Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 24, 2013

Sunrise, sunset, Orvieto style

I can’t decide which I like best…sunrise or sunset. Both look wonderful in Orvieto.

An early morning walk around the edge of town revealed the fields below covered by fog.







The other side of the town, at the end of the day was just as lovely.






  1. Beautiful photos

  2. Wonderful photos, but then… Orvieto is wonderland! At any hour.

  3. Such beautiful photos Debra. We were lucky to visit Orvieto during our recent trip to Italy and it is such a magical place!

  4. Fantastic photos!! Orvietto is a wonderful hilltown and your article reminded me of walking around those old walls and looking down on the early morning fog covered lowlands…thank you!

  5. I vote for sunrise. It’s all beautiful, but that light is about hope and beginnings. I love that.

  6. superb photos – early mornings are special for the light – well captured

  7. Never can one have too many sunrises or sunsets – thanks for sharing, love it!

  8. All beautiful photos. A wonderful area.

  9. Such a lovely trip. Orvieto is so beautiful – we love it.

  10. Yes, I know what you mean. It is much the same here in my little bit of Chianti, particularly this time of year when the sun is low in the sky.

    • Autumn is a beautiful time of the year in Tuscany.

  11. One of my favorite places in Italy. Terrific photos.

    • Thank you. I love Orvieto. It is one of my favourite towns in Italy.

  12. I’ve wanted to go to that region for some time … so some day! Meanwhile, between sunrise and sunset was probably a wonderful day!

    • Orvieto is a great place to spend a few days.

      • Thanks … it’s on the list.

  13. Beautiful photo’s, it looks amazing.
    Jane x

    • It was lovely to walk around the edge of town at different times of the day.

  14. The sunset scenes are wonderful.

    • I visit the eagle each time I go to Orvieto.

  15. I have the same issue, trying to choose between sunrise and sunset. All of these photos are stunning!

    Blogging from Ecuador,

  16. I’ve always been a sunset girl but that’s more because I like sleeping too much! Gorgeous photos!

  17. Gorgeous photos! Make me feel like an early morning walk.. Although I do prefer to go jogging just before the sun goes down! But skiing just after dawn is a must..

    • I’m not a jogger, but I like the sound of early morning skiing.

  18. A place to visit… one day!
    Wonderful photos, you have a fine touch to capture the places.

    • Orvieto is a wonderful place to visit. I hope you get there soon.

  19. This looks just like one might imagine Heaven to be….you dun’it again!

    • Orvieto is a gorgeous place at any time of the day.

  20. Is one of the photos from Castelmola?

    • I don’t know where Castelmola is.

  21. Such a pretty place! We stumbled upon it once on our way between Rome and Florence and I’m so glad we did! We didn’t spend much time there as it was just a quick stop, but I’d love to stay in the old part. Did you stay in a B&B, or did you just spend the day there?

    • We stayed at a very pleasant hotel in the main street. I have been several times to Orvieto and will be back there soon.

  22. Next time you are there Debra… try this..

    • I read about this on Orvieto or bust…next time.

  23. They’re all gorgeous photos.

    • They don’t do the scene justice, but better than nothing.

  24. Assolutamente SQUISITO!!! These photos are meravigliose!!

    • Thank you. I love Orvieto.

  25. Why choose? Love and enjoy both. By the way, there was a spectacular sunset in Brisbane yesterday. Jezz

    • Of course there is no reason to choose…and I love Brisbane sunsets.

  26. Stunning photos, Debra. 🙂

    • Thank you. I had a great subject.

  27. I just loved Orvieto. I was inspired by an older post of yours to go there in the first place. This provides additional Inspiration. Thanks Debra! MLT

    • Orvieto is so beautiful. I plan to visit often. Thanks for the reblog.

  28. Reblogged this on MLT at Large and commented:
    Fellow Italophile Debra has posted some wonderful photos of Orvieto. I loved the place when I was there in June and thought this worth re-blogging. Ciao for now.

  29. What amazing light Debra! I think I am partial to the sunset images.

    • Orvieto is bathed in gold some evenings. I love it.

  30. Those clouds over mountains… increible, amazing shots!

    • I like sunset better. Then again, only because I work so early ever since that I don’t get to see the actual sun rising during workdays.

  31. Beautiful! I was in Italy (Lucania, or should I say Basilicata) for just a few days in September, and already I want to return!

    • I hope you come back soon.

  32. You certainly really really know what your are performing, you have included a great number of bases. Love! %KW%

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