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Exquisite Castello di Reschio

Sometimes a destination does not live up to expectations. You arrive and are disappointed that it doesn’t look like the photos.

This is not the case with Castello di Reschio. The photos are spectacular but actually being there is so much better. It is the most beautiful property I have ever stayed at.

It has an interesting history. The castle dates from 1355 and has passed through many hands. Count Antonio Bolza and his wife bought a house in part of the estate in 1984. After selling his publishing company he bought the rest a decade later. The family discovered 50 abandoned farmhouses and the ancient castle hidden in the forest. 

They set about turning the ramshackle buildings into the stunning creations they are today.  The Count’s son Benedikt, an architect, and his wife Donna, lived in the castle with their 5 children while visualising the stunning hotel it would become.

Every detail has been designed by Count Benedikt and created especially for the houses and the hotel. The houses are for rent and occasionally for sale. The hotel has 36 spectacular rooms, including a 2 bedroom suite in the tower of the castle.

The entrance to the hotel is through the arched castle doorway.

It leads to the courtyard with a small chapel, boot room and the palm court. If this all sounds wonderful, I can assure you that it is absolute exquisite.

The palm court.

The chapel full of lovely things.



The boot room had a blazing fire on a cool day. It also has a long wooden table where the flowers for the hotel are arranged.

It is difficult to get past the boot room, but you must, because on the other side of a beautiful bar is the palm court.


The entrance to the tower suite.

Our room in the hotel faced the central courtyard of the castle, now a beautiful garden. 

The door to our room.

Come inside.

The day bed was wonderful, with its view over the surrounding hills.


The bathroom was down a curved staircase.

The restaurant was as beautiful as everything else.

A sample of the delicious food.

A lovely reading room.

The bath house beneath the palm court has a Roman bath. The water is a warm 35 degrees. There is a small circular room off to the side with a warm shower…bliss. There is a tranquil treatment room beside the bath where you could lose several hours.


Castello Reschio by night.

I have saved my favourite part of Castello Reschio until last…the pool. The setting is spectacular, the stunning heated pool is surrounded by tall pines and gorgeous gardens and looking out over rolling Umbrian hills The weather was a little cool while we were there so the sun beds were heated! They think of absolutely everything.

If you go to my Instagram page…Debra Kolkka, over the next few days you will see some short videos I took while at Castello Reschio. I also encourage you to go to their website for much better photos than mine. As well as what I have shown there are stables and excellent horse riding facilities, tennis courts, outdoor gym, a second restaurant a short walk from the castle and much more. I have to add that the people who work there are as delightful as their surroundings. We were made to feel like part of the family.

I want to go every year to Castello Reschio, perhaps a little later in spring when the gardens are in bloom.


  1. Looks like paradise. Thanks for sharing. Would love to stay there for a few days.

    • It really is the most beautiful place I have ever stayed at.

  2. Thankyou for sharing Deb, Castello Reschio is now on our list. Wow , how stunning,you captured the place beautifully 🙏🏽🥰

    • We absolutely loved Castello Reschio. It was difficult to leave, especially that pool.

  3. I’ve seen a short piece on this Castello estate before, but your beautiful photos have totally convinced me of an urgency to go there in early summer.
    Thanks Debra!

    • It popped up on my Facebook last year when it first opened and I have been drooling over it since then.

  4. Where in Umbria is this wonderful place Debra?

    • It is just outside a small village near Lake Trasimeno.

    • Really? Not too far from me then…. What is the name of the village… east or west of the lake?

      • The village is Lisciano Niccone. Have a look at their wonderful website.

  5. Oh wow hit the nail on the head when you said exquisite!,,

    • Everything about it is beautiful.

  6. Just wonderful photos & description. Love looking at them over & over again.

    • It took me ages to sift through the many photos I took. We were there for 4 days.

  7. This has to be one of the most beautiful and stunning hotels out there! It’s amazing how they put so much attention to detail at every nook and cranny of this place.

    • Everything has been designed and chosen with style. We loved it.

  8. Stunning photos Debra . Thankyou for sharing

    • It was a delight to be there.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Visit every season….

    • That sounds like a good idea!

  10. Spectacular, Debra! Thank you for sharing.

  11. My goodness, everything is so lovely; the buildings, the interior decor, the views, the food. Perfect venue for a getaway.

    • Perfect, especially the Roman bath and pool.

  12. I want to swim in that pool!

    • It was the perfect temperature…divine.

  13. Oh my goodness- how lovely!

  14. Heavens! Not too shabby.

    • It was absolutely wonderful.

  15. What a magnificent place! Lucky you!

  16. I love it! Just superb! Now to think how I can get there one day! ❤️

    • It is the most beautiful place I have ever stayed at. I can’t wait to return.

  17. What a beautiful and luxurious posting this is; gave us a wonderful jolt to be reminded of the ‘exceptional’; often forgotten in challenging times. Your lovely images; oh so captivating…one sticks out in particular for me; on the way to your pool photos, the beloved cypresses, shadows on the green; a postcard for the humble Umbria. Thank you for this invigorating salve Debra.
    P.S.- The mezzaluna?

    • It is pure luxury. I felt very lucky to be able to go there. The mezzaluna will get a mention in the next post.

  18. We just returned, it was marvelous!

    • I absolutely loved Castello Reschio. We are going back in May 2023.

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