Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 24, 2020

Ponte a Serraglio in autumn

We went from hot summer to cool autumn quickly. Almost overnight the weather changed. October has turned cold with quite a lot of rainy days.

My little part of Bagni di Lucca changes constantly with the weather.



The marigolds on the bridge are still flowering, but each day a plant dies and soon I will have to replace them with something to make it through winter.

The plants on my balcony were slow to grow, but ultimately put on a good show. They too, will need to be replaced soon.

The leaves on the trees are changing colour. It is a beautiful time of the year.


Wading ankle deep through fallen leaves is one of the joys of autumn.

On my wandering I found this lovely decoration on the front of an abandoned building. It would be great to see it cleaned up and taken care of.

This needs attention too.


We have a variety of birds living on our river.

There are a couple of nests high in the trees above my apartment.

Blue sky is always welcome.


Rainy days are OK too.

I need some sunny days now to get some work done in the garden at Casa Debbio.


  1. Cheers to the valley that touches my heart.

    • I hope you can return soon.

      • No kidding … not be able to travel is not fun.

  2. Dear Debra, I don’t know if you realize what a balm for the soul your recurring pictures of your lovely home in Italy are. I have been sequestered in my little hamlet here in South Carolina with my husband and dogs, rarely going out for the last six months, save to do some grocery shopping. I always love imagining that I am there in Bagni di Lucca, on my bicycle, coming to visit you at Casa Debbio. Some day…..

    • I feel lucky to be here in this strange year. The virus numbers are going up here which Is a bit frightening. I hope we don’t have another lockdown. Let’s hope things begin to improve soon.

      • Fab pics Debra, love the moody ones too. Lovely time of year. Fancy a coffee or eating out 1 Day this up coming week? You can recommend !! Xx

  3. Ah, the autumn mists, the autumn colours!

    • Autumn is gorgeous here. I love it.

      • Marvellous

  4. Hi Deb,

    It’s Sunday morning after an afternoon and evening of thunderstorms, everything looks washed and restored. It’s been months since we had a decent downpour.
    As you know, I get tired of the constant sunshine and heat so your autumn photos feed my soul!!

    You will be so busy for the next few weeks getting the gardens ready for the winter…. what a fabulous way to spend your days before the winter hibernation!!!

    The Covid news from around the world is very worrying … stay safe my friend in your little bit of heaven.

    Best love, Jan xx

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    • Rain is good! I am happy it is raining in Brisbane after such a long dry spell.
      Virus numbers are going up in Italy and I am worried we might have another lockdown. I wish this would just go away.

  5. Seeing my home away from home…we spent two entire summers in Chifenti and it has become a part of me. How I miss it. Thanks for the pictures.

    • I hope you can return soon. Maybe things will improve next year and we will be able to travel again.

  6. Hi Debra
    Seeing your photos gives me some hope that we will get past Covid and be able to come back home. I am terribly homesick for Vico.
    My favorite time there is autumn with the cool weather , being able to wear jeans and sweaters seeing the leaves changing . Here we are sick of the hot weather plus staying home despite our state being open for fear of getting this insane virus. Sadly our numbers are going up but I understand the same is happening in Italy and now it’s also affecting Bagni di Lucca .
    Please Keep these beautiful photos coming as we are living being there through you!

    • The virus numbers are going up in Italy and it is worrying. I don’t want another lockdown. At least I have a safe place to be if it happens.

  7. Debra, your images always make my day, as I am virtually travelling in the Toscana. Somehow we all are blessed with your wonderful posts. Especially I loved the images of the marigold. Enjoy where you are and stay safe.

    • Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year. I like the cool weather and the lovely misty days. I am lucky to have a safe place to be in this awful time.

  8. Such a beautiful place, Deb – I do so hope the numbers of people catching the virus start to decline and that you aren’t locked down again. Take care. Gardening just must be good for the immune system!

    • It is a lovely place to be. I’m off to the nursery today to get some plants…ready for a day in the garden.

  9. My favorite season for Bagni di Lucca. And your marigolds are looking superb!

    • The marigolds have been great. I will be planting them again next spring.

  10. So pretty! I think I would have a hard time choosing between spring and autumn as I do love all the fall colouring on the trees. There is something so crisp and inviting about a lovely sunny autumn day. Your post has me thinking it might be the right season to visit! one day 🙂 Oh and it was funny to see the Great Blue Heron in the tree that you posted. We have those birds here as well.

    • I like both spring and autumn. I was locked down for all of spring at my mountain house and got to know my garden intimately. With the latest restrictions here in Italy it looks like I will be seeing a lot of my garden in autumn too.

  11. Another beautiful post to enjoy. Autumn is certainly a beautiful season , we always love travelling somewhere where the change of season is obvious. Love the avenue of autumn trees. The marigolds on the Ponte are a brilliant splash of colour, you do such a wonderful job there providing a beautiful sight for all to enjoy.
    All your photos are brilliant & we thank you for sharing your part of Italy. Take care & we hope for safety & good health.

    • We have had new restrictions put in place today. Bars and restaurants must close at 6pm and nobody the streets by 9pm. No gyms, pools, theatre or cinema.I feel very sad for all the business affected. This will be a tough month. I hope this will be enough to slow the virus and things will get better.
      I will be mostly in my garden at Casa Debbio for a while. I am lucky to have it.

  12. Keep well Deb, the days will be getting misty and greyer there so everyone’s mood will be adjusting to the coming cold as ours will be doing the reverse. Your posts re Venice, Urbino and Ravenna have been a welcome change for those of us longing for far away places. There are still some ‘Deb pieces’ in the shop in Boundary St to remind us of you in Brisbane. Can you make some over there and send them through? Might be fun.

    • We have new restrictions in place which means I won’t be going anywhere much for a while. My garden will keep me busy. I have sent a box of things home for the shop. I have no idea when they will arrive. I am working on more.

  13. Fabulous time of the year to enjoy the garden. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the new surge with not make the restrictions too severe. Stay safe Deb.

    • As long as I can move between Casa Debbio and Ponte I will be happy enough.

  14. It is so beautiful there. Thank you very much for showing us this amazing place in Italy and so many others. You are doing a great job.

    • Thank you for you comment. I feel very lucky to be here.

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