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Campo de’ Fiori – markets in Rome

a huge truck delivers fruit to the market

Campo de’ Fiori means field of flowers.  The area has a lively past.  It was a rough part of the city in medieval and renaissance Rome.  There was a market there then, and people of all levels of society mingled  and got up to  mischief.  Caravaggio killed his opponent after losing a tennis game in the square, and goldsmith Cellini murdered a rival nearby.

keeping watch

There is a statue of Giordano Bruno standing watch over the piazza.  He was a philosopher who was executed on the exact spot on 1600 for daring to suggest that the earth moved around the sun.

Today Campo de’ Fiori is an excellent market and the square is a busy hub where Rome’s citizens buy their food.  Hopefully the only things being murdered here now are carrots and cabbages.

a giant pumpkin


more chillies

pumpkins and quince

white plums


can you believe these colours?



small peppers


Doesn’t it make you want to  cook something right now?


  1. How amazing! I hope there will be some bustling markets in two weeks, as we’re planning a long weekend in Rome 🙂

  2. Looks good and so disgustingly healthy. We once stayed in a pensione overlooking Campo de’Fiori, and witnessed a bag snatch but no murders.

    Tennis is clearly not taken as seriously these days. No wonder the Italians struggle at Wimbledon. Their art’s gone off a bit too over the years. Where is the passion?

  3. Loving the photos but warning to others police moved on young boys who were there to pickpocket when we last visited

  4. Wonderful pics Deb. Love the pumpkins & quinces…, nice one.

  5. I still have a few things like red sandals, and a sweater, and a kitchen gadget that I bought there years ago.And memories. We always walk through this market . Great photos – looks autumn – no?

  6. Oh i love the photo’s… my favourite is the bouquet of chillies… wished we could be that imagitive with our displays here in aus….. love your blog…keep it up..V

  7. Melanzane alla parmigiana. That’s what I think of when I see those lovely looking eggplant.

    How much of a part do fruit and vegetable markets play in Italian society? Is it still a thing of where if you want fresh/seasonal/quality than you would shop at the markets where ever you are or is there a bit of a novelty factor with it. Has the lure of the convenience of the supermarket taken over? (Hope that makes sense as I am curious about this.)

    • From my observations most Italians shop at supermarkets. They are huge, full of people pushing laden shopping trolleys. Most villages, including ours, have fresh food markets a couple of times a week. These seem to be well patronised. Bologna has my favourite market streets, but the Rome one is pretty good. I hope people continue to buy from markets, it would be a crying shame if they disappeared.

  8. My favourites are the chillies and mushrooms!

  9. What a beautifully photogenic market! 😮

  10. Great photos, Deb, you have a really good eye!

  11. WOW. Look at those peppers! I have to go this weekend!

  12. […] streets are around the Piazza di Spagna, Via Condotti, Via Babuino etc.  The streets around Campo dei Fiori and behind Piazza Navona also have interesting boutique shopping.  Via Coronari is one of the […]

  13. Thankfully where I live now in Berkeley, California we have become an international market mecca with Hispanic (mainly Mexican), pan-Asian, West Indian, Italian, Arab halal, etc. markets all around… Though fortunate for my circumstance my heart aches for the markets of Italia with not only their colors but the SOUNDS. The colors of the produce are so brilliant I felt the need to wear sunglasses…!!! Grazie per i foto!!!

    • I was at the Campo de’Fiori again the other day. I love this place. The way the produce is displayed makes you want to buy it. The Italians certainly have a way of doing things.

  14. […] was somebody at Campo de’ Fiori markets topping and tailing the beans, preparing the […]

  15. I’m definitely writing a visit here into my itinerary!

    • The markets are a must see. It would be good to have an apartment in Rome with a kitchen, to take advantage of the wonderful produce.

      • Yeh, I’ve booked a lovely little apartment near the colliseum. I can’t wait!

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