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The rolling hills of Tuscany

Every time we come to Italy we take a drive from Siena to Asciano and then on to Pienza or Montalcino just so that we can enjoy the gorgeous Tuscan scenery. I have done the drive in spring and autumn but never in summer. This year is the first time I have been in Italy in July and August so I decided to take a look.

Siena is in the background of the first photo.

The hills look quite different without their green cover. Summer has its charms, but it is difficult to beat spring. Click the links for some spring posts.

Sleepy sheep, Chianti style

Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta…again

Blood in the hills

Drive through a postcard to Asciano

I called into Pienza for lunch and to buy some delicious pecorino cheese that the area is famous for. Come for a walk through this lovely town.


Here is a post I did many years ago.  Perfect Pienza

I think it is time for a longer stay, maybe in nearby San Quirico d’Orcia as well. Sensational San Quirico


  1. Thank you for this little stroll! Missing a visit to one of our favorite places on earth. Hope we can get back one more time, at least!

    • Travelling is difficult right now. I wish this virus would go away!

      • Oh, me also. We are from Massachusetts, USA and cannot enter.

  2. When we were in this region a couple of years ago our host said ‘you must not miss San Quirico d’orcia’. We went there first and we were so glad we did. I loved Pienza but it was so busy it was impossible to park so we went in to San Quirico and it was bliss. We saved Pienza for another day. Thank you for the lovely photos which bring back wonderful memories.

    • We loved San Quirico! It was a delightful surprise. Pienza is great too. We usually visit these lovely places in spring or autumn, when they are not busy. This rotten virus means they are not busy in the middle of summer either. It is very difficult for the businesses who depend on lots of tourists.

  3. My goodness, the Tuscan hills look so dry, but Pienza looks so very enticing.

    • Everything has been harvested at this time of year. It is quite a different look for the hills. We get very little rain in summer as well.
      Pienza is a lovely town. I need to stay a bit longer.

  4. Following your adventures in Tuscany, makes me at times homesick, but I am so grateful for all your posts. Montalcino is one of the cities where I spent my honeymoon, many moons ago.

    • Montalcino is a pretty town. We have been several times and always enjoy our visits.

  5. Loved travelling with your camera through the “Hills of Tuscany” (it so reminded us of driving there,but when the red poppies were in profusion). Pienza looks wonderful & the photo of the hydrangeas made us so jealous.We took your advice & looked at your suggested other Posts – BRILLIANT.

    • Driving through Tuscany is always a delight. Hydrangeas here are incredible! They are such great plants.

  6. Ah, how lovely

    • It is a beautiful area.

      • 😊😊

  7. Such a beautiful part of the world…even in summer.

    • Yes, it is always beautiful.

  8. We live in Pienza, but are stuck in Seattle. Non vediamo l’ora di ritornare a Pienza and in Italia.

    • This wretched virus is causing many problems.

  9. Lovely! I can’t wait until we can go back.

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