Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 29, 2011

Hong Kong has skinny buses

Hong Kong has excellent public transport. There are lots of people to be transported around this crowded city. The train system is excellent, but my favourite type of public transport is the narrow buses and trams that get about the city.









For a city with as many people as Hong Kong has, it is remarkably easy to navigate. I love the above ground walkways that join most of the buildings, which means there are fewer people crossing roads. It is a great idea and I have no idea why it is not done in more cities.


  1. Those buses are a hoot–so tall and thin that at first glance the photos looked distorted.

    • I think they look like toy buses scooting around the streets.

  2. Good photos… I like these urban ones. The buses and trams are interesting. Thanks.

    • Hong Kong is a fun place.

  3. They’re great buses aren’t they … necessary to navigate the urban jungle. I love Hong Kong.

    • I love Hong Kong too, especially in winter when it is not too hot.

  4. I agree that the skinny transport idea ought to be adopted in all cities, Deb. Hong Kong looks very neat and tidy for a city with this type of transport. Or is this section the less populated area of Hong Kong? I observe this skinny idea is reflected in the buildings as well; but I would imagine developing a ‘skyscraper’ tram or bus would have its scary moments especially when turning around corners …. unless they have those flexible suspensions like they do in the buildings …… pardon my over-active imagination!

    • These photos were taken from one of the overhead walkways – between Landmark and the building where the train leaves for the airport ( I can’t remember the name). It is one of the busiest parts of town. It gives you some idea how much foot traffic is taken off the streets. These walkways are very busy.

  5. 1. those double high trams don’t look quite stable! but fun…2. the city for some strange reason always looks computer generated to me. Never been there, but would like to make the trip.

    • the trams look a bit like toys darting around the city. Hong Kong is a lot of fun.

  6. Hehe I never thought about it but I guess they do have skinny buses! I remember lots of people and lots of pollution too. I had to duck into a shop as I couldn’t breathe one day.

    • I have been lucky for most of my tirps to Hong Kong and have not seen much pollution.

  7. What fun photos! The best man at my wedding (an Aussie) lived in H.K. for a number of years teaching driving to the bus drivers! I don’t remember if it was the skinny ones. I loved H.K. made more interesting I guess with our best man to show us around.

    • I stay with friends who live at mid levels in Hong Kong. They know the city well and are excellent guides. It helps to know a local.

  8. I am going to Hong Kong for the first time next January and I am very excited to hop on one of those buses.

    • Hong Kong is great fun. Go to Lan Quai Fong for some great restaurants. For something special go to Sevva on top of the Princes building. The restaurant is excellent and has an outdoor terrace with fabulous views. I have done a few posts on Hong Kong. They are in the World Travel category.

  9. Oh my, it’s a few decades since I was last in Hong Kong. I don’t remember the skinny buses but I think I was so mesmerized by the beat and the buzz of the city that I missed a lot. It’s a place I would love to revisit.

    • There is lots to see and do in Hong Kong.I will have a day there again in February on my way to Italy.

  10. Whoa! I wasn’t expecting this entry to be yours, thought it was from the other Asian blog that I was following. Hehe

    Anywho, those buses are like instant tourist guide transports of the city. Cool to see how skinny they are. 😀

    • I have lovely friends in Hong Kong and I often stop there for a few days on my way to Italy.

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