Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 26, 2013

Golden trees at Casa Debbio

Autumn is glorious at Casa Debbio. The road up the mountain to Vergemoli is lined with golden trees. The yellow leaves are falling like rain and soon the trees will be bare.







Vergemoli looks wonderful basking in the autumn sun.


A little group of mushrooms have grown and withered on the road to the house.

The vegetable garden is just about finished.


The tiny violets are still growing.


The lavender is about to close down for the winter.


Geraniums, wisteria and roses are also on the way out.


The view is still impressive.


Soon there will be snow on the mountains around us and the view will be quite different.


  1. Looks wonderful Deb. I love autumn

    • Autumn is a great time to be in Italy.

  2. Love the photos you always include Debra. They make me feel as if I am there! Thank you.

    • Autumn is in full swing in the mountains and looking good.

  3. thanks v much Debra – they look like lime trees? – beautiful – the small-leaved limes here in the Forest of Dean are in the same state of colour; and the chestnuts are dropping their fruit – mostly small this year – and their leaves – the first big gales of the autumn are about to strike, so by next week we shall probably have bare branches and fewer trees…plus ca change…

    • I think they are called Tiglio here. They certainly look good now.

      • yes they are Tilia – aka ‘basswood’ or ‘linden’ or ‘pry’ – in old forests with lime you can see leaf colour patterns in spring and in autumn, where a whole group of trees will all be in the same ‘colour’ and their neighbours in a different stage of leafing – all the trees with the same colour are from the same original plant perhaps even thousands of years ago i.e. they are genetically identical. You can use this colour ‘mapping’ in a forest to see where there are really ancient lime trees i.e. root systems. They are very beautiful as well !!

      • Tiglio trees are very beautiful. Thank you for the extra information.

  4. What beautiful photos!

    • Thank you. It is a beautiful time of the year her in northern Tuscany.

  5. You wouldn’t say its almost november

    • It is surprisingly warm still. Yesterday at Casa Debbio with the sun shining it was very warm.

  6. Casa Debbio is beautiful at this time of year! I love the first photo of the trees! xx

    • I had to stop the car as I was driving through the entrance to the village because it looked so beautiful.

  7. Just amazing Deb.. Have just returned from Japan where the Autumn leaves have just started.. There is something special about Autumn leaves !!
    Casa Debbio looks like the perfect location for just getting lost in time…

    • It is lovely to be at Casa Debbio and hear nothing except birds singing.

  8. Magic!

    • After the bad weather everything is beautiful again.

  9. Hallo gorgeous :):) and the villa looks lovely as well — special week for me this one , as I’ve just purchased yet another Picolo Ducati Desmo 350 — it’s this Italian virus I’ve succumbed to —–

    • I’m sure you needed another bike, you can never have too many. You really have to go to the restaurant up the mountain called 40 Ducatis.

  10. The fallen leaves on the path looks gorgeous.

    • I love this time of the year here in Italy.

  11. Beautiful scenes. I like your village and yea the nature is breathtaking.

    • Vergemoli is a very beautiful villege and the people who live there are delightful.

  12. Nauture is wonderful how it entertaines us throught the seasons. Just beautiful.

    • We will be seeing a completely different winter in Lapland.

  13. So lovely

    • Autumn is in full swing now and looking beautiful.

  14. Enjoying Fall through you, Debra. Beautiful!

    • I come from a sub tropical climate where we don’t see this, so it makes me appreciate it even more.

  15. gorgeous Debra, you lucky thing

    • We have had some wild weather lately and some of the villages have been damaged. Vergemoli is fine, but others nearby are not so good. Nature can be harsh as well as beautiful.

  16. Delightful photos – they really capture the season.

    • Thank you, autumn is gorgeous here.

  17. It’s looking beautiful up there Deb. We may have to do one final visit.

    • We still have to test the chestnut roasting gadget in the Casa Debbio barbecue.

  18. That’s so lovely. What is the little ‘house’ in the first three photos?

    • It is a litle shrine at the entrance of Vergemoli.

  19. So beautiful photographs and views dear Debra, especially the first photographs so much, what is this little house? so lovely, Thank and Love, nia

    • Often there are small shrines beside the road, and this is one of many in the area.

  20. Every one of your photos are so beautiful, Debra. I especially love #7. 🙂

    • That is taken just at the entrance to Vergemoli. I love this village and we are very happy to have built Casa Debbio there.

  21. That first shot is outstanding Debra! Seems like only yesterday that summer arrived 🙂

    • The year goes too quickly. I can’t believe it is almost winter.

  22. We have a poplar tree at the end of our yard which attracts mushroom hunters when the moon is waxing. How they drive me nuts! I do love autumn though – big leaves whooshing by and heavy grey skies and lovely fresh boots in the shop windows in town!

    • There is lots to love about autumn, including shop windows.

  23. Golden photos from your special place in a special area. Cheers!

    • Our little area of northern Tuscany is very beautiful.

      • I’ll drink to that … cheers!

  24. I want to come HOME – wow, it looks so different and beautiful – wish we were there. Cairns is getting hotter by the day.

    • The apartment is waiting for you.

  25. Gosh, Debra, you’re right–the view is amazing! I miss fall in the northern hemisphere. It’s wonderful to live on the equator and have gorgeous weather all year round, but there’s something to be said for seasons, as well!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I love the seasons, something we don’t really have in Brisbane.

  26. I’ve never been in Italy in the autumn – how beautiful. Even the air looks golden.

    • Autumn is a perfect time to be in Italy, you must come.

  27. Hi, Debra, Will you be in Lucca area during Nov/Dec? We are there around Nov. 24-26th, and would love to get together for dinner if possible. Just let me know! Take care. Susan

    • I am here and will be here for the next few months, except for a little while over Christmas when we go to Lapland. I would love to catch up.

      • Perfect! I’ll email you once we have the itinerary ironed out. Take care! See you soon, Susan

  28. Beautiful!

  29. Ypu definitely captured Autumn here. You picked the right spot. It seems it really is the most “Autumn” feel of a post I’ve seen in the blogosphere this season by far.

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