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Peonies at Campo de’ Fiori

Campo de’ Fiori means field of flowers. The markets held here in Rome sell mostly food, but there is a section for flowers as well. My favourite peonies were well represented when I was there in spring.

peonies in a pot

10 euro a bunch


a perfect peony

so beautiful

just picked

about to open

an interesting centre


Could anything be more beautiful? Click here to see my Bagni di Lucca peony, and here for Lucca peonies and here for St Tropez peonies.


  1. Wow! those photos are stunning. There were no peonies when we were there in June.

    • They appear in spring for just a few weeks and they are stunning.

  2. beautiful photos

  3. If I had been there, I would soon be walking with arms full of peonies! Here in the Pacific Northwest US, my peony finally bloomed this year. I transplanted it three years ago and had been sulking, not blooming, since!
    I won’t make it to Rome when I come over this coming February-ish, but am aiming for northern Tuscany.
    (Thanks for stopping by my blog right after I started it. I knew nothing about saying hi in return, so it may have seemed that I didn’t want to wave and say HI! Enjoy your blog so very much that I knew enough to subscribe!)

    • Where in northern Tuscany are you going in February? I will be in Bagni di Lucca at that time. I’m hoping for better with my peony next spring.

      • Because of your blog, I was thinking I would HAVE to spend time in Bagni di Lucca, and would love to meet you! Probably toward March — I’m guessing it’s still wintry in Feb? (I love winter; just trying to simply packing!)

        I’m looking at a mosaic school in Ravenna for the end of Feb…. (As you can tell, I’m STILL trying to figure things out!) Then there are the Etruscan sites…. yikes!

  4. Oh My… a pink extravaganza!
    Thanks once again.

    • They are heavenly flowers aren’t they?

  5. Gorgeous, my favorites too!

    • I could look at them for hours. Each one is slightly different and so beautiful.

  6. These links may be interesting as the great experts in peonies in Italy are the people who run the Botanical Centre Moutan:
    who were, in turn, the founders of Unopiù. They used to feature peonies in their garden furniture catalogues. It happens that they sold Unopiù and opened a new company called Ethimo:
    that sells their furniture, plus they have the Centro Botanico Moutan and you can also purchase peonies through them. I have not been to the Centro, but I think that it may be worth a visit.

    • Thanks for that information. I’m really going to try for the perfect peony in spring.

  7. How stunning, Deb! Such a profusion of pink peonies!

    • For a few weeks in spring I go crazy with peony sightings.

  8. No more peonies in the garden now till next spring 🙁 I love them too !

    • They are definitely my favourite flowers.

  9. […] rest is here: Peonies at Campo de' Fiori « Bagni di Lucca and Beyond Questo articolo è stato pubblicato in Hotel Lucca, Lucca e ha le etichette bagni, lucca, […]

  10. What fabulous photos. There’s something about peonies, especially when they are bunched together as in your photo. Time to go back to Rome!

  11. Deb, so pretty! Pete just asked me – do you have a photo taken from your balcony window at Bagni di Lucca? It’s a very beautiful little village, and it would be nice to see what you look out on…

    • If you look at the post called Why I miss Ponte a Serraglio when I am not there you will see a photo taken from just inside my living room across the balcony to the piazza. The home page also has a photo from the balcony. I will try to remember some others – perhaps Why we chose Bagni di Lucca.

      • Sorry Deb, that last comment was from me, I have no idea why it put me up as anonymous! I’ll go check out your pics now.. 🙂

  12. I agree peonies are a showy flower. I remember well a field of pink and white peonies growing wild one early Spring in Ft Wayne, Indiana, not long after the crocuses peeped through the snow. Peonies are memorable flowers, so, can understand why you love them so much, Deb. Would it be nice if they grow wild on your balcony, but as you say, you have to cultivate them in a window box. May you create the perfect peony one day…..!

    • I will be trying in spring to get a great peony to grow.

  13. Flowers can brighten up almost any day! 😀

    • Especially peonies.

  14. Two of my favorites in one post. That piazza. And that flower. Thank you so much Deb.

    • I love the markets at Campo de’ Fiori. The whole area is wonderful.

  15. Absolutely beautiful.

  16. Just catching up on posts – those peonies are so exquisite they take your breath away – just a tip – it’s easier for me to set your pictures as my screen savers when they are landscape oriented, thank you:) I love the posts you do that seem to take us through the day; from the early morning sun on the Spanish Steps to the late afternoon sun on the apartment, to dinner at Ristorante Alla Rampa and an introduction to the very superior Marco. I’m sure I could quite happily live in the garden shed at Vergemoli; I might snuffle and whine a bit in the winter though and imagine building a staircase specifically designed so that horses could negotiate it! We’ve just had a small dog visiting for a few days and she did some very funny cartoon-like spreadeagling, both going up and going down our stairs, but never seemed deterred. Where to next BDL?

  17. i love those peonies, never saw them before. I have missed Campo di Fiori when we were in Rome. Hopefully next time we go, we’ll visit it.

    • Campo de’ Fiori is well worth a visit.

  18. These are beautiful. I’m not normally a pink person, but this colour is just so perfect for the flowers – lovely.

    • Pink certainly suits peonies.

  19. Love all the flowers in the background in the first pic too. Especially the Calla Lillies and Sunflowers.

    • The flowers are Campo de’ Fiori are spectacular.

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