Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 30, 2017

Breakfast visitors

While staying in Denmark on the southern coast of Western Australia at Gumnuts B&B we were joined for breakfast by a noisy group of galahs. It is fun to watch these comical birds squabbling over their food.

Galahs WA

Galahs WA

Galahs WA

There was one bird sitting aside from the others. We think he was young and perhaps had to wait for the others to eat before he could move in.

Galahs WA

Galahs WA

Galahs WA

The galahs chased the other birds away. They sneaked in and took anything that fell to the ground or swooped in while the galahs were fighting in the tree branches above.

Galahs WA

Birds WA

Birds WA

Rosella WA

Bronze wing pigeons were happy to stay on the ground and pick up anything that fell down.

Bronze wing pigeon WA

A black and yellow honey eater made do with what it could find on the agapanthus.

Birds WA


The wonderful garden at Gumnuts is the perfect home for these lovely birds.

Gumnuts B&B

Later on gorgeous bright blue Splendid Wrens joined us for lunch. They showed no fear at all and came quite close. Their movements are incredibly quick, making it difficult to get clear photos of them.

The male birds are brightly coloured.

Splendid Wren


 Splendid Wren

The pale blue feathers at the side of his head add a festive touch.

Splendid Wren

Splendid Wren

The female is pale grey with a blue tail. Only one female appeared, but she scored the prize of a delicious insect.

Splendid Wren

This gorgeous hebe was a magnet for bees. I hope my plant at Casa Debbio looks like this one day soon.


The area around Denmark is beautiful…keep an eye out for the bird life. Gumnuts B&B was a great place to stay in Denmark.


  1. Fantastic photos once again Deb. Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas break.

    • We have had a great Christmas with friends discovering a new area (for us).

  2. I didn’t realise what wonderful birds you guys have in Australia, so colourful!
    thanks for the photos.

    • We have stunning birds in Australia! You should come on over and take a look.

  3. Beautiful! Love the colors and will refer back to them when I do my crochet blankets for our kids we see in treatment.

    • The birds display wonderful colours. They are a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Those galahs are just so beautiful!

    • I know they can be a bit of a pest, but I love them.

  5. Got to love Aussie wildlife!

    • Yes, we have some amazing fauna.

  6. Great captures

    • Thank you. I had fun watching them.

  7. Our birds certainly are beautiful and noisy.

    • They were quite happy to have us close by watching them. They put on quite a performance.

  8. Great photos, Deb. I could sit and watch these beautiful birds for hours.

  9. Galahs are such engaging birds. Your photos are terrific.

    • They are complete show offs.

  10. Such wonderfully colour birds in this post. You captured some lovely photos! 😀 We used to get cockatoos and kookaburras on the balcony. It was so nice to get these visitors.

    • We sometimes get kookaburras around our terrace here in the city. I love their sound.

  11. These are some amazing photos you share. Mother Nature does the best on blending colors on those birds. Thank you and have a wonderful 2018.

  12. What a beautiful spot and such lovely images. I happily watch the antics of birds that visit our backyard but I haven’t seen galahs in the large number that you have, it must have been delightful as well as noisy.

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