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Surprising Salerno

Salerno is the capital of Salerno Province in Campania. It is bigger that many of the other towns along the Amalfi Coast. As well as a very well preserved medieval centre it has a more modern area nearby.

We stayed a couple of nights there on our way back from Sicily and were delighted by the town. We stayed in the new section, but it was just a short walk to the narrow streets of the old part of town.


Via dei Mercanti was the main street in medieval times and is still a thriving shopping area. New businesses are to be found among old facades, doorways and crumbling stone columns, making for some interesting strolling.



Above the town is the first European Botanical Garden, Giardino della Minerva. The gardens are set in terraces on the side of a steep hill. There is not a lot of space, but it has been used wisely.



On each level is a trough or fountain, part of the clever watering system.



There are excellent views of Salerno from the gardens.


In the centre of the old town is the duomo built in 1076. The Romanesque entrance is called Porta dei Leoni.


It leads to an atrium surrounded on 4 sides with a portico.




The interior of the church is magnificent. The inlaid marble alone makes it worth a visit.


The belltower was constructed in the middle of the 12th century from travertine, bricks and columns that possibly came from the ruins of nearby Paestrum.


The seafront promenade, Lungomare Trieste, was created in the 1950s. It is 8 kilometres long and is lined with rare palms.


We came across a beautiful park.


The view from the park is stunning.


Street art is everywhere in Salerno. Some are small and interesting and others cover the entire side of buildings.


We ate at a wonderful restaurant, Vicolo della Neve, a Salerno favourite. It has been there for 3 generations and was the haunt of poets and artists. Enrico Caruso was a famous guest.


Breakfast was excellent at Puro.

Puro Salerno

The sfogliatella was delicious.

Puro Salerno

A well dressed local joined us for breakfast.

Puro Salerno

Salerno is a great place to stay on the Amalfi Coast. It mixes old and new very well, and there is lots to see and do. Boats leave regularly to other towns along the coast, making it very convenient.






  1. Good pictures, especially the street art!

    • That was a complete surprise. There must be a plan to get this going.

  2. Aha – guess who didn’t get a sfogliatella!

    • A Matchetti moment might be needed.

      • Yes, indeed – guaranteed to lift the corners of my mouth:)

  3. Thank you for this lovely treatment of Salerno.

    • We loved Salerno…another great place to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

  4. I’d never have thought of visiting Salerno. I can never get past Positano and Ravello (my favorite). Maybe I should make a trip to Salerno next time.

    • I love Positano and Ravello too, but you should go south to Amalfi and Salerno as well.

  5. Looks a great place to explore!

    • It is, quite different from the other towns along the coast.

  6. Looks beautiful and also interesting. I’ve heard it’s one of those “Wow, who knew?” places, but haven’t yet visited. My father stayed in a beach hotel with some friends for a week a number of years ago in September and raved about it, highlighting also the very reasonable prices. Of course, it was on the shoulder season, but he’s a definite value-for-the-money guy and said Salerno was it. Thanks for showing your lovely pictures.

    • The place we stayed was inexpensive. It was late spring, also shoulder season. I think it is the best time to go.

  7. Right, that goes on my list of places to get to while I’m in Naples. It’s only about 35 minutes by train. It looks so very interesting.

    • All of the towns along the Amalfi Coast are gorgeous. It is a very special part of the world.

  8. Love all the old fountains

    • Me too. Italy can make old and crumbling look exotic.

  9. Oh so love that arbor of lemons and the wonderful old fountains. Looks like you had perfect weather for Solerno. We drove thru there on a friday afternoon late and it was frenetic so didn’t spend much time there. Seems I need to go back and take some time. Love your pictures.

    • The weather was mixed. It was cool and windy much of our time there, with occasional blue sky. Salerno is a great place to stay on the Amalfi Coast. It is less crowded than the smaller towns and has a great modern area.

  10. Beautiful gardens – I love that pergola covered in citrus.

    • Me too, I wish it wasn’t too cold at Casa Debbio for lemons.

  11. Love the well dressed local who joined you for breakfast, a very handsome fellow! Fabulous photos of another amazing Italian town.

    • He seemed to enjoy his visit, a handsome fellow indeed.

  12. I love each post you write about all these amazing towns and villages in Italy. This indeed looks like yet another lovely place. I think I’d be in heaven at all the restaurants and the buildings and fountains and parks are lovely. Italy truly is an amazing country!

    • Italy is amazing. Each lovely town has something different to offer.

      • Yes it is. I told another blogger about your site as she is going to spend a month in Italy. Your site is filled with so much amazing information. The perfect
        Your guide!

      • That’s great. She can email me if she has any questions I may be able to answer.

      • Wonderful Debra!

  13. I was staying in Naples last november and was conscious that Salerno was putting on it’s light festival and was only a train ride away but i never made it. 🙁 Maybe I can get back again one day. Gorgeous post.

    • What a pity! Salerno is lovely. I hope you make it there.

  14. Yay! I always love to see pictures of Salerno and to know that people enjoyed staying – you have some wonderful pictures!

    • I love the Amalfi Coast. This was my first visit to Salerno and we will definitely be back.

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