Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 6, 2017

A pig in Paris

I began my morning yesterday with a walk along the Seine. The sun was shining and it was glorious. Imagine my surprise when I came upon this!

Pig in Paris

The little fellow was barely a string of pork sausages away from this.

Notre Dame Paris

I like the way the light was accentuating his/her eyelashes.

Pig in Paris

At that point the clouds rolled in and stayed all day, making some of my photos gloomy.

The sun is out today so I am off to walk the streets of Paris again. The Dior exhibition was so amazing I may go back. There will be photos soon.


  1. How random, little piggy looks content, maybe as its escaped the sausages!

    • It was quite a surprise to find piggy enjoying breakfast by the Seine.

  2. Looks like a Vietnamese mini pig, those that you keep at home as a pet…

    • It must have escaped. It was quite alone.

  3. Hope someone is looking after him/her. Enjoy Paris, another I wish I was there moment.

    • I didn’t see anyone nearby. Piggy was tucking into that nice green grass.

  4. He’s so cute! What are you doing in Paris? You just got back to Italy!

    • I came up for a couple of days to see the Dior exhibition because I will miss the one in Melbourne.

  5. Seriously….did you work out why the piggy was there?

    • I have no idea how the pig came to be there.

  6. Oh enjoy Paris. How beautiful and a very cute unexpected surprise!!

    • I love being in Paris. Meeting the pig was an interesting interlude.

  7. What Paris? You just returned to Italy!

    • It is so easy to fly up from Pisa. I came for the Dior exhibition.

  8. I shall look forward to the photos do the rest of your trip.

    • It was a gorgeous day today, blue sky over lovely Paris.

  9. How bizarre to run into a little piglet like that in Paris. Although they are increasingly popular as pets, so probably his owner was not far. Sweet!

    • I hope the owner was somewhere nearby. He seemed to be well cared for.

  10. A pig in Paris- I thought this was going to be about you eating too much.

    • It could have been because I did.

  11. Aaaah Paris! Superb!

    • The pig seems to like it.

  12. HAD to come across and see what this was all about – Pigs!!! Gotta love them! have a good one.. c

    • It was a beautiful pig.

  13. Hehe that lil piggy is very cute! So it was someone’s pet I guess?

    • It had to be a pet. It was very well nourished and cared for. It looked like a very happy little pig.

  14. What a cute little porker!

  15. What a pleasant surprise!

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