Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 30, 2020

Siena again

I love Siena, it is one of my favourite cities in Italy. I went there a few weeks ago and stayed for 2 nights. The days here have been very hot, so I like to get out early, retreat to the hotel in the heat of the afternoon and venture out again in the evening.

This summer there are not a lot of tourists about, so wandering the streets is a pleasure, not an obstacle course. I feel for all of the traders, who are suffering badly because of travel restrictions. I spoke to a couple who told me the lack of visitors is devastating. There is no end in sight for this. It will probably be next summer before things improve.

I chose Hotel Duomo to stay in. They promised a view of the duomo from my room…here it is.

A bonus was the campanile in the Campo.

…and at night.

Wandering the streets offers peeks of gorgeous rooftops between buildings.

I love the decorative torch holders and places to tie your horse or donkey. Some are jaunty, the artists clearly had a sense of humour.


I came upon some young boys learning the fine art of flag throwing…one of the things I love to watch in the many festivals in a Italy.

There are delights at every turn in Siena. Your eyes need to be everywhere.

The Campo is one of the best piazzas in all of Italy. My main reason for the return visit was to sit here and watch the sun go down. The colour of the sky above the buildings is spectacular.

I had dinner on my first night on the edge of the Campo and stayed for hours.

The other night I ate at a restaurant that was recommended to me…Numero Unico on Via di Citta. It was excellent. I wanted the pecorino tart to last forever and the semifreddo with panforte was heavenly.

The Duomo was offering free admission, but I would happily pay the usual €10 to visit this magnificent church.

From now until October the mosaic floors are uncovered. I went last year to see this. Click the link to see the post I wrote. Siena revisited

I drove to Siena and parked at the railway station car park. It costs €2 per day…what a bargain! There is a local bus to take you up the hill to the city centre for €1.

Hotel Duomo…

Ristorante Numero Unico…


  1. Fabulous photos. Suitcasesavvy would love to borrow a few. You know we were to have been there just for a day this time but of course travel not possible in 2020 for us. Thanks, love this blog post. 🇮🇹

    • Take anything you like. Siena is a wonderful city.

  2. Thank you for the great memories – loved our short stay in Siena.

    • I love it! I will be back.

  3. Thanks for lots of excellent tips re parking, hotel and restaurant. Must be lovely to visit without crowds.

    • The station parking is great. Some car parking in Siena is €35 a day.

  4. Absolutely loved all your photos in Siena even though it made us feel depressed.We have visited a few times and sad to think cannot make any plans for another visit. All your photos just spectacular (but of course it is a wonderfull subject).Sorry for all with lack of tourists, but easy to get around.

    • I usually visit Siena in autumn or early spring when it is not too busy. Seeing the city like this in summer is strange.

  5. Such beautiful photos of Siena and very strange with so few people about. The blue Siena sky is certainly stunning. Thank you for your wonderful pictures, Debra. Let’s hope life gets back to normal soon. Hopefully by 2021.
    First day of spring here in Brisbane and a sunny 27 degrees.

    • This year has been difficult for many. I hope businesses and jobs survive.

  6. I remember reading your older post on Siena, and being awed by the Duomo. This post is a reminder of what a magnificent structure it is. I really love the black and white stripes which make this church very iconic.

    • The Duomo is spectacular. I think it is one of the most beautiful in Italy.

  7. What a delight to see virtually this most beautiful Siena again, which I had visited numeral times back than. Thank you Debra, you make my splendid memories of Italy become alive again.

    • Siena is stunning. There is so much to see and enjoy.

  8. Ah, some lovely images of Siena – thanks for taking me there again via your images. It’s almost a decade since I was last there, and we arrived on the evening that they were drawing lots for the Palio…fabulous sight in the early evening in the Campo –

  9. It really is a very pretty city…one our of favourites.

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