Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 5, 2020

Back at Casa Debbio

It was great to return to Casa Debbio after a short break at our apartment in Ponte a Serraglio. Autumn is in full swing and the views from the house are wonderful and changing daily. I wake up each morning to cloud and mist which gradually clears. Sunshine has been a bit scarce lately.




I love the mists of autumn, although some mornings I seem to be sitting in a cloud until midday.

Sunshine and blue sky has been in short supply, but there have been moments.

Our little table is still OK.

The yellow flowers are still growing.

I picked the last of the pears from the trees.

The big persimmon tree is laden, but the fruit is not ripe yet. One small tree has 3 tiny persimmons on it…now 2.

I found some more tiny apples.

Pumpkins are in season so I made a pumpkin and feta tart. It was more like a pie because my flan tin is at the apartment.

The weather has been a bit ordinary. I need a few fine days in a row so the soggy ground can dry out a bit and some pleasant days so we can work in the garden. Filippo planted a new tree and some smaller plants I bought at the nursery and we walked around the garden making plans for the next garden beds…more soon.

Tuscany is a yellow zone for Covid for the moment. Bars and restaurants are closed to seated customers at 6.00pm. Takeaway is allowed until 8.00pm with a 10.00pm curfew.
We can still move about, but are encouraged not to unless necessary and there are to be no group meetings. I am fine with this, but I know it is hurting businesses. I truly hope we don’t end up a red zone which will mean more severe restrictions.

I am happy to see that Biden still has a chance. I never want to see that orange head on my screen again.



  1. Hi Deb….
    Loved your photos and story today.
    You are in your happy place again and long may it stay that way!!
    The pumpkin and feta tart looked divine!!
    Stay safe and well🥰. Jxx

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    • Casa Debbio is a good place to be right now with what is happening in the world.

  2. I agree with Jan Williams’ comments, especially about the pumpkin and feta tart! 🙂 Since I’m in the US and support Biden for President, I’m also hoping to see the orange head disappear! I’m hoping it will happen!

    • I wish the counting would finish and we get the result we need!

      • You and me, both!

  3. I love it when a cloud chooses to sit on us and i love the views from Casa Debbio, too. I do hope the Covid restrictions don’t get any worse and we, too, will be very, very glad to see the back of the Orange head but he’s going to spit the dummy big time.

    • He can spit as many dummies as he likes. If he loses he has to go away. The next couple of months will be grim.

  4. Loving those clouds hanging out there, it’s a beautiful scenery you are sharing with us. Thank you for thinking us here in the US, hopefully he will be gone very soon, it’s a hard race so far. Enjoy your days of beautiful autumn.

    • I can’t watch the news for fear of seeing him. Let’s hope the results are clear and he has to go.

  5. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your stay in spite of the confinement. And I also think that “orange head” is losing… or he may be declared insane.

    • I am making the best of my time in Italy even though I am missing many things from my other home in Australia. I am holding my breath hoping for a Biden win.

  6. Gorgeous pics, like the tart, & the persimmons, we have a tree laden, when are they ripe?? Xx found some mushrooms at the back of our house, was delighted. I asked the opinion of 2 people, 1 said they’re fine.. the other said they’re poison.. so we’re still here. Lol xxxx

    • The persimmons on my tree should be ripe any time now. They are still quite firm and need to be a bit more soft to be ready. I have lots of kiwi fruit to pick too.

  7. Love seeing the fruits of your garden & there seems a good supply of pears. Would like that pumpkin & feta pie – yum! Autumn mists & leaves look beautiful. Hope your area stays safe, it is distressing seeing news on TV about more outbreaks. Yes we all hope for a decision soon on US election & that is also distressing news. Bring back happy & healthy days please.

    • I got lots of pears this year for the first time. My trees are becoming more mature. I planted several pumpkin vines but the goats ate all of them. We will have to create a small fenced area before we try again.
      Some of Italy is in lockdown again. We have restrictions in our area and as long as we stay a yellow zone and don’t move to orange or red that won’t change. I am not optimistic, but I am hoping for the best.
      I will be very pleased to see a positive outcome for Biden in America. I am truly tired of listening to Trump’s rubbish.

  8. BIDEN
    Harris Is First Woman
    Elected Vice President

    Bye Don!

    • Great news! Let’s hope the orange creep goes quietly.

  9. Ware is casa Debbio located, in which town
    Thank you

    • Casa Debbio is in Vergemoli in Garfagnana. It is about 35 minutes from Bagni di Lucca.

  10. Stunning photos again Debi. Pumpkin and feta pie. Yum

  11. Il contadino tu vow sapera Che formaggio e bouna con la Pera
    Wish I could be in Tuscany one more time.

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