Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 13, 2016

Black is black

Fallow is one of the most interesting and beautiful shops I have seen anywhere. Natalie, a lovely friend from my fashion past, created her shop in 2008. She scours the world for beautiful things outside the mainstream…mostly black.

The shop is exquisite…take a look.





There are many covetable items to be found in Fallow.




The elegant interior is all the more amazing when you see what they started with. The space was the office of a mild mannered accountant before it was completely transformed.


A couple of things were retained…the fabulous wallpaper…


…and the old phone, which still works.


Fallow is one of the most elegant I have seen anywhere in the world, and it is in my hometown, Brisbane.

Drop in and say hello to Natalie and her team at Fallow.

Level 1, Cameron House.

354 Brunswick St,

Fortitude Valley. Brisbane.




  1. Thank you for the most wonderful photographs and your kind words Debra!
    It is always a pleasure seeing you at Fallow…

    • You have done an amazing job at Fallow. I love what you have done with the space and there is always something I want to own.

  2. wow !! well done Natalie . You always had huge style and en eye for the fabulous and unusual. Ahead of your time on occasions . Clever girl. Will come and visit. Congratulations

  3. That is incredibly beautiful. I love it. So lush and rich. You must sort of sink into it.

  4. A fabulous store, lovely fabrics and unusual styles, and great for “that something different gift” A very clever girl.

  5. Looks so amazing, Debra. Wish it was just down the road from me. I’d always be in there. 🙂

  6. Must visit Fallow with you next time I’m in Brisbane, Deb. I’m looking for a nice black dress. Definitely a sophisticated shop!

  7. What a transformation! They’ve reimagined a very chic and sophisticated shop.

  8. Wow it’s gorgeous! Love the striking shades of black in it 😀

  9. Wow stylish! 😍

  10. What a cool transformation. So rare to see such a beautiful collection in Australian retail.

  11. So different and very elegant

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