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Oh Seville, I think I love you!

Seville oranges

How can you think of Seville and not think of oranges? There are trees everywhere and the spring blossoms fill the air with their beautiful smell.

We only had a day in Seville – far to little – but better than nothing. We started off at the lovely gardens outside the Barrio de Santa Cruz and then wandered into this beautiful section of old Seville.

on the way into Barrio de Santa Cruz

a reference to a time when Spain ruled the waves


lovely gardens

wandering through into Barrio de Santa Cruz

Barrio de Santa Cruz is Seville’s medieval juderia and is a fabulous tangle of narrow streets and beautiful plazas.

their geraniums are a bit ahead of ours

I want to eat at this restaurant

Plaza de la Santa Cruz, which gives the area its name was once the site of a synagogue, which the christians destroyed. It was replaced with a church which was demolished by the French under Napoleon. Now the French consulate dominates the pretty square.

the French consulate in the Plaza Santa Cruz

the beautiful garden in front of the consulate

a gorgeous balcony nearby

a statue of the legendary Don Juan

This reminded me of the movie starring Errol Flynn as Don Juan. In the opening scene, Errol is on a balcony with a pretty young girl and he says “I have loved you all my life” to which she squeaks, “But we only met yesterday”. His response?  “My life began yesterday”. He was Don Juan after all. I don’t mind a bit of Errol.

Spanish souvenirs for sale

Plaza de los Venerables is another beautiful square in the heart of the district. It was full of people having lunch at outdoor tables. It all looked very jolly. 

I want to stay at this hotel next time

and eat here in Plaza de los Venerables

or eat right here at this table

do you think the food would be good?

looking through another door

this place looked good too

part of a fountain nearby

The streets in this area were deliberately made narrow to allow more shade. It is definitely cooler wandering through these tiny lanes – called kissing streets, because the buildings almost touch each other.

a kissing street

It must be catching – look at these horses in the square.

getting to know each other

isn't that sweet?

And I want to live in this house with the gorgeous top floor balconies.

I saw it first

Next time I am going to take you through the amazing Seville Cathedral and later, even better, the Alcazar, one of THE most beautiful places I have ever been.

We didn’t see the barber.


  1. I’m sorry to tell you Spain never ruled the waves.!


    • Spain might not agree.

      • Looks like a tsunami got the armada Deb which might explain Russell’s comment

      • Yes, it does look as though it has been left high and dry.

    • Russ, you’ll find out that Spain did in fact rule the waves during 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Even the famous defeat of the Spanish Armada did not make any damage in the Spanish float. The year after, the English armada was defeated by the Spanish near the coasts of Northern Spain and Portugal.

  2. Magical Deb – I started singing Y Viva Espana – so fabulously Spain

    • Seville is just gorgeous – it was our favourite city.

  3. All the pictures of Spain are fabulous, wish i could visit it, maybe someday… i bet you had a wonderful time.

    • We are in St Tropez right now, on our way back to Italy. Spain was a lot of fun.

  4. Seville looks wonderful, will be adding to my wish list! Great photos as ever, love the oranges.

    • You would love Seville.

  5. The whole place looks like a movie set!

    • It does, doesn’t it?

  6. Great pics of a very special city. I do want to eat at that restaurant too.

    • I want to try them all.

  7. I definately need to go to Seville someday. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Wait until you see the alcazar.


    • No problem George, it was fun.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The touches of yellow are spectacular. I want that balcony. I want to stay in that hotel. I want to eat in that outdoor restaurant. I want to walk down that kissing street!

    • It is the most beautiful place – I want to go back already.

  10. Wow. That kissing street is so narrow. If you were friends with your neighbours you could just swing from balcony to balcony.

    • You could probably jump across quite easily.

  11. Isn’t that glorious. I hope you put some Seville oranges up your jumper to bring home. They’ve been impossible to get in Brisbane for the last couple of winters. The horses are very sweet – the one on the left has to be called Errol doesn’t he!

    • I should have asked his name. Can anyone explain why there are still oranges on some of the trees and others are covered in blossoms?

  12. Thanks for the trip Deb. It looks fabulous.

    • There is lots more of Spain to come.

  13. Oooh … Murillo the hotel at the end was where we stayed!

  14. Lets meet for lunch some time soon in one of those fabulous restaurants. Such a perfect little place. Picture Perfect!

    • That sounds like a great idea.

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  17. called the “kissing street” because they can lean over the balconies and kiss each other on opposite sides of the “street”

  18. and the alley style housing was for the locals to be able to run away from invaders who were on horseback (horses can’t turn that fast) and could easily hide. wonderful city though.

  19. Thank you for your colourful picture of Seville oranges, it is now emblazoning 14 jars of January 2015 marmalade, worked into a label on each jar. Upstairs in the attic is a similar shot, but on a medium format transparency from back in the day, when I was shooting a book on Spain – a predecessor to that was “The Most Beautiful Villages of Tuscany” which I also did for Thames and Hudson, and that one featured Bagni di Lucca, your fantastic village which was one of my favourites!

    • It is nice to see that my photo has been put to good use. I hope you come back to Bagni Di Lucca one day for another visit.

  20. Yes I loved Seville to Deb…..and wandered those ‘kissing laneways”! Only I did it in the rain! Great flamenco there too!



  21. The Alcazar was fabulous and in some ways better than Alhambra – I loved Seville

    • We did too, stunning city.

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