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Heavenly Castello

We stayed at Castello di Reschio last year in April and vowed to return in a slightly warmer month. Exquisite Castello di Reschio

We visited this year in May, but the weather was no warmer. This spring has been cooler than usual and wet. We need rain in Italy after a couple of very dry years so we are not complaining.

Castello di Reschio did not disappoint on our return visit.  We swam in the pool despite the overcast, cool weather. The sun came out occasionally on day 1.



This time the second restaurant, La Scuderie, was open and we ventured a little further on the property. There is an excellent equestrian centre (pity I have zero interest in horses) near the restaurant.

I expect the white horse is much photographed, I know I took lots of photos.

There are 2 other horses.

All three together.

If you were into riding horses I’m sure this would be the place to be.

The restaurant area is stunning. Nothing here is left to chance.


The path back towards the castle leads to what was once a small church, now an event area with accommodation in the building behind.


The gardens are a perfect balance between manicured and left to nature. I love the areas left to grow wild.

There are gorgeous views of the hills nearby.

The Palm Court is the perfect place to sit and read or enjoy a cool drink…lots more on last year’s post.

We loved this table placed above the Palm Room.

We enjoyed time in the glorious Roman bath.

The boot room has an area where flowers gathered from the gardens are sorted and sent off to various rooms in the Castello.

We had our last breakfast in a small room beside the usual room. It was exquisite!

Our room was delightful.

We said goodbye to this incredible place again…I hope we come back.

In case you missed the link to last year’s post, here it is again.

Exquisite Castello di Reschio


  1. Now this really is exquisite! Very very jealous and hope to hear more in due course.

    • I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.

  2. Sad that we are leaving Lucca after a three month sojourn.
    It has a piece of our heart!

    Also, to have only recently found your blog – so many wonderful places to explore and so many lovely photos!
    Just wish I had found your blog earlier.

    We have looked at some places to possibly buy in or around Lucca, with the thought of coming over from the Sunshine Coast for 6 months of each year.

    Both retired, so not sure whether buying or renting is the way to go… with all that it entails.
    Still have your earlier blogs to read, and will keep these for when I return to Australia.

    • We bought our apartment in Bagni di Lucca 20 years ago. We still think it is the best thing we have ever done. Yes, there are difficulties, but they can be overcome with patience. I would be happy to talk to you about it sometime.

  3. Another superb and delightful posting; swoon worthy! As was the one of Pisa….I actually felt a pang of ‘loss’ when you said you’d be leaving your beautiful place…..there is a great amount of pleasure derived from the beauty of places you’ve visited and shared; especially since your experience will be a replacement for those who can not or may not be able to enjoy the same. See what a wonderful service you provide!!! Always a pleasure; good wishes for the next leg of your year; may it be as enjoyable as the time you spend in Italy; generously sharing all delights with your followers. Safe travels!! Buon viaggio!

    • Thank you. We will be heading back to Australia in just over a week. It was tough to leave my garden, but it is in good hands and I will see it again soon enough. I like my life in both countries, so I am very lucky.

  4. Really exquisite.

  5. That is such a beautiful place …. I’m sure you enjoyed every moment there.

  6. I want to stay there

  7. What a fabulous Post you have given on Castello di Reschio. It is truely exquisite in all aspects. It was such a delight to look at all photos and admire (also envy). Thanks for sharing Debra.

  8. Hello Debra, what a glorious trip you had ( wet or dry it’s still beautiful) and it looks like you might have bought a new camera. I’ve noticed the images looking richer and a different crop to them, maybe due to a sharper lense. If so what are you using to capture these lovely moments during your travels. Newest My wife Brigitte just shared with me your most recent post ( I tease her by saying…. Oh your friend Debra the one who lives up the hill) of course she has never met you but follows you closely on your blog. Maybe one of these days our paths will cross as we spend 8-10 weeks every summer in Lucca Centro. We stay with @luccatravels. Well until we bump into you at some lovely veggie market or vineyard please keep taking great photos and thanks for sharing your stories… Tbc.. Andre’ & Brigitte

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