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Back home to my pansies

We have returned from Spain to lovely Bagni di Lucca. The trees have turned green in our absence and the flowers on my balcony and the pansies I planted on the bridge are thriving, thanks to Rina, who kept an eye on things while we were away.

My pansies survived the cold nights, as some of my readers said they would. They have put on a beautiful show in the village.  Not only do they look wonderful but their perfume is heavenly. Sitting on the balcony is a treat. In a couple of weeks I will replace them with geraniums which will last all summer. They will be put out to pasture in a friend’s garden.

my pansies

they are such happy flowers

I have a few other things growing on the balcony as well.

white primulas

so pretty

red ones

hyacinth complete with bee

There is also a peonie which has grown like mad while I have been away. I can see buds. I hope the flowers appear before I have to go back to Australia. I just missed it last year, but I brought it out of its winter hiding place a bit earlier this spring, and it has been much warmer than last year.

the pansies on the bridge

on the other side

I have lots more photos of Spain to show over the next few weeks.  We drove about 5,ooo kilometres on our trip. It is nice to be home.

Click here to see my geraniums from last year.


  1. Welcome back! Your pansies are indeed looking great and bringing cheer to the whole village. Thank you.

    • They are looking good are’nt they?

  2. How do you get to plant on the bridge–isn’t it communal property? Does no one else do it? Or is the bridge part of your property…They’re lucky to have you plant them…they are beautiful and I love the way they frame the view of the river. Well done.

    • Marco, who lives nearby, used to do it, but he is not well. Last year I asked if anyone would be offended if I took over the planting. Not everybody was happy, but most were pleased to see the flowers. I want them on the bridge and I am happy to do it.

  3. Pansies have those wonderful smiley faces don’t they? I haven’t planted any for years, but I used to always have them in tubs and pots when I lived in a flat. I like the tiny black ones and the violas too! Gorgeous photos as always 🙂

    • Thank you. I love my pansies. I didn’t know they had a fragrance until I planted them here. The ones at home in Australia don’t seem to.

  4. OOOOOHHHHH. Thanks for the great photos from Spain. That is the next spot on the atlas for us. Now to see the colour bursting from the bridge gives a hint of excitement. Departure date less than 4 weeks now. Look forward to the peonie in full bloom.

    • I will water and fertilise it and hopefully it will flower soon.

  5. Nothing man made can ever beat the beauty of nature!

  6. Oh lovely, Debra, the flowers look gorgeous – I really really miss this beautiful place. Counting down the days… 🙂

    • We are here until 18th May. When do you get back?

  7. Oh wow. I think I may have found another blog that I would enjoy thoroughly. Here’s to looking around. 😀

    • I hope you enjoy the blog. Thanks for your visit.

  8. What beautiful pansies. Your trip to Spain must have been wonderful. Enjoyed seeing all your pictures. I have not been to Spain but if I go ovver to Kay and Grahams in France I will have to make the trip.

    • You have to go to Seville, Cordoba, Toledo and Granada.

  9. We were in Bagni a week or so ago, and met two ladies who were staying at your place. They were in the coffee bar next to Cafe del sonno struggling with the Italian coffee culture, and I was able to set them on the right track as to how to get a simple white coffee, and when it was “bella figura” to drink Capuccino, etc.
    They seemed to be having a wonderful time.

    • They are staying at Liz’s place. I haven’t met them yet.

  10. Welcome back Debra!!! Bagni di Lucca is not the same without you! I missed you and always looked at your window! Big warm hug!

    • I’ll see you next time.

  11. Your pansies look wonderfully welcoming, they sure do put on a great splash of colour don’t they.

    • They are such cheerful little things waving in the breeze.

  12. I’m looking forward to seeing your pansies in a few weeks!!!! Wonderful photos!

    • Hopefully you will see the peonie in a couple of weeks.

  13. LOVE these photos, and the flowers… Don’t tell me, the last photo is your view from outside the house? soooo cool!!!

    • The last 2 photos are taken from the bridge in front of my house. The others are on my balcony.


    • I’m talking to them all the time, encouraging them to grow. It is a double crimson peonie.

  15. so pretty with the contrasting colours of the pansies and the river as the back drop.
    Enjoy being home Debra

  16. Only 4 more weeks and I will be able to see your flowers. Can’t wait. Buying a house is getting closer, so who knows in the near future I might be a new kid (old man) in the block. Its in the village of Vetteglia. Pitty we just miss eachother by two days.

    • I don’t know that village, I will check it out. I catch up with you one day.

  17. The cool weather probably prolonged their life. The hotter temps will make them bolt and go to seed and then that is it. Mine have also done very well this year. It is nice that you provide flowers for a public space. Ignore those who complain. In the Fall, if you have room, you might be able to winter over the geraniums. Save the cost of buying again next year.

    • The pansies have done very well this year. I don’t have any space to winter my geraniums. They are not very expensive here in Italy. I don’t mind buying new ones each year.

  18. Are these the one who got frozen? they look pretty good!

    • They recovered very well from the freezing nights. They look good don’t they?

  19. Hi Debra,

    I love your blog. Long may it continue!
    Thanks so much for planting the pansies – I didn’t realise it was you who did all that work to make our village look even more beautiful.

    Hope you are well.

    Liz Nelson, (Irish, lives beside Colette and Paul). x

    • I love to see the flowers on the bridge. Soon I’ll put the geraniums in the pots.

  20. Ciao Deb, we just missed you. We returned to the United States on Friday. You missed a wild party at bar Itialia. Believe me when I say Marco was feeling quite well that night. Your flowers look fantastic. I thought they were planted by the local chamber of commerce. Ha Ha. It was nice chatting with you and your husband, see you soon.Mike

    • Glad to hear Marco had a good night. See you next time.

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