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Seville’s magnificent cathedral

The cathedral in Seville is the third largest church in Europe (after  the Vatican’s St Peter’s and London’s St Paul’s)  It is the largest Gothic church anywhere – 126 metres long, 82 metres wide and 30 metres high.

part of the cathedral

more spires

detail near the tower

the entrance

Jesus is waiting for you inside

and a man with a dove

looking up

The high altar is the biggest altar piece ever made. I couldn’t fit it into one photo. It has 44 scenes of the life of Jesus and is more than 20 metres tall.

the high altar

looking up

detail on the high altar

the Antigua Chapel - the oldest art in the church

a very big mural of St Christopher

Goyas painting of Justa and Rufina

According to Rick Steve the girls are each holding a bowl of gazpacho and sprigs of rosemary. The lion seems to be enjoying something spilled from the bowl. I like it.

the unusual oval dome

My favourite thing in the cathedral was the tomb of Colombus. He is carried by 4 pall bearers. He was originally buried in Spain, then Santo Domingo, then Cuba and then back to Seville. I hope he enjoyed his travels.

Colombus and his pall bearers

one of the pall bearers

a fitting place for Colombus to be

There will be more on Colombus in the Alcazar post. He sailed from Seville on his first trip to the Americas.


  1. Fab! Love pic 2, more spires.

  2. I also Photo number two as I just love the flying buttresses. Thanks for the post!

    • I find it amazing that these places were built without electricity and cranes.

  3. They don’t make em like they used to, do they? Not even in Barcelona.

    • The Sagrada in Barcelona is pretty hard to beat.

  4. I love the perspectives in the photos, Deb. Having the figure in front of the mural of St Christopher really shows up the sizes; also, the loftiness of the ceilings. In the third picture, I wonder if there was a mixture of two cultures – Moorish and European – in the architecture?

    Did you know that Goya was deaf and used signed language when he communicated with the King of Spain? Goya became chief court painter for Charles IV. He was eccentric, a womaniser, a bit of a devil always getting into trouble, saw quick successions in his country and continued to paint into his old age. He retired at 74 to Madrid at a house nicknamed: “Huerto del sordo” – “the house of the deaf man.” Later, he fled to France then returned to Spain to die in 1828. His French neighbours called him “the deaf old lion”. I reckon Goya was quite a character!

    • I didn’t know that about Goya, I’m so glad you told me.

  5. The workmanship is astonishing. Such beauty. My first thoughts were that cathedral building must have been good for the economy, but, on second thoughts, it was probably disastrous for the average plebian. Richard’s right they certainly don’t make’em like they used to. I don’t believe in God, but when I stand in such places, I desperately want there to be one. They give such a sense of awe.

    • I think these buildings are incredible, but I can’t help thinking how many people died making them and how the priests etc got to live in luxury while the average peasant ( who built the churches and palaces) lived in lice and flea ridden hovels, ate scraps and died before they were 30.

  6. You’re certainly selling some tickets here with these pictures! 😛

    • It is easy to take good photos when you have a beautiful subect.

  7. That high alter is amazing. Imagine standing there with that as a backdrop. So intricate.
    Happy travels back home Debra.

    • We have just arrived back in lovely Bagni di Lucca – it is nice to be home.

  8. I’m curious…is that unearthly yellow color of the ceiling gold? or is it the effect of the sun bouncing off the arches? It’s really amazing looking. What an astonishing space.

  9. I think it is just the light that makes it look golden. There was an awful lot of gold in that church.

  10. Oh my goodness, that’s some astonishing architecture there! Thanks for taking the pics for us, Deb! The detail is amazing!

    • These places are amazing – and it is incredible that they are still standing after all this time.

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