Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 11, 2013

Ponte a Serraglio is white with snow


It isn’t often that I get to pull on my snow boots, but I knew when I saw them on sale in Bloomingdales a few years ago that they would come in handy one day…that day has arrived here in Bagni di Lucca.

I awoke this morning to see our beautiful village covered with snow…and it is still falling…time to get those boots on and head out with my camera. These first few photos were taken from the relative warmth of my balcony.






Time to hit the streets. Just as well I haven’t planted the pansies on the bridge yet.






Our little news kiosk is open for business in the snow.


Il Monaco is still serving excellent coffee and sfoglia.


But there are no takers for the outside tables.


Now for a walk along the river.



Tinas’s front yard is looking gorgeous.




There is plenty of room on the benches this morning.










This is probably not the best form of transport for today.


There are pansies under here.










I took lots of photos…I couldn’t help myself.

I will be back out soon to make more tracks in the snow.


Click here to see more gorgeous snow in Suomenlinna on my Helsinki blog, and here to see Ponte a Serraglio later in the day on my second foray into the snow.


  1. Wow, now that’s some snow. xx

    • It is serious snow, and it is still falling. My clothes are dry from my first venture into the whiteness…time to go again.

  2. I can see why you taking all these pictures. Oh my…what a beautiful place, it looks like a fairy tale. I just find your blog. It’s lovely!!

    • A covering of snow makes everything look gorgeous. Our village looks wonderful all the time, but especially today.

  3. Debra that is the most beautiful post ever. Just love the pictures of your picturesque village under inches of white powder snow. Looks so beautiful. And yes your boots from Bloomies look very cute and warm too. Looks like you will have them on for the next week or three. Glad about the pansies – one wonders how all those lovely trees will come out with brand new growth in the spring after sitting freezing under that snow.

    • I think the snow won’t last long. This afternoon it is really wet snow that I think will turn to rain. Anyway, it was good while it lasted.

  4. Our favourite bar (opposite the news stand) looks a bit different than it did last May! Many a morning spent drinking coffee and using their wi-fi!

    The snow will hit Umbria later today or tomorrow. Hope it goes before I arrive at the end of next week!

    • I’m sure it will be gone by then, but it is so beautiful…why would you not want it?

      • We are all just a bit tired of it here in the UK… so cold & gloomy too!

        Plus….. no heating at my home in Umbria yet apart from an old stufa… Brrrrrrrr, again!

        Great photos as always Debra.. keep ’em coming. Great boots too!

      • I understand. The snow will be fine for a couple of days, but once it gets wet and sloppy it isn’t much fun.

  5. Deb, it looks so beautiful blanketed in snow! Wish I was back there to see it. Have been loving the pics from this trip by the way. Pete

    • Forgot to put my whole name in- it’s Pete Leeds here.

    • It is almost a year since you were here. You will be pleased to know I have been out and about looking for goats.

      • Very glad to hear it! And any wretched flowers will be buried beneath all that snow!

      • I had forgotten about the wretched flowers, but now they are all buried.

  6. So pretty in the snow and the perfect excuse to wear those fab boots!

    • They are great for trudging through the snow. This morning I made the mistake of not tucking my trousers in, but I was better prepared on my second foray into the snow.

  7. What a beautiful Winter wonderland! Your photos of your village are just gorgeous Debra….

    • It was very beautiful this morning. It has been snowing most of the day, but this afternoon it is turning to rain.

  8. Postcard beautiful, Debra! Thank you. I do hope it was not too cold for you, but then… your Finn ancestry is always a help.

    • I wrapped up warmly before I left for my walk up to Bagni Caldi and even managed to work up a sweat on the last bit.

  9. Magical! Thanks for posting these lovely photos.

    • The village looks gorgeous covered in snow. It will probably only last a day or 2.

  10. Very classy snow boots! I’m sure you’re setting the pace! Love the snow ciao cat

    • The boots are lined with wool…very warm.

  11. Hello! Found you thanks to the wonderful Carla and am so happy to have signed up. I have unbelievably fond memories of participating in a theatre festival in Bagni di Lucca in…oh dear…1992? My first trip to Europe and it was as if I had taken the express train to Heaven! I have always, always wanted to get back there and so will be happy to see it through your eyes.
    With my Best from Provence,

    • I’m pleased Carla sent you. I hope you come back to Bagni di Lucca one day soon.

  12. How fun!!! It looks like you have a little extra snow. Can you send some down to me in south Sicily? (North Sicily apparently got a dusting last night)…..

    • Perhaps it is already heading your way.

  13. Lovely! Keep warm.

    • I am really enjoying watching the snow from my window, leaning in front of the heater.

  14. It looks cold!!!! I like your boots

    • It isn’t too cold. I don’t think the snow will last long.

  15. Doesn`t look like it`s going to stop!.We started a snowman this morning but there was so much snow falling I was in danger of becoming the snowman!

    • Did you hear the trees falling on the hill above you? The weight of the snow was obviously too much for some of the old trees.

      • I heard a few big cracks and saw some branches falling into the nun`s garden ,off the big pine trees

      • I heard at least 6 trees crack and fall while I was walking up to Bagni Caldi. They seemed to be around Granaiola, and a couple near Lugliano.

  16. Beautiful! Love the snow covered trees and plants.

    • Snow like this doesn’t happen often in the village. I’m glad it did while I am here.

  17. These photos are outstanding …. as for the snow, OMG for me.

    • You just missed it!

  18. Wow Debra you photos are magical…

    • It’s a bit different from when you were here.

  19. breathtaking photos, Debra!!! why is everything so magic when it snows?

    • A covering of white seems to improve the look of everything.

  20. Amazing photos, perfect Christmas card pictures. Such a contrast to downtown Brisbane today which was 29 degrees. Great to see the gelateria and pasticceria, Il Monaco, open and also the news kiosk despite the snow.

    • I am glad I was here for the snow. It doesn’t happen very often.

  21. WOW! So much snow… But you captured amazing snow photographs, I loved them all. Stay in warm dear Debra, Thanks and Love, nia

    • I am now warm and toasty…watching the snow from inside.

  22. Simply stunning!

    • Isn’t it gorgeous??

  23. Believe it or not, it looks just like Birmingham which I left this morning

    • It does look just like here.

  24. Stunning pictures. I am in California staying with Julie for a month. We have not had very much snow this winter in Ohio so it was wonderful to see your pictures. Enjoy

    • Our snow probably won’t last very long, but I am enjoying it while we have it.

  25. Gorgeous! We left Bagni di Lucca this morning and have to say the drive back to Pisa Airport was a bit scary! Glad we got to saw it this pretty though – wish we’d brought some boots like yours – my feet are like ice!!

    • The roads were looking treacherous today. I didn’t take my car out at all.

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  27. Fab photos david sent on from our house this morning he says its very cold but very beautiful.

    • I met David at Il Monaco today after me second walk in the snow. I think his plans of working in the garden are off for the moment.

  28. Wow that’s a lot of snow Debra. I absolutely love your snow boots, they are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely photos.

    • It has been snowing all day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

      • More snow, more photos?

      • The snow seems to have stopped overnight and the snow we have is melting. I think it will all be gone soon.

  29. A new follower, finding you via Carla’s blog. Wonderful photos – I feel like I’m there seeing it all with you 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting. I’m glad I got out yesterday when the snow was fresh and lovely. Today it is wet slush.

  30. Lovely, lovely, Debra, I felt like a child again, wanting to run out in the snow and start making tracks. You must have been out early before others ventured out. What is the altitude at Bagna di Lucca? Are you in Piedmont or Lombardy? My researcher in Milano says it’s been cold, cold this winter with a little snow. I think you’re at a higher altitude.
    Go out and play!

    • Our part of Bagni di Lucca, Ponte a Serraglio is only 130 metres above sea level. The highest of the 25 villages, Montefegatesi, is 842 metres above sea level. Ponte a Serraglio is in the Lima valley in the Apuan Alps,part of the Apennines, in Northern Tuscany.

  31. Judging by the number of responses , it is becoming increasingly apparent your endeavoring to overpopulate Ponte AS with Expats ! I wonder what “my” house looks like , up on Via San Francisco ?

    • It seems snow posts are popular. I will be going to La Villa today to see how they have been affected by the snow.

  32. those photos are lovely!!! looking at them makes me feel cooler as it has been so hot here in brissie. love those boots 🙂

    • The snow has been fun, and quite different from Brisbane.

  33. Debra, although it looks absolutely beautiful, we would not have the right gear to get around. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • All you need is a warm coat and some waterproof shoes. You will most likely need these in November.

  34. Winter wonderland! Love the photos 🙂

    • The snow is already melting and the roads are looking sloppy, but yesterday was gorgeous.

      • I remember those days in New York. It will snow again and recapture the loveliness. You are very lucky to live there 🙂 Looks gorgeous rain, snow, and shine!

      • The snow on the road has turned to slippery slush today and there is a heavy fog. I wanted to go up to th higher villages, but the visibility would be very poor and the roads dangerous.

  35. Some great photos there Debra! Some look like paintings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much snow in real life.

    • I have seen more in Helsinki, but not here.

  36. Picture postcard BDL .

    Those look like Burberry or Aquascutum snow boots?

    • They are Burberry, and they are excellent for walking through slippery, slush.

  37. It’s beautiful, but I prefer your usual image of Bagni di Lucca. I must be reminded, if I ever go there, not to go there during winter. Yikes, on those falling snows.

    • It doesn’t snow here very often, but if you don’t like the cold, then you should come in the warmer months.

  38. Somewhere I still have the shot of the chemist’s sign showing 42 degrees.

    • It is not all that cold, which is why the snow is melting today, but it is much less than 42 degrees. We certainly have extremes here.

  39. Gorgeous booties!!! 👏❤

    • …and excellent for walking in the snow.

  40. What a winter wonderland, Debra. Gorgeous pics. I’ve only seen Italy in warm and sunny weather, but it’s equally as beautiful, covered in snow. Love your boots. 😀

    • It Italy is beautiful in all seasons, with the possible exception for me in high summer, which I find oppressive.

  41. Gorgeous! Your pictures are magical! We can’t wait to experience this little village in the Springtime!

    • Spring is a beautiful time to be in Bagni di Lucca.

  42. And that is why we want to move up into the hills… ahhh. So pretty, even in winter.

  43. Wow all that snow in Tuscany? I don’t blame you for taking so many photos Debra! Just beautiful!
    When was the last time it snowed over there?

  44. Spectacular images, I love the touches of colour that almost make the images look hand coloured.

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