Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 28, 2023

High art in Paris

When I say high art I mean you need to look up to see it. All over Paris (mostly around The Marais) if you look carefully you will see small ceramic tile mosaics on the walls of buildings. Originally they were all by an anonymous French artist called Invader. The mosaics were modelled on the pixilated art of 1970s – 1980s 8 bit video games.

Now his creations can be seen in 79 cities in 20 countries. It is possible to buy books and maps to guide you to the locations. I haven’t seen them anywhere else but Paris. Here I see them everywhere. It is fun to look up and see one. There are now copycat artists as well, so it is difficult to tell the real thing. It doesn’t really matter, it is fun to spot them.





This one is in Rue Montaigne with the high end shops, keeping an eye on the spending.

Some are very small.


Others quite big, but she is painted, not tiles.


If you look in the top right corner of this lovely wall, you will find a small one.

The one below has been used to name the shop.

Special mention to birds with sunglasses and old bicycles on walls.




  1. Definitely a different view of Paris – great photos

    • It is a bit of fun to look for them. There are lots more than when I was here last time.

  2. I can’t say I like it, but thanks for the great photos.

    • I’m sure they are not to everyone’s taste, but it is fun looking out for them.

  3. Your comment re increase since last visit is a concern. Hope there isn’t a proliferation of them. It could end up like the locks on the beautiful bridges & outlooks of Paris. It could encourage the increase of graffiti.

    • They are not obtrusive and usually quite high on walls so I can’t see a problem happening. The locks on the bridges have gone. The railings have been replaced with glass which means there is nowhere to attach them…a great idea.

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