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Goodbye Bagni di Lucca, hello Brisbane

It is time for me to go back to Australia. I love my home in Brisbane, but I always hate leaving Ponte a Serraglio. This autumn is the best I have ever spent here. The weather has been amazing. We have had blue skies and warm sunny days and deliciously cool mornings and evenings. This makes it even harder to leave.
Here are some random reasons why I don’t want to go.


Early morning at Ponte a Serraglio.







Yes, this door is lilac.













I will be back early next year to enjoy some lovely winter in Italy and start work on the interior of our stone house in Vergemoli.
I have gathered up lots of things to share with you in the last 2 months, enough to last until I come back.


  1. Ciao, ciao, Debra. Buon viaggio.

  2. Good bye Debra, thank you for all the wonderful fotos. ilario

    • See you in February.

  3. Hi Debra
    just so lovely. It is not only what you see with your eyes but also what you see with your heart when in Italy. I meet people who feel it and they have never been to Italy. It just keeps getting better. Enjoy your return to Brissy. It is quite nice here right now as we are having a spell from the early summer

    • I know how you feel, aussiegirl, I visited Italy about 40 yrs. ago and feel as I’ve never really left.On the ride to Fiumicino ,by bus, I felt that I would just take the bus back the next day. Italy has held my heart all these years. Ah…..maybe next year…..

    • I hope is not too hot or I might just jump on the next plane and come back to Italy.

  4. Deb, safe travels … And Merry Christmas! See you next year ….

    • Merry Christmas to you too.

  5. It’s so easy to see why you don’t want to leave but knowing that you’ll soon be back must make it a bit easier. The best of both worlds! Great photos.

    • I do have the best of both worlds. I am very lucky.

  6. Thank you, Debra, for the lovely photos and articles. They make me miss Bagni di Lucca even more. We are also leaving for San Francisco and we shall see you around March.
    Have a nice and safe trip!

    • I look forward to seeing you both in March.

  7. I can see why you will miss Italy, but there’s nothing like being home for the holidays. Love the cat photo and the lilac door!

    • I hope you have a great Christmas and that Santa is kind to you.

  8. Oh my goodness…that would be hard to leave. Whenever we leave France, my husband always says (I think this might be an Italian thing): “Look back, go back”…so look back for as long as we can…I’m betting you do the same. Have a safe, safe trip Deb.

    • I wander about saying goodbye to my favourite things.

  9. I totally understand what you feel leaving Debra, but so nice to know you can enjoy these two places you love so much and always keep coming back to both. I’ll be looking forward to your return! Big hug!

    • See you in February. Have a great Christmas.

  10. Looking forward to seeing you my friend.

    • You too anonymous.

  11. OK, that was weird, I seem to have lost my account, so I started a new one. Still looking forward to seeing you. x

    • See you next week.

  12. Buon viaggio Debra. It’s raining here to help ease your journey! Seems to be signalling this glorious autumn is now over so you are safe to leave! I adore the first picture, magical light. You capture the essence of our beautiful little town so well in your stunning photos.

    • It’s raining in Rome too, and my shoes decided they were no longer waterproof.

  13. Yes fully understand why you dont want to leave Italy this week, but Brisbane is looking very colourful and sub tropical with the poincianas looking their best in years. Looking forward to seeing you home soon

    • I look forward to seeing you soon.

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  15. I’m sure it is sad to leave, and I can see why! But I bet Brisbane has many many beautiful and interesting sites to see and taste as well. Have a great winter and happy travels!

    • I’ll be having a hot summer while you are cold.

  16. Oh I know this ache, I can feel it from here. c

    • I always find it difficult to leave Bagni di Lucc? The rain today helped a bit.

  17. Safe travels, Debra and thanks for taking us with you on your beautiful autumn stay in Italy.

    • It will be winter when I return. Hopefully we will have some snow.

  18. Thanks for all the great photos I must admit I have tears in my eyes! Have a safe trip. I hope to be in Riolo end of January maybe I’ll see you then. Ciao, Mike

    • I hope to see you in February.

  19. Your pictures are just magnificent Debra and I am sure you will have sad feelings about leaving but you are going back to sunny Brisbane.
    Have a safe trip.

    Pam Proctor

    • It is never easy to leave , but I love Brisbane too.

  20. Safe travels and once again thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. It helps keep me connected until I can return. See you in May!

    • I look forward to catching up in May

  21. I understand you so well… it is a place to enjoy, to miss, love to come back.
    Thanks for sharing your view.

    • I’ll be back soon for some lovely winter.

  22. Gosh those two months have flown by. Your photos are beautiful. Safe journey back to Australia.

    • Thanks. Time flies when you are having fun.

  23. See you back in Brissie Deb

    • French Twist here we come.

  24. Your photos are stunning!….. and be prepared for HOT and STEAMY weather in Brisbane. 🙂

    • I don’t like hot and steamy. I am never prepared for this.

  25. You ceratinly showed me how lovely BDL is during the autum period. I was amased by the colour of the trees and the fog lifting in the valley against the hills. I also noted that the river water level seems to change so much, rather then staying high throughout this period. I cannot wait untill we live there. Its killing me I tell you. Looking at your blog daily does not help me iether mind you…… Have a nice trip back to Aus

    • The water has been very low this year as there has been little rain. It is pouring now, so it will turn into a raging torrent quite quickly. I love the autumn mists. I also like the winter.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing these Italian experiences and beautiful photos. I almost felt that we hadn’t left europe……… See you next Saturday.

    • I look forward to it.

  27. It is so beautiful there, I understand why you are so reluctant to leave. Safe travels!

    • It is just as well I love Brisbane too.

  28. It must be so hard to leave that Debra!

    • Brisbane is a great place to live so it isn’t all bad.

  29. Wow, hasn’t that gone quickly, Deb! It’s been so nice to share the journey with you! Have a good trip home!

    • Time goes too quickly. How can we slow it down?

  30. Thanks Deb,

    Le Torre Farm also features in many of my photos. We walked up there one sunny afternooon and met some interesting people along the way.

    Happy travelling,

    Cheers Judy

    • Le Torre always looks great sitting up there.

  31. So pretty the photos and the places you were at… i really miss Italy.
    Seriously, i think this is the most beautiful country in Western Europe with plenty of different landscapes to offer.
    A real escape from the typical buzz of city life and modern gigantic structures, into another different world altogether, lost in time…

    • I think Italy has more beautiful things per square inch than anywhere else. I love it!!!

  32. Wonderful photographs again, Debra! Travel home safely.

    PS: Have sent you an email to your blog email address.

    • Thank you Lisa. I will look for the email.

  33. How very lovely. Thank you.


  34. Really Debra? Has it really been 2 whole months since you got back?
    All those beautiful pictures, there is certainly a lot to miss.
    (tell me, do you know what that press/grinder type thing is above the lilac door? I’m curious, and have squinted my eyes quite a few times…)

    • I can’t believe 2 months has gone by so quickly either. The press could be for grapes or olives, both are growing nearby. I’m not really sure.

  35. Debra, I used the wrong email address. Have forwarded the email to you again.

  36. I Can’t believe we weren’t able to connect this trip. Hope to see you in June?? Thanks for the lovely journey….i love the cat picture, that reminds me of my hamlet. Wish we were there-someday we will spend Christmas there. Is the photo with the street lights in Bagni? Lovely…

    • I won’t be in Bagni di Lucca in June. I will be there from February until mid May.

  37. Beautiful and feel the emotions with you. I long to see them in book form.
    Safe travels back to Brisbane.

    • I am in cold, wet, but still lovely Helsinki on my way home – all good so far.

  38. No wonder you don’t want to leave. It’s magical!

    • Ponte a Serraglio is a special place.

  39. Beautiful photos! I especially love the first one. Enjoy your trip back to Australia…

    • That one was taken early one cold morning.

  40. amazing nature, woooww. i love it.

    • There is lots to love about Bagni di Lucca.

  41. Dear Debra, I can almost understand you why you don’t want to leave Bagni di Lucca… I loved through your photographs this lovely Italian town. Your photographs are amazing again, especially the blue door and yellow tree and yes, cats…I wish you to have a nice and safety voyage and also to have a nice Christmas. See you next year, my eyes will be looking for you always dear Debra, Thank you for all these beautiful sharing and photographs. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • Thank you, and happy Christmas to you too.

  42. wonderful photos again Debra…I can see why you love it! so looking forward to visiting next year… your photos and blog may it so real!

  43. Wow, I wouldn’t want to leave either. It is so beautiful! How long hav you been going to Italy for?

    • We bought our apartment in Bagni di Lucca 8 years ago and I have been spending 5/6 months a year there since. My husband unfortunately is still working so isn’t able to spend as much time there as I do. Hopefully this will change in the near future. I went to Italy for the first time in 1972.

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  45. Have a great stay in Australia.
    I will look forward to your coming back to Ponte a Serraglio.
    I notice a picture of I’ll Ponte delDiavo
    Every time we have been on the way Pieve dei Monti di Villa we stop at the bridge and take pictures
    Have great stay. Thank you

    • This is an old post. I won’t be going home this year because of the covid restrictions. I will be here in Italy until mid next year. That’s OK.

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