Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 24, 2012

Casa Debbio in Vergemoli….the finished bits

I spent my last few weeks in Italy trying to finish the things that I can do in our new house. I can’t connect the electricity and the water, or put the beautiful chestnut shutters on the windows and doors, but I can paint and make curtains.

Here is the result of the hard work of a lot of people.


The road up to the house.


There will be a gate there one day.


You can just see the house through the trees.


The stone for the house came from the property.



The view is ready.


Now for the inside. Most of the kitchen is complete. There are just some tiles to go up behind the cooktop and some painting to be done.







The tiles for the splash back. (This is for you Janine)


The living room.



The chestnut shutters are there ready to go up.



Aren’t they beautiful?


Now up the stairs to the little study.


And on to the main bedroom.










The bathroom is almost complete.




Up the stairs to the top floor.









And the last bedroom.





The bathroom.



This is the view from the bathroom window.


The volcanic stone doorway looks wonderful.


Thank you to all our lovely builders and to Adriano for building a beautiful house…..anyone want to rent it or buy it? Hopefully the electricity will be connected soon. The poles are up and the wires to the house, we just need the final connection. Light fittings have to be put in and a few more bits and pieces collected…..not much really.

I will return in early September to finish things off.

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  1. Wow! It’s stunning! I can see Tovani’s stamp all over the beautiful chestnut work. I love the large white mirror, the stone doorway, the beautiful peonies…. It’s all just gorgeous. I hope you will get to stay in it yourself. All the best, Cheryl

    • I will be up there in September to work on the house. Hopefully then I will be able to actually live in the house for a while. I could have lived without power, but without water is a bit of a drag. I had to fetch water in a bucket from the spring while I was there this time.

  2. Amazing!!! Great job painting and sweet curtains. So crisp and clean!

    • Thank you, the house has a lovely feel, so light and clean.

  3. the house is looking just beautiful Debra…… I love the decorating you’ve done! Congratulations on a most superb project in a stunning setting….

    • Thank you. Decorating is always the fun bit. I enjoyed my last days up there alone putting things about.

  4. You’ve created a beautiful space – it looks so relaxing and cosy. Love the shot of the peonies in the vase.

    • All the rooms are quite big and the house is light and airy…I love it.

  5. Debra this looks wonderful! Very calming, beautiful. Can you recommend furniture shops in the area as we are looking to buy various pieces for our house. Thanks. 😃

    • Maison du Monde in the big shopping complex outside Pisa is where I found things. There are a few other shops there as well….Desi and Robe doesn’t look much from the outside, but it has a few good things.

  6. Congrats Deb to you Jim, Adriano and the team -what a stunning new but origional style Tuscan mountain house. Love all your touches too. The linen curtains which I know you made with their little bows and wooden rings and rail. How superb. I will look forward to seeing it on my next trip to Italy.
    Best wishes- think it will be a popular place for travellers to book for a lovely tuscan holiday.

    see you real soon

    • I think the house has come up well. It will look even better when it is completely finished. It needs a few rugs and the rest if the living room stuff, but that will have to do for now.

  7. I am so ready to rent this house!!

    • It sleeps 6, I hope you have a big family.

  8. What a wonderful job. So many people working towards the end product. Love the outcome. x

    • It is a beautiful house. I hope I get to spend some time there before we have to say goodbye to it.

  9. How lovely to see it looking so great! Well done with all the little touches….the main bedroom is a dream. Will look forward to visiting!

    • It looks a bit different from when you saw it last. When are you coming back?

  10. Truly beautiful – A job well done 🙂

    • I am very pleased with the house, even though it is not finished…..soon hopefully.

  11. You have done an AMAZING job Debra! It’s just perfect and if I could I would buy it move in immediately. You have such a good eye for detail.

    • Thank you! I love the big rooms.

  12. It looks great! Congratulations to everyone. Excellent job.

    • I am looking forward to spending some time up there in the mountains.

  13. Congratulations on what you have created, it looks so beautiful. I Love the soft light, fresh colours, the curtains are particularly nice, and the paint and stencil panels behind the beds.

    • I was a bit worried about the paint, fortunately it dried much lighter than it first appeared. I had visions of doing the whole lot again.

  14. It’s perfect, Debra. Or it will be when you come back in September and put the finishing touches on it. Look forward to seeing you then.

    • There is still a bit to do….slowly, slowly

  15. The house looks wonderful Debra.What a fabulous job you have done…even making the beautiful curtains! Do you think you’ll renovate another when this house is sadly sold?

    • Maybe…it depends how quickly this one is sold. We are no longer young.

  16. Beautiful! I especially love the Pinocchio plates hanging in the kitchen!

    • Me too! I found them in a vintage crockery shop in Florence.

  17. Wow it is beautiful Deb!

    • Thank you. I am pleased with it.

  18. Debra the house is just beautiful – what a wonderful job you have done with the decorating – love everything about it. I guess you can hardly wait to return to finish it off. I am sure it will be great to get back to OZ.

    Pam Proctor

    • I am looking forward to lovely cool Brisbane. I am getting a taste of cool here in Helsinki.

  19. Barbara and I send our congratulations on your super new home. Everything looks just wonderful. Perhaps we will rent it next time we come. We’d have to win lotto to buy it. Love all your artistic touches.

    • Start buying lottery tickets. I might buy some. If I win we won’t sell it.

  20. Great to see these photos. The old beams in the upper rooms look so good; I wish we could have saved ours but they weren’t salvageable. I used your kitchen window in my latest post because I liked the look so much – I did post your url with it though!

    • I’m pleased you like our windows, I think the chestnut is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see our shutters up.

  21. Lovely place Debra! It has grown into a charming house. Absolute.
    If I had enough money, I would certainly buy it… for sure.

    • The position is just gorgeous. I spent days up there alone and all you can hear is birds chirping all day.

  22. Absolutely beautiful. I am in awe! A “How To” guide specific to the area would be an instant best seller in my book. I will have to take a little run to that village when I am there. Looks gorgeous.

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful village and our house is in a great position. I have learned quite a lot about tiles, furniture and household stuff in the last year. I would be happy to pass on what I know.

  23. Grazie Debra!!!! The tiles look fabulous…well done. I love them! The house looks superb. Complimenti! You really have been busy pulling it all together. It makes we quite sentimental to see it all like this. I can only imagine how proud you are! Jxx

    • I will do a post soon with a series of photos from the beginning of the build to the (almost) end.

  24. Such a beautiful and inviting home, Debra! You are so talented in creating a space that draws one in. When are you going to write your book so we can look forward to the movie? You are living the dream, dear Debra. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

    • Sometimes it seems more like a nightmare than a dream, but we have a beautiful house to show for the trouble.

  25. Love everything – stencilling, embroidered curtains – the lot. I would just have to put that little tomatoe tea pot up my jumper and run If I visited!

    • Debra, I LOVE everything about your decoration of Casa di Debbio. Light, bright and airy. Can imagine flinging open the windows to drink in the stunning views and smell the fresh mountain air first thing in the morning, then float through the rooms to the kitchen and add aromas with a hearty breakfast and drink tea from the tomato teapot. Like you, Jan, I could run off with that teapot!

      • The mountain air is delicious and wait until you taste the spring water.

    • If I find another I will get it for you.

  26. It looks absolutely fabulous Deb – congratulations – you must be so proud

    • I will be even more thrilled when it is finished.

  27. What a beautiful house! I wouldn’t have the heart to rent or sell it 🙂

    • It was always meant for sale, so I have tried not to become attached to it.

  28. IT IS JUST PERFECT! You are passed as interior designer!

    • Thank you. You must go up soon and see it.

  29. Wow, I thought you had a bit to go but it’s all so ready now! It looks fantastic! And I love to see what everyone has on their bedside table too! 😛

    • There is still a bit to do, but it is nearly there.

  30. A friend of mine might be interested in renting, how soon will it be ready for guests? And how would she contact you?

  31. Casa Debbio is looking splendid. I especially love the last bedroom with the pink gingham cover on the bed and your stencil on the bathroom wall.

    • It is the smallest of the bedrooms, but I think it is cute. There is a great view from each bedroom and each bathroom has a window to let in the gorgeous mountain air.

  32. Beautiful home even if you always planned to sell it. From the photos It looks like it’s been completed with a lot of love and care. Really special. Congratulations. We’re off to Benabbio in less than 2 weeks (can’t believe it).
    It will be exciting to “spot” your home while exploring Bagni di Lucca. Best of luck to you. Regards, Leslie

    • It is easy to see my house. It is right on the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio and it has a balcony with lots of geraniums.

  33. So beautifully created and decorated, I loved so much dear Debra, won’t you live in this house… I mean in the future? Thanks and love, nia

    • We may stay in it occasionally until it is sold.

  34. Beautiful Debra. Absolutely beautiful. I’m sure some one will want to rent or buy it soon. That doorway is really gorgeous.

    • It is a beautiful house and someone is going to love it.

  35. Absolutely beautiful, Debra! The kind of home I’d love to live in.

    • That could be arranged.

  36. I love Casa Debbio! What a great job you have done Debra! I am looking forward to going there! Hugs!

    • Come up in September when I come back.

  37. Your house looks Beautiful, Debra! What an eye you have for decorating too! It would be a beautiful place to stay!

  38. It is a gorgeous house to be in. It faces south and has the sun all day. The air is clear and bright and the birds sing.

  39. Thanks for the tour! Well done!!!

  40. What a lovely home, beautifully decoated and amazing views. Congratulations!

    • We are very pleased with the house…even better will be to see it finished.

  41. Wow, Debra, your house is lovely, I adore your taste and not only does it look fabulous it seems like a home to not just a show house! Well done! Thanks for liking my blog. I love Italy as well as travel in general. Would love to buy your house but that must remain a dream for now:)

    • Thank you for the lovely comments on our house. I am hoping to finish it in September when I return.

  42. Amazing photos! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Will have a better look when I retrieve my iPad. Good luck with all and keep throwing back those spritzes! Ciao cat

    • I miss my Campari when I am not in Italy!

  43. Magnificent! One can tell how much work, love, and heart you placed in your home from the pictures. Congratulations! ~ judy

    • It is a beautiful house and is the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of people.

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