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The beach at Forte dei Marmi

I’ve written about Forte dei Marmi before. It is one of our favourite places to visit on the Versilia coast, about 1 hour from Bagni di Lucca. It has been popular with wealthy northern Italians since the late 19th century. Milan is only about 2 hours away, which makes it a very appealing destination by the sea for well-to-do fashion and finance types.

Forte dei Marmi is often referred to as the Hamptons of Tuscany as  it has always attracted celebreties, intellectuals and rich business owners (and us). Napoleon’s sister Elise, who was duchess of Lucca for a time, had a house here (she got around) and it is now on the market if you have a bit more than 40 million euro to throw about.

I am usually in Italy in winter, spring and late autumn, so I don’t often see people on the beach or in the water.  Last year I arrived in very late summer, so I was able to see Italians frolicking on the sunny beach at Forte dei Marmi. The white patches you can see in the mountains are not snow, but marble. (marmo/i – marble)

a great day for the beach

the beautiful beach with the marble mountains behind


you could rent a sailboard



just look at that water


Usually I go to Forte dei Marmi in the off season. My favourite time to visit is when the monthly antique market is on (second Sunday and the preceding Saturday), but regular visits are needed to our favourite restaurant, Il Fortino.  On a clear day, the view from the beach is spectacular. In winter there is snow on top of the rugged mountains behind the coast, offering an incredible view.

from the beach at Forte dei Marmi in winter

the scupture at the pier


Jim and Annabel at the pier


There were several new sculptures on display for summer. There is always something going on at FdM, which is why we keep going back.

David resting


worth another look

a little forest

very pretty

from Alice in Wonderland

Last time we were in Forte dei Marmi we caught the end of a cycle race. These races are taken very seriously in Italy.

cycle race through the streets of FdM

after race discussion

a very big dog out walking at FdM

It always comes back to food at Forte dei Marmi. This time we had the delicious seafood soup at Il Fortino.

seafood soup


There will be a few more visits to FdM before we return to Australia. Click here more on Forte dei Marmi.


  1. Those leggings in the after race discussion photo are like my sass & bide ones – without the embellishments.!
    My family used to holiday here and Portofino.

    • I have to say I’m not a fan of leggings worn as pants.

  2. Not bad but not quite Surfers Paradise ??


    • The sand is brown and there is no surf, but it has other charms.

  3. I just cannot wear leggings, I know Mary can, she has a model figure. I still think this Italian is so overdressed for a sporty event, those high heels are better for dressy formal events, but then Italians see every outing as a dressy event. Roz

    • I don’t think Italian women ever take their high heels off. I don’t know how they walk on cobble stones in them.

  4. I don’t know what I like more. David’s head or that plate of yumminess. I feel another beach trip coming on…

  5. Oh bugger! Another place I have to visit.

  6. Beach and snow capped mountains so close, how lovely.

    • It’s just about perfect.

  7. You seriously know how to tempt a girl Deb 🙂 How pretty are those mountains huh.

    • The mountains are gorgeous – always.

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  11. It’s one of our favourite places too although we feel a little poor there!

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