Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 2, 2020

Caffe Gilli is open in Florence

The elegant Caffe Gilli in Florence is open again after being closed for 6 months due to Covid restrictions. This happy smile greeted us when we went for morning coffee and delicious pastry.

Caffe Gilli is the oldest cafe in Florence. It began 270 years ago as a pastry shop near the Duomo. In the mid 1800s it moved to Via degli Speziali and from there to its current location in Piazza della Repubblica, the heart of Florence.

It makes my heart sing to walk into this beautiful place and be served excellent coffee and treats.

The charming man with the smile told us the cafe closed for 6 months because of its size. They employ 60 people and it would not have been practical to keep such a large place open with strict restrictions keeping many people away from Florence. It has been a very difficult time for Italy. I hope things continue to get better.

Caffe Gilli is my favourite cafe in Florence, the first place it head for when I arrive. I like to stand at the bar and pretend I am a local, but there is a lovely room where you can sit for a more leisurely experience and a glass covered area in the piazza for restaurant service.


Caffe Gilli



  1. OH DEB we just loved seeing your photos of Caffe Gilli & brought back memories of beautiful Firenze. We must return.

    • It is a gorgeous place! I hope better times are ahead for them.

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