Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 15, 2023

Finding the Warrior of Capestrano

I saw a photo of the stone statue of the Warrior of Capestrano on a site and immediately wanted to see it. It just happened to appear a couple of days before my son and I were heading to Abruzzo to see a friend of his. Capestrano was on our way…what a coincidence.

The 2 metre statue was discovered by accident by a farmer ploughing a field in Capestrano in 1934. There was also a female statue and tombs discovered in later excavations in the area. It was discovered that the vineyard where the statue was found was above an Iron Age cemetery.

The statue is a Picine Warrior dated to the 6th century BC. It was found in the Vestini territory but the man is wearing a Picene hat….and what a hat it is!

We went to Capestrano to visit the castle where a copy of the statue resides.

Unfortunately, even though the website of the castle said it was open, it was not. It has been closed for some months for restoration.

There was nothing to be done but head to Chieti to the Museo Arcologico to see the original. I think you will agree that the Warrior is special. He is the last exhibit in the wonderful museum, which I will share with you in another post.

Take a look at the stunning warrior. The hat is removable.


The statue, made of local stone and marble, belongs to the ancient Piceni population that flourished in northeast central Italy in the 6th century BC. It appears to have been originally painted. It was a funerary statue adorned with weapons and armour. The hat is a large crested parade helmet. He would have been a warrior, nobleman and a leader.

I am delighted to have found him.


  1. A beautiful statue in a remarkable condition considering how old it is. Thank you for sharing.

    • I think it is stunning. I was fascinated as soon as I saw the photo. He is quite imposing when you are standing in front of him,

  2. Wow! Thank you!

  3. Fascinating! Interesting body shape for a man.

    • Yes, that was noticed.

  4. What a great find and well worth a visit

    • Well worth a visit. The museum is full of fascinating things.

  5. What an incredible find this was & what fabulous photos you have taken. Totally amazing condition the statue is in considering the centuries ago.

    • Luckily he was buried underground and managed to survive relatively unscathed.

  6. Imagine uncovering it! It would have been astounding. The hat makes me think of the illustrations I’ve seen for Don Quixote. And it is an unusually feminine body shape isn’t it. Fascinating – I imagine it’s quite imposing to stand close to it.

    • It must have been exciting digging him up. He was in 2 parts. The collection in the museum is incredible. It was a sophisticated society.

  7. Thanks for sharing – a relatively unknown statue, first time I’ve ever seen it. Look forward to seeing more of the Museo, Roz

    • The museum was wonderful and he was a very special way to end the visit.

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