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Beautiful boy sighting at Giacosa

No trip to Florence is complete without a stop at Giacosa, the wonderful caffe behind the Roberto Cavalli shop in Via Tornabuone. Today there was a bonus in the form of a very gorgeous young man. I thought I should share him.

What do you think?

a different angle

His girlfriend looked pretty good too.

She's lovely too

Giacosa has great coffee and food, but the people watching is unbeateble. The beautiful boy managed to appear in almost every photo I took, but there was also a very cool chap in white. I didn’t get a full view, but you will get an idea.

an interesting crowd

I love the hat and glasses

Drop in to Giacosa when you are in Florence, you will love it.

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  1. GRAZIE!!

  2. Yep, yep, yep. This may be one of your best posts yet. You’re handy with that camera, woman!

    • It takes years of practice. If I was 30 years younger he wouldn’t have got away.

      • He didnt! I was hanging in Venice for about 6 months then !

  3. Maybe he is famous….

  4. Sorry, the waistcoat doesn’t work for me!

  5. “the boy” is delicious. I am on the lookout for the French equivalent

    • Get a photo if you find one.

  6. You dirty old bitch!

  7. Yes he is cute but no where near as cute as the two boys who work in Mr Armani’s store at Forte dei Marmi – dont you agree?

    • I thought he was better, but I’ll put up a link so you can compare.

  8. Mmmm, he is a fine specimen. Nice work Deb.
    Bryce….keep it classy.
    Di….was there a photo of those boys or was it forbidden by the powers that be?
    Helen, I would be interested in seeing your French equivalent!
    Tuscan Villa….Well maybe he should take his waistcoat off. Problem fixed. 🙂

    • I thought I was pretty good to get him on film. Bryce knows me well and yes there is a photo of the Armani boys, I’ll put up a link to the post. I have asked Helen to photograph anything she finds and I too, would just take the waistcoat off.

  9. His girl friend?! We hates her! You can have the one with the cap and glasses.

    • I was saving him for you Jan.

  10. Very good looking. He could have been a model for any of the great masters. Very stylish classic profile. By the way, we arrived safely in Rome.

    • I thought he was excellent. We had a great lunch at Bordino – there will be a post. Have a great time in Rome.

  11. Cute

  12. What a fun post (reading all the replies). How did you manage to take those pictures of him, did he know you were taking them? Very nice by the way, very nice indeed. Have you noticed in the first picture the guy sitting is also eyeing the guy standing up?

    • I had actually started taking pictures of the guy in the white suit and then I thought I should get the gorgeous one as well. I’m not sure whether he noticed me taking pictures or not, but if he did he was unconcerned, perhaps he is used to it. The man looking at him was with his wife and young child. If ever you are in Florence you have to go to this bar. It is always entertaining.

  13. You’re hilarious Debra! Love the pictures and all the comments. It’s true the fella is molto buono, waist coat and all.

    • We were all quite taken with him.

  14. LOL he’s not bad! A bit Clooney-esque no? 😛

    • He was taller and younger, but there is a bit of a similarity.

  15. LOL I am beginning to understand why you chose Italy as a second home! 😉 Thanks for being so thoughtful and sharing the view with the rest of us!

  16. Yes! Nice work Debra, this is quite a guy!
    Thanks a lot it brighten my Sunday afternoon.

    • He was very lovely indeed.

  17. Oh you are funny – do you think he knew you were on to him>?
    I agree – looks hot.

    • I don’t think he was looking at us at all. He was watching his girlfriend and was amused by the boy in the white jacket.

  18. Mamma Mia, un ragazzone.
    Here I was expecting a cherubic ragazzino of 4 or 5!

    Grazie Mille.

    • This is so much better than a cherubic ragazzino – don’t you think?

  19. oh behave!

  20. yes very handsome guy… I’m visiting florence first of july, hope we’d have time to visit Giacosa… we have a plan to visit Lucca in one day..

    • Giacosa is very central in Florence. You should go there at least once. Lucca is only 1 hour 10 minutes away from Florence in the bus. Take the Lazzi bus beside the station, it is quicker than the train and takes a prettier route.

  21. I had coffee at Giacosa last September. The best place to people watch. A fabulously dressed woman in high heels arrived on her bicycle for an afternoon coffee. I have never seen anyone ride a bicycle in really high heels before – very cool.

    • I never miss going there when I go to Florence. I recognise some of the regulars and feel right at home, although I always feel underdressed.

  22. Love your taste girlfriend – keep these posts coming 🙂

    • He’s a beauty isn’t he?

  23. Some grand photography there! Will definitely make it a point to visit Giacosa when I get back this summer. Mille grazie for a fun post!

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  25. Hee hee! – thanks for sharing 🙂

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  30. He is damn near perfect!

    • He is a very good looking fellow indeed.

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