Posted by: debrakolkka | May 17, 2011

The hills are white with acacia blossom

The trees have blossomed a bit later this year, but now the hills around us are covered with flowering acacia. I know it is a bit of a weed and it makes me sneeze, but it looks beautiful and in the late afternoon the valley smells like delicious honey. I can put up with a bit of sneezing for this.

looking up to Granaiola and the acacia

covered in flowers

The trees are nothing much to look at, but the flowers are lovely.

a fairly basic tree

acacia blossom

they look a bit like white wisteria

white flowers everywhere

At L’Osteria della Piazzetta, one of our favourite nearby restaurants, we even had a delicious pastry filled with acacia blossoms as a primo piatto the other night for dinner. That really is using seasonal, local produce.

blossoms fall on the road like snow

The blossoms are falling like snow and cover everything. The river is speckled with white, the roads have fallen flowers all over them and white fluff floats in the air. The bees have a wonderful time and later we get the most delicate honey. A couple of weeks of itchy eyes and sneezing is a small price to pay.



  1. Wow, the blossoms must taste lovely! I wonder how they would go in a glass of prosecco?

    • That sounds like a good idea.

    • How about a pecorino from Pienza drizzled with acacia honey and some pears? Now that would be heavenly!

  2. I am so sorry to me missing it this year. The scent is heavenly.

    • The blossoms have fallen now as we had some really heavy rain and it finished them off. I love the scent of the flowers.

  3. I would love to be surrounded by falling acacia blossoms – what bliss!

    • It has been a beautiful couple of weeks.

  4. Beautiful. But OH THE SNEEZES! I’m up to 2 antihistamine’s a day…I don’t know if it’s the acacia that’s got me, but it’s something. And soon enough it’ll be ambrosia, and that’s a killer for me. Still, I’d rather have the flowers than not have the sneezes.

    • I have been much better this year – last year I thought I would go mad.

  5. Looks amazing Deb 🙂

  6. Thanks for your comments on the italyin30seconds blog while you were in Italy. Hope you’ll continue to have a look! Traveled the A11 toward Lucca but never got to your village. Are there termes to visit in your area? The pictures remind me a little of Bagno Vignoni. Hope to stop on my next trip to Italy. Buon viaggio.

    PS: When I found out your were Aussies I got excited. Two of my friends are Aussies living in Perth.

    • I have subscribed to your site so I will be reading all your posts. I like the sound of the pecorino, honey and pears because I have tried it.

  7. That must have been quite an amazing sight! Thank you for posting the name of this plant. We have a few on our farm and didn’t know what they are called.

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