Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 21, 2013

Stormy weather

A storm has been thundering through the mountains over night. I awoke to rumbling and flashing and the sound of the river roaring past my window.

It is incredible what a difference one night of heavy rain can make to our usually calm Lima River.

This was yesterday morning.


…and this is this morning.


What a pity we can’t send some of this rain to The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia to help with the horrific fires burning there.

Here are some more photos from later in the day. The rain has caused problems everywhere. Roads are cut and there are landslides. The rain continues.





  1. That truly is an amazing difference overnight Debra! Hear, hear, re the bush fires in NSW. No doubt you’re enjoying being back in Bagni Di Lucca!

    • And the rain keeps falling. I really wish I could send some Australia’s way. It is good to be back despite the rain.

  2. That there is a lot of water!

    • …an amazing amount of water!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how fast the river can fill up. The Comune had sent a warning of storms and bad weather via Facebook.
    As you say, NSW will need all this water…

    • This is the most dramatic rise I have seen in 10 years. I hope it drops again quickly and things get back to normal.

  4. That is amazing! Yowza.

    • The river has risen very quickly. There must have been heavy rain in the mountains around us.

  5. You take care 🙂

    • Staying inside seems like the best option.

  6. Yes dear Debra, I heard in the news this fire burning in Australia… Many different stories are being lived on earth… Climates changed and makes me worry more than before… Thank you for this beautiful Bagni di Lucca photographs… I hope and wish a sunny autumn day, Thanks and Love, nia

    • It has rained most of the day and there was more thunder this afternoon. We may be in for another noisy night.

  7. Yes,nature has a unique way of reminding us of its presence.Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • The river is as high as I have ever seen it. I hope there is no damage from the heavy rains.

  8. Yes… My pal in Sydney yesterday sent me some 360 degree photos taken of the skyline from her apartment in Balmain… Really scary!

    • With some luck there will be a change in the weather.

  9. Love the river and and look forward to spending another month there next year! The post really gave us cause to think as today we drove from Sydney to Leura in the Blue Mountains to pick up the “non replaceables” from our property we recently purchased for our retirement. As it is in the town it should be fine, but you never know.

    Sue and Alan

    • I hope your property is safe.

  10. Thanks for thinking of us Debra. We really could use some of that water. The logistics are the challenge.

    • I hope you get some rain soon to help with the fires.

  11. Yes you took the words out of my mouth. NSW is in a bad way and in desperate need of rain

    • I have seen the reports here about the fires and it looks terrifying.

  12. Wow … Now there’s a change in water level … Meanwhile, the look through that valley always makes me smile.

    • It is still raining and the river is still high…very dramatic.

      • Whoa … good luck … and stay dry.

  13. Oh my! That looks scary! Does it ever overflow its banks? Be careful out there!

    • The river has been known to overflow, but much further down. The banks are quite high in Ponte a Serraglio.

  14. We couldn’t even get to work using our normal route this morning – landslides added to the flooding.

    • The road from Chifenti to Ponte a Moriano is cut. The only way to Lucca is through the back of Borgo a Mozzano. I hope it is cleared soon.

  15. Yikes! Scary!

  16. Yes, those poor threatened townships in the Blue Mountains are desperate for this sort of rain. Of course, Queenslanders who have suffered the effects of torrential downpours over the past couple of summers may be a little more cautious in what they wish for! Your pictures of Bagni di Lucca bring back happy memories of my stay there.

  17. Sylvia (Vito’s daughter), myself & Luca are coming out next weekend. We hope the weather improves, as when the river level drops after storms and flooding, we usually find Vito’s Beach (tonnes of sand deposited) on the lower terrace of our garden up at Le Cantoni!

  18. Wow, your river was really roaring. We have similar rises in river water levels when it rains here. What a difference a day can make.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  19. What a sight that must have been! And yes we need it in the Blue Mountains. I’m headed to Melbourne tomorrow where it’s supposed to be 16C. We could redistribute the weather a bit 😉

  20. What a difference a day makes! Hope you stay safe and dry

  21. So beautiful pictures!


    • Thank you. The weather made things look very dramatic.

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