Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 21, 2015

New/old things for the garden

With spring now upon us I will begin planting the terrace below Casa Debbio very soon. I am slowly gathering plants as they appear in the nurseries. I found a fabulous pomegranate which is too big to fit in my car…I’ll find a way of getting it to the house.

The terrace is quite large and I would like some large pots, or perhaps a statue or 2 to place amongst the plants. With this in mind, I went to one of my favourite shops in Forte dei Marmi…although I don’t think the word shop describes this place well enough.

This is Il Giaggiolo.

Il Giaggiolo


Il Giaggiolo

It is an enormous area filled with fabulous things collected from old houses and gardens. I could easily load a truck with things for Casa Debbio.

Il Giaggiolo


Il Giaggiolo

These old tiles would be great…somewhere.

Il Giaggiolo

Il Giaggiolo

I especially love these pots…they are very big and very expensive.

Il Giaggiolo

I think this would look great in my garden.

Il Giaggiolo

They have an indoor area full of good things too.

Il Giaggiolo

This is Emilio, the owner. He would have been happy to load a truck for me. In fact, he offered to do just that.

Il Giaggiolo

I wouldn’t mind the gates as well.

Il Giaggiolo


Il Giaggiolo,

Via G.B.Vico, 25,

Forte dei Marmi. 0584 787350



  1. Yes, Debra, it is one of our favourite places, as well. They have some amazing things there. The ideal shop, or whatever, for anyone doing restoration work.

    • I think this is the best one in the area. We have found quite a few things there over the years.

  2. What a delicious post Debra!! Crazy making, all those goodies, eye candy for the garden, for everyone’s pleasure. The patina from years and places of yesteryear; I hope you don’t have too much trouble making your choices. Your photos are pretty close to the ‘real’ thing – lovely as usual and at a safe distance from my wallet! I’m imagining them filled with or surrounded by lovely flowers; green all around. Thank you for this Springtime trip, most appreciated and much needed……it’s hanging on to Winter in Toronto!

    • I really love those big pots, but I an not sure that they will go with the terracotta pots I already have. I will find something perfect I know.

  3. I am drooling with envy wishing I could take back to Maine just a few things….in the meantime just looking at your pictures is inspiring. Hope to see you soon.

    • There is much to admire here for sure.

  4. Looks like my kinda place Deb. So….what did you choose?


    • I haven’t bought anything yet, but I am leaning towards the terracotta bust of the young girl and a birdbath or 2.

  5. Me and Emilio would get on very well. That is the most tempting shop I have ever seen. Glad i can’t visit!

    • It has some great stuff. I know I will find just the right thing.

  6. I could spend hours in a shop like that! What did you end up getting for Casa Debbio?

    • I haven’t bought anything yet. I will start planting soon and will have a better idea of what I need. I already have several big terracotta pots, so the bust of the young girl is looking good.

  7. How fabulous. Are those very big, very expensive pots, very old as well? Is that last photo of a gate? It’s just wonderful if it is. What is “orario”? I’ve seen that word recently but I can’t remember what it was in connection with.

    • The pots are quite old I think, and wonderful. Yes, that is one of the front gates. Orario is their opening hours.

  8. How did I miss this shop! Very nice!

    • …another reason to return.

  9. Ahh! I love these kind of places! Could spend there hours and choose a truckful of stuff. Maybe I should go to one near Naples next time I’m there!

    • There must be some great things around Naples…it is a treasure trove.

  10. Would LOVE to be there to help you shop Deb! The pots and tiles look absolutely beautiful. A case of more is more too I’d say. Go crazy girl!

    • I have a big area, so there is space for a few big pieces. Once I lay the garden out I will have a better idea.

  11. Don’t know how you can choose from all that fabulous collection of pots and tiles and gates and things. Am sure so much of it would look great at the house.

    • Nothing is cheap, so I will have to choose carefully.

  12. These things would only look good in your garden, In my american garden they would look silly, and yet I still lang for those heavy statuettes.. and the urns .. Oh my.. c

    • These things would not work as well in my garden in Australia, but they fit well with Casa Debbio. I am very keen to have the next terrace planted.

      • It will be marvellous, I also am looking forward to your terrace – I love terrace gardens.. c

  13. What a great stage to be at in the development of your garden.
    Your readers will enjoy the pictures in due course I am sure.
    We visit Forte dei Marmi when we’re over in Bagni. The drive takes us along the road from Viareggio to Forte, which is lined with suppliers similar to Giaggiolo. I have to admit I find it difficult to focus on that stretch of road because of the beautiful things for sale. I could easily imagine loading a truck….. those reclaimed tiles and terracotta! I must check out Giaggiolo.

    • We have been to several places along the road and I think Giaggiolo is the best. It has things in various price ranges. There is one on the other side of the road where everything is outrageously expensive. We couldn’t get out quickly enough.

  14. Lucky if you can afford any of these great items! I will have to stick to plants…. small ones!

    • We will be buying just a couple of things. Our garden will be mostly lavender, roses, peonies and potted geraniums.

  15. I’m drooling….I would love to get my hands on some of those beautiful pots and tiles and put them in my garden here in California.

    • There are some stunning pieces here.

    • Our factory can make all different kinds of pots, if it is ok, then i can send you catalogue for your reference,

  16. What a wonderful place, Debra! You’re really spoilt for choice. 🙂

    • I know! I want too many things.

  17. Oh, so many beautiful things to look at and walk amongst. What a great shop. Thanks for sharing!

    • It is fun to wander through and find wonderful things.

  18. I have a postage stamp sized garden, so none of those things would suit but I still admire them especially the old tiles.

    • Our little balcony at Ponte a Serraglio is big enough for a small round table and 2 chairs, but the garden at Casa Debbio is very large. I will need to buy about 150 plants for the next section we are about to do.

  19. Quite the selection … good luck with your search … then again, searching is part of the fun.

    • It is great fun fossicking through the wonderful old things.

  20. I think I would be at this place for hours looking and dreaming about what I want to take with me!

    • I have spent hours there. A couple of things have made it home.

  21. I adore those tiles and those cushion covers! They’re brilliant Deb! 😀

    • I like the fish cushion.

  22. Nice! Definitely worth a visit! Maybe we will find a nice replacement for the stolen statue of the swimming lady.
    And I like that first picture verrry much, thank you!

    • I thought you might like that one.

  23. Wonderful photos!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  24. I love these kinds of places – but how are the prices?

    • Some things are very expensive, but I have found some reasonably priced things there.

  25. What a fabulous looking place. I will surely be visiting this reclaim site on my next trip to my new house in Benabbio in July. Many of the items in your photographs would fit perfectly.

    • You are bound to find something perfect for your house. The biggest problem is choosing.

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