Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 8, 2017

Garden inspiration

A walk through the divine Tuileries in Paris is a walk through garden heaven…and delightful inspiration for Casa Debbio. I think I could manage some of the flowers.

Tuileries Paris






Tuileries Paris

I might have to do without the magnificent backdrops…




and the gorgeous statues.


I don’t have avenues of chestnut trees.


But I also don’t have the crowds of people walking through.


Wandering through Paris is an inspiration for many things. I will quote designer Valentino here.

“I love beauty…is not my fault.” (Imagine that with a strong Italian accent)


  1. It is inspirational!

    • It is a beautiful place to be.

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  3. Beautiful flowers…and yes the background it lovely but I must say that Casa Debbio has a very specky view as well.

    • The view at Casa Debbio is wonderful, but Paris is special.

  4. Nothing quite like a garden full of flowers to make a person smile 🙂

    • It certainly made me smile.

  5. I would rather the backdrop at Casa Debbio any day!

  6. Isn’t that gorgeous, i love the mixed flower borders, they’re like a slice of flower meadow. You must have felt like putting your gardening gloves on straight away. Poor you – you have to keep trudging around Paris instead!

    • Yes, it was a bit of a chore to continue to pound the Paris pavements. I am now back at Casa Debbio to do some pruning. I look forward to spring so I can continue planting.

  7. It’s Wow! Love it Nice/Good for make us feel free to live long life

  8. Wonderful gardens DEBRA. LUCKY YOU

    • It was a beautiful,afternoon!

  9. Oh Debra, I love your droll humour! You have a stunning setting at Casa Debbio with the magnificent mountains around your lovely home. Each place has its own unique beauty and Casa Debbio is just as unique. You have a keen eye for the aesthetic. We can be inspired by famous gardens, Claude Monet’s for example. He puts his personal stamp on his garden. Likewise, you’ll put your own signature in yours at Casa Debbio. Happy planning!

    • This lovely garden inspired me to rush back to Casa Debbio to plant something.

  10. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing

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