Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 7, 2023

Siamo in Italia

We are back in beautiful Bagni di Lucca for a while. Autumn is beginning to show in Ponte a Serraglio.

The river is low as it usually is after summer with little rain.

The poor flowers on the bridge are hanging on. It is very difficult to keep them alive over the summer.

With Filippo’s wonderful work the garden at Casa Debbio has thrived and grown this year. The garden is winding down now, but grass has grown over the driveway up to the house, on the terrace below and around the driveway paths up to the house.

Some flowers are still looking good on the dry stone walls.


The peony plants and hydrangeas are starting to shut down but the camellias and rhododendrons are getting buds.

The weeping cherries have grown.

Tomatoes are growing again after the heat.

Capers are growing out of the walls.

Some flowers are still growing.

My flowers on the wall are fading, but still there.

There are always spectacular views from Casa Debbio.




Thank you Filippo for taking care of the garden so well. It gets better every year. This year we had lots of peaches, pears, persimmons, loquats and some figs.  The olives have not done very well. Every year is different.


  1. OH DEB! What a marvellous gardener you have with Filippo.
    Your heart must soar with coming home to such a beautiful home & garden. Every photo shows how much the garden. has grown over the years. Wonderful.

    • It is great to come back and find it looking so good. It isn’t easy keeping such a big garden thriving over a long, hot summer.

  2. The gardens at Casa Debbio are looking really nice. I love the new green walk path up to the house. Well done Filippo.

    • The driveway looks good now that the grass has grown between the tracks. I was throwing seeds and planting things all spring. I want those little white daisies to come up there as well.

  3. Water levels are really low. Some rain is urgently needed.

    • No doubt the rain will come soon.

  4. Lovely lovely photos. Welcome back and thank you!

    • It is great to be back.

  5. Stunning as always…

    • It is a beautiful area.

  6. Lovely garden. Such joy!

    • It is a delight to walk around the garden and see the results of a lot of hard work.

  7. I’ll have to return to see the new grandness of the garden

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