Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 22, 2023

A walk through Pisa

The leaning tower rightly attracts visitors to Pisa, but many don’t venture into the town. This is a pity because it has a lot to offer.

The city is divided by the Arno River, which flows into the sea nearby. I arrived by train and walked through the newer part of the town towards the river.


The wide pedestrian street from the station is a great shopping area. There are well known labels and some smaller boutiques as well, in old and new buildings.


Looking back towards the station.


The Arno is lined with lovely old buildings.

On the tower side of the river is the historical centre.  Garibaldi stands guard.

This stunning carving is above one of the porticoes of Borgo Stretto, the main street.

Porticoes line Borgo Stretto. Underneath are shops, cafes and restaurants, traditional and modern.

Galileo keeps watch in the centre.

A church is squeezed in.

Away from Borgo Stretto there are lovely old streets to wander in with lots of interesting things to discover.

A colourful street market full of excellent produce is near the centre.

Of course if you visit Pisa you need to go to the magnificent Piazza Dei Miracoli to see the tower, the church, the baptistery and the cemetery.

To climb the tower, look for the ticket office. You can nominate a time to climb and come back 5 minutes before to wait for the previous group to come down. It is well organised.
You can buy a combination ticket to see the church, baptistery and cemetery as well as the tower. If you don’t wish to climb the tower you can buy a ticket for the other things.

Pisa is an interesting city, much more than just the leaning tower…don’t miss it.

Pisa, the tower and more

Pisa beyond the tower


  1. Worth a stay, we ventured to a small Slow Food approved Osteria for lunch but next time would consider a stay

    • We went to the one you recommended as well. Pisa is an easy day trip for me. I should go more often.

  2. Love Pisa and we too had lunch at a SF reco but there are many nice places to eat

    • Pisa has a lot to offer beside the tower.

  3. It is true, everyone goes to see the Tower, which is always full of people, but very few venture to visit the city, which has plenty to offer. The porticoes area is ideal for lunch or coffee.

  4. Agree it is worth exploring the city as well as visiting the iconic tower.

  5. Deb what a wonderful coverage you have given of Pisa. It all looks fabulous and makes us sure we have missed seeing the best of Pisa.

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