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I love my baby blue Fiat Bambino

la nostra machina

We have a Fiat 500.  She’s baby blue, she’s very cute and we love her.  Almost every time I take the little treasure out, somebody comments and I often see people smiling  and pointing as we go past. When I am stopped at traffic lights other drivers will wind their windows down to ask questions about her.  In Brisbane Fiat 500s are not all that common.  In Italy that is not the case and we see them everywhere.

For a small car it is remarkably roomy inside

The original Fiat 500s, or Fiat Bambino, as they became known, were produced from 1957 until 1975.  They were made in Torino and became hugely popular.    The car was designed by Dante Giacosa and intended to be cheap and practical.  It measured only 3 metres and was originally powered by a 479cc 2 cylinder, air cooled rear engine.  There were several models produced between 1957 and 1975, including a tiny station wagon.

Lately we have seen lots of the original Fiats on the road in Italy.  Many have been lovingly resored and zoom around the Italian streets like lady bugs.  They are incredibly tiny and make the new model look huge by comparison.

Jim standing beside a Bambino in Bologna – I didn’t have a matchbox

Fiat previewed the new 500 in March 2007 – exactly 50 years after the first car.  They are now produced in Poland.  Within 3 weeks of their launch 58,ooo were sold.  Perhaps this is why we see so many in Italy.

a Fiat just like ours in Forte dei Marmi

We drive our Fiat in Australia.  In Italy we drive a Toyota Corolla.

According to an Italian friend it stands for – Fix it again Tom

We have had our little car for 2 years now and she doesn’t have a name .  We are open to suggestions.  Let me know in the comment section if you think of something suitable.

For more on lovely Fiats click here and here .

PS. Our lovely little Fiat has gone! After 13 years of faithful service we reluctantly said goodbye. We now have a shiny red Mazda 3. I hope she is as well behaved as the baby blue Fiat.


  1. I’ve got a Ford Fiesta & I call her “Tango” somehow I think naming my cars makes them more trusty 🙂 I like your little “BabyBlue”, very cute.

  2. We used to have a bambino 1963 model & we restored it with David Jones houndstooth upholstery. Sadly it became a wreck & went to car heaven. We still love them – they are so cute. Yours looks fabulous. Don’t ever sell it!

  3. Sophia could be a good name….or we could have Rina or Tina!!! I am sure you will come up with a great name for the little blue treasure. Liz

  4. Hi all
    Can anyone recommend accommodation in Venice for a family of 5?

  5. Aww she’s so cute! I like how her seats match 😀

  6. I thought of “Alfonso” at first for your cute little car, but then you called it a “she” so, how about “Lucretia” ? My daughter suggests “Pepe le bleu”….

  7. OMG!!! I love this car, and it’s the same color then my first car ever! Sweet!

  8. Oh you asked if I ever get to Brisbane to review restaurants there? Sadly not yet but I may some time in the future! 😀

  9. Wow, the colour of yours is great. We have a red 500 called Carlotta

    • I think the red ones go faster! We love our little Fiat.

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  11. How about making ‘sky, which in Italian is the masculine ‘cielo’ ,into a feminine ‘ciela’ – or corrupt to Cecilia?’

    There’s always ‘Powder Puff’ for such a pretty blue car…

    • It is a very pretty little car. We tend to just call her la macchina, which is a bit boring. We drive a Toyota Corolla in Italy. She has the name Wobbly Bum. The car is silver, like just about every other car in Italy and the name comes from the number plate cs 845 wb. The full name is fairly crude, so we just call her wobbly bum for short.

  12. Che bella! Fiats just arriving in US. So my wait may finally be over.

    • We have had our Fiat for almost 2 years and still love it.

  13. bino (as in bambino)

    • Excellent suggestion.

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  15. Fantastico Debra. Loved the French green van too. Any name would be great…but for some reason she looks like “Donna” to me….that is, bella donna.

  16. That is the cutest car ever!

    • We love our little Fiat.

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  18. Lo voglio! I want one…but in RED! Did you buy in Italy or home? Just love it!

    • That is Brisbane behind the first photo of the car. As I said at the end, we drive this in Australia. In Italy we drive a Toyota Corolla.

      • Debra, I re!alized your Fiat wasn’t in Italy after I read the post more carefully. I was so enamored by the photo… Definite car envy! 😀

      • It is a great little car. I think you should get a red one.

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  20. I did not see this before. There is a Fiat dealership right next to the college I work for and I pass by it everyday dreaming of driving one. They are so cute. I have a Toyota Corolla too.

    • We love our little Fiat, but the Toyota does a great job for us in Italy.

  21. I got the same one in Luce Blue. I named her Lucy. She’s three days old. I bet I love her as much as you love yours. She’s PERFECT!

    • How lovely! Just 3 days old. I’m sure you will get lots of looks in your new car.

  22. Georgous colour blue….the name will need a little thought…I’m sure someone will come up with a great suggestion.

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