about to open. Dolce & Gabbana has closed next door and something new will appear soon.

The Duomo and Baptistery are still looking marvellous.

Take a look at Luisa Via Roma.

Buy the green shoes.

Or have lunch at the cafe upstairs.

The market is still selling its wares.

The Porcellino is still waiting to have its snout rubbed for good luck.

The sheep is still watching from above.


Neptune is still scowling.

I love that face.


Signore Medici has a look in the same direction.

Michelangelo’s graffiti is still on the wall of Palazzo Vecchio.

Hiding behind this.

The Ponte Vecchio is crowded as usual.

But the views from the bridge are delightful.

I love this shop in a quiet street, so much to choose from.

…a quick look in some shop windows.

Then it was back to the station. The tunnel leading to the station has been renovated. One minute you are under the sea.

Then blue Lego blocks are waving towards you.

Then bananas appear.

It is great to spend time in lovely Florence.


  1. Glad to hear that they have reopened and the tunnel under the station looks great.

    • When I walked into the bright yellow tunnel I was a bit stunned, but watching it change is fun.

  2. Florence looks absolutely sparkling, almost looks as though it has had a refreshing bath!! The Cafes look stunning & food displays superb. What choices you have. The tunnel under the Station looks like a “must do” when in Florence. PS I loved the coloured handbags in the market. I want one of each.

    • Florence was looking wonderful. There were lots of people around but it was not too crowded. It was lovely to be back in Florence.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Florence is and your photos are amazing.
    On my next trip I will go to Giacosa for a coffee and cake! I am still looking for my apartmento, it will happen. Keep up your interesting information.

    • The new caffe is lovely, the men behind the bar were friendly, it is a nice atmosphere.

  4. I thought Neptune was really impressive – he really smouldered!

    • He is my favourite Neptune!

  5. I loved seeing the p. It brought back the memory of being there with you when I visited. Our school days in Lucca!!! I’d love to come again! And see the 3 lovely women. And you!!
    Love, Sondra

    • I loved going to Giacosa all those years ago and I will be making it my first stop in future. You need to come back.

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