Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 18, 2011

Three beautiful girls at Giacosa in Florence

My favourite cafe in all the world is Giacosa in Florence. I go there every time I go to Florence. There is always a group of elegant ladies sitting in the corner. They must go every day, because I have never been to Giacosa without seeing them.
When I was there recently I asked if I could take their photo. They graciously agreed.


Mirella and Franca are sisters and their friend Carla (on the right) joined them today for coffee.
Now that we have met, I hope I can sit with them next time and have a chat. How lucky they are to have their morning coffee every day in such a gorgeous place.

Click here for more on Italian Bars and the Giacosa. I’m sure you have all seen Giacosa boy, but if you are new click here to take a look.


  1. Darling. That Carla has style!

    • I have been fascinated by this group for years. I am so glad I spoke to them the other day.

  2. Hi Debra, the address and photo of the coffee bar ? 🙂

    • Giacosa is behind the Roberto Cavalli shop in Via Tornabuone. There is a photo in the link at the bottom.

  3. I love Carla’s jacket or cape (I cannot tell what it is exactly). The three ladies look terrific. Lots of class and style. Look at the way they have placed their hands for the photo. Impecable!

    • I also loved Carla’s cape. I asked if it was new and she just laughed. I think these ladies all look lovely.

  4. I wonder how many years they’ve been getting together like this for their morning coffee. It’s a lovely thought to ponder.. 🙂

    • Next time I go I am going to sit with them and find out more.

  5. Loved the animal coat – they are so elegant & gorgeous

  6. They are so beautiful and they look like they’re having a wonderful time; happy, friendly, open… they must be really good friends.

    • I think it is wonderful that the friends gather every day to sit and chat. They are always animated and happy, and different friends join the group. I have been watching them for years.

  7. Lovely to see pictures of older stylish ladies keeping tryst and enjoying life. How aspiring! Old is beautiful!

    • I want to be like that in years to come. Actually it is not all that many years away.

  8. When I was there last year a very elegant lady rode up on her bicycle (in Stilettos) and came in for coffee. Made our day.

    • In winter they ride on those bicycles in fur coats.

  9. Ah, what fun! I love the photo. They look quite chic–remind me of my mother a bit.

    • Perhaps she would like to join them.

  10. Very stylish ladies. No sensible brown shoes, beige cardi’s and tracksuit pants there.

    • I’m sure they would never be seen in tracky daks.

  11. How fabulous, if people were asked to guess the nationality of the photo of these 3 elegant ladies I don’t there would be any doubt that they are Italian! Our favourite Tuscan place to eat is Cafe Poliziano in Montepuclciano, inside it is art deco style, there is also a small area outside that has views over to Lake Tresimeno – it’s stunning!

    • I haven’t been there but next time I go to Montepulciano I will look for it. Thanks for the tip.

  12. What lovely, happy-looking ladies. I hope you do get to sit down with them sometime…

    • I will be in Florence next week. I hope they are all there.

  13. How civilised!

    • I spoke to these lovely ladies again the other day and they told me they had been meeting there every day for very many years. The 2 sisters are always there and the others come and go.

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